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Transcript of Carbon Capture (petrol) Lighting controls (commercial) Lighting, electronics and appliances...

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    Engine efficiency improvements (petrol)

    Lighting controls (commercial)

    Lighting, electronics and appliances (residential and commercial)

    Abatement potential by 2030 Million tCO2e

    Retrofit building envelope (residential)

    New build efficiency package (residential)

    Retrofit building envelope (commercial)

    A ba

    te m

    en t c

    os t €

    pe r

    tC O


    Carbon Capture & Storage

    Renewable Fuels

    Nuclear Reforestation

    Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Curve1


    The Most Cost Effective Way To Reduce CO2

    End Use Efficiency/DSR

    1. Summarizes the technical opportunities to reduce GHG emissions of greenhouse gases at a cost of up to €150 per tCO2e of avoided emissions. The width of each bar represents the potential of that opportunity to reduce emissions in 2030 compared to the business- as-usual development. The height of each bar represents the average cost of avoiding 1 tonne of CO2e by 2030 through that opportunity.

    � DSR investments generate a positive financial return before environmental benefits

    � DSR focuses on building retrofits

    � 45% of all CO2 emissions come from buildings

    � 87% of these buildings will still exist in 2050

  • � Created one of Europe’s Ireland largest largest eservices firms and existed successfully in 1999

    � Established Inspired Gaming Group in 2001 with 8 people

    � Floated it on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 with:

    � 2500 People

    � $500m in revenue

    � $100m in profits

    � Established Crowley Carbon in 2008

    � Most of our clients are major multinationals

    � Average energy spend is between €1 and €80m per annum

    � Most companies are wasting between 20% and 50% of the energy consumed

    � Typical paybacks on projects are between 9 months and 2 years

    � Most clients do not have proper visibility of where energy is spent or wasted

    Background to Crowley Carbon

  • � Products –

    � Clients get offered thousands of products

    � All products only work under certain scenarios

    � Most clients are aware of 10% of available products

    � Complexity

    � Which product has fastest payback ?

    � Technical compliance

    � How much does it cost to find out which is the best product ?

    � Risk of installation

    � “you cant put that near my mission critical system”

    � Capital

    � “ we cant get capital for this project”

    Restrictions to Energy Efficiency

  • � Audit building in 90% less time

    � Increase information accuracy and triple amount of waste discovered

    � Lower skill level of auditor

    � Make recommendations to clients within hours

    � Energy Blueprinting

    � Supply chain control

    � Project control

    � Installation training

    � Monitoring and verification

    � Automated Continuous Commissioning

    � Real time alarming

    � New products recommended automatically

    � All through one Smartphone/iPad interface

    Our software - Danu

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    90% less time to get to answer

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    Energy Blueprinting

    Breakdown of blueprint

    1. Global systems � HVAC

    � Heating

    � BMS

    � Water

    2. Zones � Lighting

    � Temperature

    � Air flows

    � Refrigeration

    � Motors

    � Pumps

    � Usage

    � Restrictions

  • Give clients information and more control

  • Detailed monitoring of savings


  • � Lighting

    � Motors

    � Compressors

    � Pumps

    � Fans

    � Retail refrigeration

    � Industrial Chilling

    � A/C

    � Superconducting Waste heat recovery

    � Waste heat to electricity

    � Heating Optimisation

    � Evaporative cooling

    Over 4,000 products and growing

  • � €80m of funding available

    � Typically client pays over 4 to 5 years

    � Client tends to get to keep 40% to 50% of savings

    � €100,000 minimum deal size


  • 200 Service Stations with the footprint of a Tesco Metro

    Lighting and Refrigeration

    70% saving on lighting, 23% saving on refrigeration

    1.5 year payback


    Significant Savings Delivered

    Large research facility

    Lighting and Motors

    50% saving on lighting, 10% saving on motors (power factor correction)

    Major Food Group

    Waste Heat recovery

    Waste heat to Electricity


    Refrigeration Lighting

    Savings of over €700k per plant

    8 month payback

    3000 Stores in network

    41% energy reduction on refrigeration

    €28,000 per annum saved per store

    €11,000 per store saved on gas

  • � Utility companies looking to add ESCO capabilities

    � ESCO’s looking to broaden their offering to market

    � Services companies looking to offer ESCO services

    � Finance companies wanting to offer EE financing

    � Corporations looking to reduce energy consumption

    Who are we looking to work with ?