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Athletic Training Care & Prevention

Athletic TrainingCare & PreventionInstructor: Eric Molina L/ATCPeriod: 8Chapter 1Organization & Administration18/9/2009Chapter 1Organization & AdministrationWhat is Athletic Training?

It is the prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and health care administration of athletic injuries. (Cramer)

Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. (NATA)

Athletic TrainingInvolves an entire team:Board Certified (BOC) Certified Athletic TrainerAthletic Training StudentsTeam PhysicianParentsCoachesSchool AdministrationMaintenance Personnel3Organization & AdministrationChapter 18/9/2009Athletic TrainerThe Certified Athletic Trainer in addition to the traditional setting are working as integral members:

Sports Medicine ClinicsIndustrial SettingsProfessional Sports ProgramsEducational InstitutionsAthletic Health Care SettingsNational Athletic Trainers AssociationThe Athletic Training ProfessionNATA was founded in 1950Membership now exceeds 30,000 members

"The mission of the National Athletic Trainers' Association is to enhance the quality of health care provided by certified athletic trainers and to advance the athletic training profession."

The Athletic Training Profession

1960 The NATA assumed the leadership in establishing high standards for the education and certification of athletic trainers.

In 1990, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized athletic training as an allied health profession.Establishing An Athletic Training/Sports Medicine ProgramChecklist for Safety in Sports: To establish an effective AT program, school administrators should seek the following:BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)Designated area within the facility for medical care/athletic training roomMedical files that include accident injury reports, parental consent, insurance referral, and other reportsEstablishing An Athletic Training/Sports Medicine ProgramAdequate fundingEducational program for athletesEmergency medical action planFirst Aid, Wound Care, Taping, and wrapping suppliesH.I.P.A.A. (The health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards are followedEstablishing An Athletic Training/Sports Medicine ProgramInjury notification systemMedical and dental insuranceQualified CoachesQualified OfficialsSafe Sports FacilitiesRequired pre-participation physical examinationsAll coaches, cheerleader, band, and drill team sponsors be certified in CPR, AED, & ARC Sports Safety Training (First Aid)The Sports Medicine TEamStarts with the ATC

Supervise care & PreventionFinding a Team PhysicianSupervises ATC & StaffTeam PhysicianSupervise pre-participation physicals and medical histories.Clearing of players for return to activity after injury.Working with the athletic trainersOn call for emergenciesA school should have a qualified team physician on the sideline at all football games and other high risk sporting activities.

The Sports Medicine TeamThe Sports Medicine TeamBOC Certified Athletic TrainerA highly educated and skilled professional specializing in health care of the physically active. (Cramer)Athletic trainers: health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients.Approved by NATA Board of Directors

The Sports Medicine TeamBOC Certified Athletic Trainer

Prevention of athletic injuriesRecognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuriesRehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuriesHealth care administration/Immediate CareProfessional development and responsibilityOrganization and Administration

The Sports Medicine TeamBOC Certified Athletic TrainerUse the designation ATC as their professional credentialState licensure requirementsStudies have shown that injury rates will increase without an ATC on site at practicesServes as a liaison between team physician, coach, parent, and athlete.Especially at the high school level, should maintain contact with parents regarding their son/daughters injury status, and return to play

The Sports Medicine Team

BOC Certified Athletic TrainerDuring the off-season the ATC should work with coaches to improve the conditioning level of the team.Devising specific conditioning programs for certain athletesAssisting athletes recovering from injuriesMonitoring athletes who need to increase their lean body weight or decrease their body fatAssist on purchasing and reconditioning of protective equipment.The Sports Medicine TeamBOC Certified Athletic TrainerScope of Practice:A letter of delegated authority from the team physician on file, and under his/her direction. State licensure requirement.The ATC will evaluate and provide first aid careInitiate treatment plan/protocol (involving ice, heat, e-stim, ultrasound, and other modalities)The Sports Medicine Team

BOC Certified Athletic TrainerDesign and implement rehabilitation programs based on the physician protocolApply protective/supportive techniques that will allow the athlete to regain a physically active lifestyle.Inventory/purchasing of supplies and completing/accident record formsThe Sports Medicine TeamBOC Certified Athletic Trainer

