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  • 1. Mom doing my eye make-up

2. Jamie put lots of curl in my hair! 3. Final Step:put on garters 4. Lots of kisses from Caleb this day! 5. The three best brothers in the world:Zachary, Jordan, and Caleb 6. Beautiful Bridesmaids: Claire, Tonya, Lauren, Kallie 7. Caleb and Brianne They were so well behaved before, during, and after the ceremony! 8. Aunt Dana took care of getting everybody their flowers 9. If I didnt read over them one more time, there was no way I would have been able to repeat the vows. Thanks Josh! 10. Just Hanging. Telling adoption stories? 11. The Bridal Party 12. Happy 13. My flowers, carried on my Grandmothers bible from her wedding, my mothers wedding, and my aunts wedding. 14. Right before walking down the isle, Brianne turned back to me and said Are you ready Miss Vanessa? Your big day is here! 15. Yes, in the bridal room there was a game of baseball. 16. Aunt Doris played oboe-beautiful! 17. Aunt Nancy played flute-fantastic! 18. Mothers lighting the two sides on the unity candle. 19. Eager Expectation 20. Saying I do. 21. Mr and Mrs Cole Hoosier Leaving the ceremony, surrounded by friends and family. 22. Time for the cake! 23. Just a LITTLE happy!! 24. He was so good, and now he gets cake!! 25. Throwing the bouquet. 26. What a wonderful girl.Maybe too young to be married next, however. 27. Removing the garters: a white one to throw,a K-State one for Cole to keep. 28. Did Zachary catch it? Yes! 29. Ew! Not only do I not want to be married anytime soon. But, this was on my sisters leg! 30. It wouldnt be complete without goofiness from Kallie and I! 31. For my youth minister, Nick, in Ohio: Us girls always told you we were going to be fishers of men. I reeled one in! A good one too!