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  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    The Complete Manual

    Independent guides to essential techniques


  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    Welcome to

    Canon is arguably the biggest name on the

    photography market, and within this bookazine

    well discover why. Learn about the essential kit,

    how to clean your camera and the best lenses to

    use for all sorts of images. We will also take you

    through the best way to compose your shots,

    using the ash and some other useful accessories.

    The How to section will assist you with a variety

    of shots and the best way to achieve them.

    Finally, well help you get to grips with Canons

    powerful editing and sharing software.

    CanonThe Complete Manual

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


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    Canon is a trademark of Canon Inc.

    Canon The Complete Manual 2014 Imagine Publishing Ltd

    ISBN 978 1910 155 608

    bookazine series

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    The Complete Manual


  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    42 ModesLearn the different modesAuto mode Program modeScene modes Aperture Value modeTime Value modeManual mode


    Introducing Canon

    60 Composing your shotsDiscover the best ways toalign and take your shots

    66 Focusing your CanonGet up close and personalwith your shots

    70 Metering your shotsTake control over how yourcamera reads light

    74 Control white balanceDiscover how the whitebalance affects the colour

    76 Master ISOUnderstand the essentialelement to exposure

    82 Work with flashIlluminate your subject withcreative light

    Using your Canon

    ContentsWhat you can nd inside the bookazine

    36 Cleaning your CanonKeep your camera clean

    38 The Canon buttonsWhat do they all do?

    40 The Canon menusNavigate the menus

    8 Introducing CanonDiscover the Canon family

    24 Set up your CanonFrom box to shot

    28 Pick the right lensA guide to the right lens

    34 Essential kitWhat do you need?

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    110 Edit exposureEdit with Canons DigitalPhoto Professional suite

    112 Experiment with colourBring dull colours to life inyour photographs

    114 Remove imperfectionsMake sure nothing gets inthe way of your best shots

    116 Straighten horizons

    Even out wonky imageswith ease

    118 Printing your imagesMake physical works of artfrom your photos

    120 Wireless sharingShare your photos withCanon software

    122 Share on FacebookShow your friendsyour photographs

    124 Back up your photosSecure your shots onlineusing Dropbox

    126 Glossary

    94 Macro

    Shoot the finer details of lifewith Macro shots

    98 WildlifeFollow these rules forstunning wildlife shots

    102 Black & WhiteInvoke classic elegance withcreative monochrome

    106Low lightMaster low light photography


    How to

    Beyond the shot

    86 PortraitsTake picture portraits withthese essential tips

    90 LandscapesCapture the mood of yourstunning surroundings

    For allCanon


    Attracting enthusiasts through to top

    professionals, a Canon camera canoffer something for everyone

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    The Canon family


    Introducing Canon

    IntroducingCanonNewcomer through to seasonedprofessional; whatever your level,Canon offers several cameras to meetyour needs. Come with us as wehighlight a few favourites

    Canon has long been revered as one of the

    big two heavyweight brands in the camera

    market, and even with the emergence of strong

    rival brands, Canon has always held its place.

    The company is still one of the most popular

    go-to brands for all walks of photographer; from

    complete newbie to lifetime professional.The thing that sparks customers interest, and

    what keeps them returning time after time, is

    the brands complete obsession with perfection.

    Whether customers are shooting for pleasure or

    prot, Canon has created a wide-ranging remit

    of cameras that not only creatively empower

    its users, but also extend technology that

    immortalises frame after frame in impeccable

    detail. Today Canon cameras are universallyregarded as being as reliable as they are high-

    performing, as feature-rich as they are well-built,

    as capable of award-winning picture quality as

    they are user-friendly. There is rarely something

    missing from one of its models, and its even rarer

    to nd a bad review of one of its products. Over

    the next few pages, we prole some of the top-

    selling and much-loved contenders.

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    The Canon family


    Introducing Canon

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf




    DSLRAttracting enthusiasts through to theworlds top professionals, a CanonDSLR offers something for everyone

    Canons arsenal of DSLR cameras is something

    that is ever-growing and ever-improving. Many

    of the worlds photography elite are proud to

    own one or several models, and even everyday

    photography fans can enjoy the product, thanks

    to the range of DSLRs on offer. The range is

    helpfully split into three groups; Beginners,

    Enthusiasts and Professionals.

    The beginner models are designed for keen

    amateurs who want to upgrade from a compact.

    As such, the DSLRs in this category are more

    simplistic and offer helpful guides and self-

    explanatory controls to aid newcomers.The EOS range for enthusiasts supports those

    looking to challenge themselves and those

    who may want to take the next step towards

    becoming a semi-professional. The cameras

    feature enhanced technology and provide a

    wider choice of commands on the camera body.

    As well as sporting a steeper price tag, DSLR

    models in the pro end of the market range deliver

    expert standards, performance and consistencyfor creating extreme high-end photography.

    Comfortable designCanons DSLR control layout andgeneral design hasnt alteredmuch over the years, but itsintuitiveness and accessibility areregularly praised by the media

    and the brands legions of fans

    ISO ranges

    The DSLR models sport impressively widesensitivity ranges with most scaling beyondISO 12,000 making low-light handheldphotography a genuine possibility

    CategoriesCanon groups its DSLR modelsinto three families; Beginners,Enthusiasts and Professionals

    Introducing Canon

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf




    Touch-screen technologyA growing number of DSLRs, like thebrands compact range, now housetouch-screen LCD monitors andundoubtedly aids those who preferthe way smart devices operate

    Feature packedproductsCanons DSLR rangeboasts state-of-the-artfeatures and innovativetechnology. Most

    offer Wi-Fi and NFCconnectivity, GPSand function forfull HD movies

    Lens love

    Canon produces three categories oflenses; EF for the full-frame DSLRs, EF-Sfor those with cropped sensors andEF-M for owners of the CSC model

    Introducing Canon

  • 8/11/2019 Canon The Complete Manual - 2014 UK.pdf


    Packed with features and capable ofimaging excellence, the Canon EOS-1D X

    joins the brands professional rank of DSLRsto critical acclaim



    Part of Canons professional

    range of DSLRs, the 1D X is an

    ideal step up for keen shooterslooking to trade in their

    prosumer DSLR.


    Price Price: 5,300 /$6,799(body only)

    Megapixels(effective) 18.1MP

    Max resolution(pixels) 5184 x 3456

    Sensor information 36 x 24mm full-frame18.1MP CMOS sensor

    Lens data Lens dependent

    Zoom Lens dependent