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Jaden's Module 3 Assignment - PostSecondary OpportunitiesThis powerpoint is hyperlinked, with a menu linking to each of the 3 careers (as indicted in the lesson).

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  • 1. Career Selection (Hyperlinked) Career #1: System Analyst . Slide 3 6 Career #2 : Software Engineer . Slide 7 10 Career #3 : Computer Programmer Slide 11 14
  • 2. Career #1 : Systems AnalystShort Description The Systems analyst job is one of the primary jobs in computing careers Systems analysts are hired to investigate computer systems in an organisation to develop or further modify its use of software and applications in order to hone company work productivity and efficiency May be designing business programs using a variety of languages to improve a companys server-side performance Has a good career to invest in as employment prospects state that systems analyst jobs will grow by 20% between the years 2008 and 2018, faster than most growing occupations
  • 3. Education Required A Bachelors degree in computer science, software engineering, or other information technology degrees is often required Business degrees such as the masters degrees in business administration (MBA) may be helpful but are often required depending on the job Having both a background in business and technology is most helpful High-tier system analyst jobs may require masters in computing degreesAdditional recommended Skills Strong Problem-solving skills in the technological field Highly initiative, self-motivated to design and develop software Communication skills as these jobs are done in teams, system analysts will frequently be working with programmers Detail-oriented, must be very accurate in the modification of programs Must be able to work under pressure to resolve problems
  • 4. Post-Secondary Education PlanProgram name: Business Administration (WLU) andComputer Science Double DegreeUniversity: University of WaterlooRequired courses Advanced Functions Calculus and Vectors English one other Grade 12 U courseRecommended courses Grade 11 U Introduction to Computer ScienceOther required documentation & Notes Admission Information Form including teacher reference is recommended Euclid Mathematics Contest, Canadian Computing Competition strongly recommendedAdmission average(s) Individual selection from the mid-80s (they will consider each individual depending on many aspects of their profile) Low-90s will be first considered Admission average is calculated using your top 6 Grade 12 U or M courses, including required coursesTuition Fee: $12010 per year, excluding co-op fee, incidentalfee but including books & supplies.Length of the program: 5 years (with co-op)Additional Information: Waterloo is a prestigious computerscience university. This program allows training for computerscience students at both business andtechnology, strengthening their performance in a companyenvironment.
  • 5. ConclusionAlongside programmers, systems analysts are in very professionalcareers that will often work in businesses or large corporations toprogram software and maintain systems. Systems analysts are alsohired by manufacturers, hardware/softwaredevelopers, government agencies, insurance companies andspecial Information Technology companies that aim to innovatenewer technology. As one of the most demanded careers bysociety as of today and the future, system analysts earn high salary(ranging from $35,000 to $100,000 at the top of their field, ayear), and this salary can be doubled if the employee has abachelor degree from a prestigious university. It is highlyrecommended to pursue this career if interested the computing fieldand mathematics.
  • 6. Career #2 : Computer Software EngineerShort DescriptionA computer engineer is someone who designs, builds, upgrades or maintain technologySoftware engineering focus on the software portion of this fieldFocuses on developing software applicable to demanded tasks, test or debug software, or build large systemsVery important career in demand as new software needs to be constantly developed and upgraded
  • 7. Education RequiredA bachelors degree in computer science or the less common, software engineering programMaster or PhD degrees may be required for higher job positions and advanced research sectorsAdditional recommended SkillsHighly logical and analyticalTeamwork/communication skills, as most computing careers are done in teamsProblem-solving skills to be able to fix any programming bugs that ariseMust be always up-to-date with new technology, computer languages, software, hardware and applications
  • 8. Luckily for us, there are software engineering programs which arededicated to this career.Name of University: York UniversityDescription:Software engineers combine their expertise incomputer science, engineering and mathematics todesign, develop and test software for various uses. Yorks newSoftware Engineering program builds on our existing strengths inComputer Engineering and Computer Science with a systematicand disciplined approach to developing computer software.Program Name: Software EngineeringRequired Courses: MHF4U(Advanced Functions), MCV4U(Calculus& Vectors), SCH4U(Chemistry) and SPH4U(Physics). Noprerequisite below 70%.The OSSD and six 4U/M courses, including ENG4U.Admission Average: Low 80s, mid to high 80s may result in earlyadmissionsCost (Tuition and supplies): $13 874.775 per yearLength of Program: 4 yearsAdditional Information: York is another well-knownuniversity, one of the few with the software engineering program.This program focuses more on software coding and programming.In addition, it is good opportunity for those who enjoy thesciences (physics, chemistry) more than mathematics (manypeople do).
  • 9. Create. Design. Innovate.These are just few of the many of focuses of software engineers. Asone of the most interesting and applicable technological fields outthere, software engineers begin their careers earning $35,000 to$60,000 annually. Again, this value can be increased depending onthe university the engineer has graduated from. Experiencedsoftware engineers will earn up to $150,000, as one of the highestpaying jobs in Canada. In addition, software engineering jobs areeasy to find as there is a ongoing demand for them. Like manycomputing careers, software engineering is very useful outside ofjobs. The acquired knowledge can be used to create software forones own use.
  • 10. Short Description Computer programmers make use of different programming languages to construct applications, ensuring they are working properly Unlike Systems Analysts or Software Engineering, computer programmers have less of a leadership role in computing teams, they focus their work on writing line-by-line instructions for a programming language to develop programs for their organization
  • 11. Education Required At least a college degree in computer science, engineering, programming or any of the sort Many jobs require a bachelors degree or higher Certificate for different programming languages may be requiredRecommended Skills An interest and expertise in a variety of programming languages Programming language writing skills and speed Research skills (in order to acquire additional knowledge and information that may be asset in programming) Be able to stay up-to-date with new programming languages and software Problem-solving skills and detail-oriented to be able to debug efficiently
  • 12. Education PlanProgram Name: Computer Science (co-op optional)University Name: Ryerson UniversityRequired Courses: OSSD with 6 U or Mlevel courses along with prerequisitesincluding: English, AdvancedFunctions, One of:Physics, Chemistry, Biology and one of:Calculus and Vectors or DataManagementGrade Range: minimum of 65% onprerequisite subjects and an overallaverage of at least 70%-73%Tuition and Supplies Cost: $11,987.61per yearLength of Program: 4 years withoutoptional co-opAdditional Information: The computerscience at Ryerson is most suitable forprogrammers as it focuses on thescience and mathematics ofcomputing.
  • 13. Computer programming is one of themost applicable careers in computertechnology. It is especiallyinterchangeable with many of theother software computing careers.Most programmers in Canada earn$40,000 to $100,000 a year.However, as with most careers, thosewho can manage their own businessearn the most, up to $200,000 peryear. Programmers with graduatedegrees may also earn additionalincome. With a strong interest forprogramming, a person can aim for aprofessional career inprogramming, earning money andkeeping up with new usefultechnology in our forever advancingworld.