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  • 1. Dubai Sports CouncilBarriers to Attending Games in Stadium FinalQuantitative ReportSynovate & CARAT findingsMay 2009
  • 2. Barriers to AttendingGames in Stadium Final QuantitativeReport Prepared for: Dubai Sports Council and CaratSport Prepared by: Vishal Vasavada Date: May 18th2009
  • 3. 3 Synovate 2009Presentationstructure What is the background to thisresearch? Objective Methodology Executive Summary General Findings 2009. Synovate Ltd. All rights reserved.The concepts and ideas submitted to you herein are the intellectual property of Synovate Ltd. Theyare strictly of confidential nature and are submitted to you under the understanding that they are tobe considered by you in the strictest of confidence and that no use shall be made of the saidconcepts and ideas, including communication to any third party without Synovates express priorconsent and/or payment of related professional services fees in full.
  • 4. What is thebackground to thisresearch?
  • 5. Synovate 2009 08-0247 5What is the background to this research? The hallmark of any great countries sporting culture begins at the grassroots level,not least the development of the local leagues. In this respect, the UAE set themselves on the way to creating a great footballingtradition through the establishment of the first professional football league in thecountry, the UFL. Established in 1973, there are currently 12 teams competing for glory. However, thelack of attendance at stadiums has unfortunately been endemic in the UFL. The mission statement of the Dubai Sports Council is to Inves(t)..the revenues aswell as the capabilities to set up an ideal sporting sector to make Dubai a pioneeringmilestone in sports. In order to create this heritage, DSC would like to understand why people do notattend football games in the stadium. The following study, conducted in conjunctionwith Carat Sport follows on from a preceding qualitative study with similar objectives.
  • 6. Synovate 2009 08-0247 6What are the main objectives for thisresearch? Leagues interested in, and extent of interest Local football clubs supported Mode of watching the game (Stadium, TV) Reasons for and against watching games in the stadium, and motivators towards live viewing ofgames Optimal time and day for games Extent of UFL matching up to ideal football league Evaluation of advertising and professional standards of the UFL Perception of football clubs in the UAE Optimum balance of local versus international talentThrough the study we tried to uncover:
  • 7. Synovate 2009 08-0247 7How has the research been conducted? The research was conducted only in the Emirate of Dubai, among UAE Nationalsmainly, with a smattering of Expat Arabs and other GCC Nationals. The sample was then sub-grouped based on age levels, gender, and nationality. A total of n=120 interviews were conducted. The report will present results on a total sample level; where significant, results will beanalysed by individual sub-groups and summarised above each total level chart. Interviews were conducted face-to-face with the respondent, who was contactedthrough random street intercepts in locations all around Dubai. The average duration of a typical questionnaire was 20 minutes. The following presentation will focus independently on quantitative while drawing onsome findings from the qualitative report.Sample Criteria and Methodology
  • 8. Executive Summary
  • 9. Synovate 2009 08-0247 9Executive Summary Despite poor attendance in stadiums and a perceived lack of quality in the standardof players in the UFL, there is a definite interest in the league as such. Although fans desire a greater proportion of international players than local, we cansee from the qualitative that it is not international in the sense of the playersnationality, but rather their standard. Due to exposure to other international leagues, fans here expect to see their playersbehave like other players in professional leagues and even emulate them. How else can the standard of the local player improve, apart from their behaviour?Only through grassroots development, which is another big rallying cry from fans. The biggest barrier towards stadium attendance is the preference to watch the gameon TV, the stadium facilities, and the inconvenient timings of the games. Lack of proper parking facilities is another major concern that needs to be addressed.
  • 10. Synovate 2009 08-0247 10 Reflecting the qualitative findings, we find that games on weekdays are not palatableto fans, and anytime before 6 pm is considered early. If we were to pick an optimumtime and day for games to be held, it would be Thursday between 9 and 10 pm. The lack of atmosphere in the stadium can be stirred up with help from the media, ofwhich newspapers are most visible to fans. The standards of the UFL are seen to be improving ever so slightly, while many fansbelieve the standard hasnt changed much in either direction.Executive Summary
  • 11. General Findings
  • 12. Synovate 2009 08-0247 12UAENational74%ExpatArab26%Sample DemographicsBase Respondents: All (n=120)18-2535%26-3438%35-4527% Less than15,000AED23%AED15,001 andabove77%NationalityAgeMonthlyHouseholdIncome
  • 13. Synovate 2009 08-0247 13Single43%Marriedwithoutchildren19%Marriedwithchildren38%Marital StatusSample DemographicsBase Respondents: All (n=120)Very Interested,69Quite Interested,31 Over half the sample are married. We spoke mainly to football fanatics; nearly 70% are Very Interested in football. The younger they are, themore likely they are to express a passionate interest in the sport.Level of Interest in Football
  • 14. Synovate 2009 08-0247 142340377141321628222330343530373281216432342UAE Football LeagueLa Liga (Spanish)English Premier LeagueSerie A (Italian)French LeagueBundesliga (German)Infrequently Occasionally Regularly Every gameFootball Leagues Followed and FrequencyBase Respondents: Total (n=120) + Frequency Base=Those Interested in Each League The findings below in terms of football leagues followed resonates with the qualitative; Locals are mostinterested in their own league. 94% of those we spoke to follow UFL in some capacity, and nearly half of themfollow it in a dedicated manner. We found from the qualitative research that fans appreciate skill; therefore it is no surprise that La Liga isranked second.
  • 15. Synovate 2009 08-0247 1549101524372Al Khaleej, Al SharjahAl ShababAl AinAl Wahda, Al JazeeraAl NasrAl WaslAl AhliClubs Supported in the UAEBase Respondents: Follow the UFL (n=115) As this survey was conducted in Dubai, it is understandable that the majority of respondents support clubsbased in the Emirate. However, there is a following for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain clubs as well. Al Jazeera is quite popular among ExpatArabs.
  • 16. Synovate 2009 08-0247 16In the stadium- Friends11%On TV -Friends57%On TV - Alone32%Means of Following UFL gamesBase Respondents: Follow the UFL (n=115) The most common way of following UFL games is watching on TV with friends. The next slide exploresreasons why people stay away from the stadium. Overall, TV viewership of the UFL is most common among 89% of the respondents, which represents a hugeuntapped opportunity to bring fans through the turnstiles.
  • 17. Synovate 2009 08-0247 17Reasons for NOT Watching Games in StadiumBase Respondents: Follow UFL but do not watch games in stadium (n=101)2539464657Distance of stadiumfrom home/workplaceLack of parkingfacilitiesTimings are notconvenientThe conditions instadium (heat)Prefer to watch gameson TV Similar to the qualitative findings, we see that reliability on television tends to be a common excuse for notattending games in the stadium. However, factors such as the stadium facilities and inconvenient timings of games are also cited to explainlack of stadium attendance.
  • 18. Synovate 2009 08-0247 18Ideal Day of the Week for GamesBase Respondents: All (n=120)5 3 3 5465712 It is clear that most respondents prefer games to be held on days which allow a cushion from work the nextday.
  • 19. Synovate 2009 08-0247 19Ideal Time for Weekend and Weekday GamesBase Respondents: All (n=120) On the outside of the clock, you will see the preference for WEEKEND time-slots, while the %s on the insideof the clock denote the inclination towards timespans in the WEEKDAY. Both the 6-9 and 9-12 slots are equally popular, however for a Thursday (which is s