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  • Quest proposal

    Next generation urban exploration

  • Quest proposals

  • Quest OverviewLets say you parked your car somewhere in a new area.

    Then you go out for a whileAnd all of a sudden, on the way back, the streets become a maze.

  • Fortunately you tagged your car with our car locator quest. Conveniently located in your vehicle.

    Your vehicles location appears on the map. Now the car is easy to find.

  • Quest OverviewWhile walking down the streetyou notice this awesome car.

    What is it?

    How much does it cost?Where can I get it?

  • The vendor has tagged the car with the tenqyu QR-Code.

    Immediately all the relevant information is displayed in the notification screen.

    Tenqu, 2013

    25 points

  • Frequently asked questions:

    Where can I get the app?

    How much does the app cost?

    Can I not just take a picture of the QR Code and share it on the internet? application is downloadable from the app store

    It is free !

    Our branded QR codes are GPS validated, so you have to be near the actual location of the code to receive the goodies.

    Cant I scan a code several times and receive the points several times?Our branded QR codes are business rules validated which means that the codes are only valid to be scanned following the rules of the quest (i.e. usually once per day) and during the lifetime of the quest.

  • Frequently asked questions:

    How can I contact you?Well, you could send an email to

    Or alternatively we are on Twitter as well.@TenqyuLiving

    Of course, you can always check us out


    We are always looking forward to hear from you!