Typical patients and clients served by athletic trainers include:Recreational, amateur, and professional athletesIndividuals who have suffered musculoskeletal injuriesThose seeking strength, conditioning, fitness, and performance enhancementOthers delegated by the physician

The Sports Medicine Team AthletesResponsibilities:

Maintain Good Physical ConditionPractice the techniques taught by the CoachesFollow instructions of the Coaches and the ATCThe Sports Medicine TeamParentsResponsibilities:

Should be updated on current illnesses and First AidHome CareHealth and NutritionFair Rules

ATC should disseminate information.The Sports Medicine TeamOfficialsResponsibilities:

Enforcing fair RulesMonitoring Playing ConditionsCo-operating with Athletic Trainer and Physicians when injuries Occur and when Environmental Hazards Exist.The Sports Medicine TeamCoachesResponsibilities:

Plan Practices: include conditioning and training of the athlete, teach techniques and rules of their sportSelecting, fitting, and maintaining protective equipmentSupervision of practice and game facilitiesUpdate education by attending clinics that review rule changes, skill development, first aid and CPRMust place the athletes welfare foremost; work with ATC and Physicians to determine what is best for the athleteThe Sports Medicine TeamAthletic Training StudentRoles and Responsibilities:

Obtain First Aid and CPR certificationDevelop skills in immediate care of injuries, preventive techniquesBasic treatment protocolsMaintain a clean athletic training area/facilitiesInventory controlPacking Kits

The Sports Medicine TeamAthletic Training StudentRoles and Responsibilities:

Preparation for practice and GamesPrepare electrolyte drink or water for practice/gamesAssist in record keepingBecome involved in taping, wrapping, changing of dressings, giving minor treatments, and first aid.Must be under direct supervision of an ATC.

Athletic Training Facility and ManagementAthletic training facilities at high schools vary from almost non-existent to those as modern and spacious as professional/college athletic training rooms.Athletic Training Facility and ManagementAdministrative OfficeDocument, review and file all medial records/notes (Physical forms, Injury forms, Treatment forms, Insurance forms, Rehab forms, Physicians referral forms)Maintain a clean organized office and filling systemAccessibility to phone, fax, and e-mailUpdates computer, printer, and software

Athletic Training Facility and ManagementHydrotherapy Area

Have whirlpool safety inspected yearlyFill whirlpoolFill and rotate ice cupsMake ice bags for treatmentClean and disinfectWash and fold towelsAthletic Training Facility and ManagementPrevention (Taping Area)

Restock taping areasRoll-up elastic/cloth wrapsDisinfect tablesPrepare heel and lace padsReplace tape cutter blades as neededAthletic Training Facility and ManagementRehabilitation Area

Inspect all equipmentMake sure all equipment is in its proper placeCheck paper supply in isokinetic machineClean and disinfect all equipment

Athletic Training Facility and ManagementTreatment (Therapeutic Modality) Area

Have all modalities safety inspected yearlyTurn off when not in useClean machinesWash and folds towelsCheck hydrocollator and paraffin bath levelsAthletic Training Facility and ManagementPhysicians Examination Office

Confirm specialized medical equipment for physician is availableUpdate and restock supplies in physicians medical kit weeklyClean surgical trays and refill disinfectants weeklyClean, disinfect, restock and organize exam room weeklyAthletic Training Facility and ManagementStorage Area

Keep accurate inventory and notify supervisor when is lowClean and rotate stock

Athletic Training Facility and ManagementDaily Duties

Disinfect RestockSweep, mop, empty trashCheck ice machine/freezerReview emergency proceduresReview/confirm newly acquired skills/knowledgeAthletic Training Room RulesOutline Services that will be Offered

Remember! This is a Medical Facility!

Common Rules:Co-educational facilityTreatment provided only to student athletesAthletes should shower after activity before receiving routine treatmentsAthletic Training Room RulesAthletic Training Room supplies and equipment will not be removed, except with permission of the athletic trainer

Athletes/sports equipment should be left i