Cardiff and Penarth election broadsheet 2012

Cardiff and Penarth election broadsheet 2012
Cardiff and Penarth election broadsheet 2012
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Election address for Robert Griffiths

Transcript of Cardiff and Penarth election broadsheet 2012

  • ELECTIONCOMMUNICATIONCardiff South & PenarthConstituency

    Thursday 15 November 2012

    ROB GRIFFITHS the WelshCommunistParty candidatePrinted by Spectrum Printing Unit 3B South Point,Foreshore Road Cardiff CF10 4SP and promoted by Rob Griffiths (candidate)58 Janet Street Splott Cardiff CF24 2BE

    A PERSONAL MESSAGE* FROM ROB GRIFFITHS*(not written by a spin doctor from Head Office)

    For a socialist MP on 15 November Vote WELSHCOMMUNISTPARTY

    For more information about Communist Partypolicies go to:

    Dear Elector,

    Most people are sick of professional politicia


    and so am I. You don't need another

    careerist, a party hack or

    some new arrival from London.

    I hope you want an MP who has lived in this

    community for more than a few months, who k


    its problems and who will campaign with loca


    people to make things better.

    As your MP, I would take only the average wa


    for the area. I will vote against everything tha


    makes ordinary people poorer and rich peopl


    richer.I won't be grovelling fo

    r a junior post in

    Parliament, or taking money from lobbyists or

    business.I'm a socialist, brought

    up and still living in the

    constituency. Please don't vote for me if you

    want a

    Blue, Yellow or Pink Tory who's looking for a

    cushy career.

    Yours sincerely,

    Rob Griffiths

    For more information about Welsh Communist Partypolicies send this slip to: Rick Newnham (agent) 21 Hafod Street Grangetown Cardiff CF11 6RB email: 07973 857048

    name address

    post code phoneemail

    Britain is ruled byan arrogant, rich andcorrupt elite. Only onecandidate will opposethem without fear orfavour

  • Rob Griffiths is thereal local campaignerRob Griffths was brought up in Llanrumney and wentto Bryn Hafod primary school. He has lived in Splottfor the past ten years.

    His mother was an NHS typist. His father was aprinter with the Empire News and the Western Mail.

    Rob went to Cardiff High School, where he was in thefootball and rugby teams. He was also a member ofSplott YMCA boxing club.

    He has been a construction worker, a civil servant, aparliamentary research officer, a lecturer and a tradeunion tutor. A trade unionist all his working life, he isa past Welsh president of AUEW-TASS and now amember of UNITE.

    He has three daughters and five grand-children.

    Rob is now the general secretary of the CommunistParty.

    He has contested numerous local, Welsh Assembly,General and European elections.

    He has campaigned locally against the housingleasehold system, racism and fuel price rises, and infavour of a Parliament for Wales, public services andfree Welsh-medium nursery education.

    Rob is currently the chair of Cardiff Against theIncinerator.

    l Use nationalised banks to provide loans tohome-buyers, small businesses and productiveindustry

    l Oppose the big business policies of theEuropean Union

    l BRING THE TROOPS HOME fromAfghanistan immediately

    l Scrap the next generation of British nuclearweapons

    If you AGREE why vote for candidates whosupport big business, privatisation and war?

    l TAX the rich, big business and financialspeculation CUT VAT

    l Defend jobs, industry and public services

    l INCREASE pensions, benefits and studentgrants

    l Invest in public sector HOUSING

    l Close British-run tax havens around the world

    l CUT gas and electricity prices

    l Take gas, electricity, the railways and the Cityof London into PUBLIC OWNERSHIP

    VOTE ROB GRIFFITHS Welsh Communist Party

    Only ONE candidate in thisby-election stands for ALL

    of these policies