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Hello. I am

Candice Wrighta Marketing, Media & Design Professional

804.445.5317 | [email protected]

Here is what makes me an asset to you:


Mac & PC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and ArchiCAD


Art Direction, Marketing/Promotional campaigns, Print collateral design & production, Brand & corporate Identities, Publication design & production, Advertising, Illustration, Editorial & technical writing, Proofreading & copy editing, Desktop Publishing, Web & Multimedia design, Architectural drafting & rendering, and 508 Compliancy


Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Associates in Physical ScienceMarymount University, Arlington, VA 22207, 8/2008

Now, turn the page & enjoy some of my work

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Wentworth, Inc Chevy Chase, MD

Wentworth, Inc clients and interested parties receive an annual newsletter as a reminder of what we were currently working on along with what design/construction trends and innovations were being incorporated. It was important to incorporate both architectural and color trends in the design of the newsletter. Each publication was 8 pages long and offered lots of free design ideas and inspiration.

Layout, copy writing, photo editing & trend research (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, AutoCAD & Microsoft Word)

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Wentworth, Inc | 2008-2009 Corporate Identity and AdvertisingWentworth, Inc., a fine home remodeling company in Chevy Chase, MD, is a unique collaboration of architects, designers and craftsmen who integrate architecture, interiors and

construction to create award-winning homes where timeless livability and beauty is essential to every design endeavor. As the Head of Marketing and Graphic Development it was

my role to develop a variety of collateral to brand the company and attract new clients, evoking the transitional style behind their projects.

Previous versions of Wentworth’s print and web advertising were dated and unfocused. As part of highlighting their transitional designs it was important that I create ads that were neutral and cutting edge, but timeless, just like their projects.

Photography styling/direction/management, photo editing, layout, market research, copy writing & advertising submissions (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

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Silver Commercial Brokerage Fredericksburg, VA

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Silver Commercial Brokerage | 2010 Sales Book & Collateral

Silver Commercial Brokerage is known for their commercial and residential real estate expertise in central/northern Virginia. It is very important that their sales collateral reflect their professional

image. Along with a junior designer, we designed a sales booklet for their presentations, a folder and sales sheets as leave behinds for potential clients, and online sales sheets for their website.

Layout, interpreting maps and blueprints, photography, web design & limited budget (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver & AutoCAD)

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Virginia Neighbors Magazine Fredericksburg, VA

Under my art direction, special advertising sections were created to display advertisers products.

Layout, contribution solicitation, copy writing, & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & Microsoft Word)

Every issue featured upcoming local events which I either designed myself or served as an Art Director for one of the Junior designers.

Layout, copy writing, photo editing & research (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Microsoft Word)

Subscription insertion card for print publications.

Layout (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

As subscriptions and number of advertisers grew it was integral to set guidelines for the publication including ad sizes, article word counts and a publishing calendar. Working with the Publishers and Art Director I was able to create a Media Kit that was easy to understand and identified the structure for the print magazine and online presence.

Layout, copy writing, illustration & market research (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & Microsoft Word & Excel)

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Virginia Neighbors Magazine | 2009-2011 Publication and Advertising Design

With a focus on high-quality, eye-catching photography and introspective articles about the artistic side of Fredericksburg life, Virginia Neighbors Magazine illustrated

the lifestyle of Central Virginia. As the Head Graphic Designer for the bimonthly periodical I served an integral part from concept to print–creating advertising sections

and designing the smallest ads to scouting writing talent and photographers to design spectacular feature spreads.

One of the first 8 page feature spreads I campaigned to integrate into the publication as a better way to bring coverage to our advertisers.

Art Direction, layout, copy writing, illustration, photo research & editing (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & Microsoft Word)

After much market research I was able to assist with giving the anchor sections of the magazine a ‘face-lift’ to appeal more to the readers, including updated header logos, incorporating more dynamic graphics and our own photography.

Layout, copy writing, illustration, photography & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & Microsoft Word)

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CIT Herndon, VA

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CIT | 2008-2012 Annual Reports

The Center for Innovative Technology, CIT, seeks to close innovation gaps in the Virginia Commonwealth and the nation by focusing on new technologies, entrepreneurs and technology companies that

make innovation happen. Each year I have created 28 page web (flipbook style) and print ready reports, from provided text and stock images, illustrating the annual progress CIT has seen along

with their financial reports for investors and sponsors.

Art direction, layout, web, photo editing & 508 compliancy (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver & Acrobat)

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Announcements & InvitationsAn indecisive bride-to-be, Amanda, wanted lots of options for her Save the Date. I created 3 options using her wedding colors and she ended up using all three. There was no way anyone could claim to have forgotten.

Layout, copy writing, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

Custom Invitation for a 90th birthday girl.

Layout & illustration (Adobe InDesign & Illustrator)

After their most successful year, Willow Publishing held a Holiday Open House to celebrate the Virginia Neighbors magazine. Guests received these e-invites styled after the parties contemporary take on the holidays.

Layout, illustration & HTML (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Dreamweaver)

Creating my own wedding materials was a fun and personal way to celebrate and let guests in on the story leading to our nuptials.

Layout, copy writing & illustration (Adobe InDesign & Illustrator)

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Working with a couple with many international guests I created web and print materials for their big day incorporating their wedding colors and themes.

Layout, illustration & HTML (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator & Dreamweaver)

I advised my client, Wallace & Wallace Insurance Agency, to take a detour from the standard holiday card and created several Halloween cards for their clients and prospects–many clients look forward to receiving them each year.

Layout, copy writing & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

Contemporary birthday Invitation for the 3rd birthday of a set of triplets, with a superheroes, princesses & fairies theme.

Layout, copy writing & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

During a photoshoot for their first child I worked with this family to create their holiday postcard.

Layout, photography & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

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EP Shalom Management El Paso, TX

By creating a monthly newsletter for tenants they are reminded that the management team is present, as well as offers free marketing advise and advertising to all properties.

Layout, copy writing , photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator, Photoshop & Microsoft Word)

EP Shalom Management’s online presence was weak, by utilizing simple tactics like SEO updates and creating a weekly email campaign they are now able to reach more of their target audience than before..

Layout, copy writing , photo editing, illustration & HTML (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Microsoft Word)

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EP Shalom Management | Marketing and Collateral

EP Shalom Management is the largest “Class A” office owner/developer in the greater El Paso southwest region–currently, owns and manages over 25 office/medical/retail buildings

and extensive industrial and warehouse facilities throughout the greater El Paso southwest region. Previously depending on word of mouth and banners, I was able to improve the

marketing plan by developing sales sheets/booklets, monthly newsletters for tenants, update/improve the website and SEO, and create an email marketing program.

A market repositioning for EP Shalom Management and Epicenter an Office Community was needed to effectively communicate to the public and other brokers. I designed and produced new portfolio/sales sheets to convey the amenities of the available properties and offices.

Layout, copy writing , drafting, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD & Microsoft Word)

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Public Service Projects

Families of the Wounded Fund, Inc. helps injured active duty and veteran service members. I have been working with them since 2010 developing their logo, contribution materials and collateral for fund raising auctions.

Layout, copy writing , photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator, Photoshop & Microsoft Word)

B’nai Zion Poster/Flyer Design

Layout, copy writing & illustration (Adobe InDesign & Illustrator)

Families of the Wounded Fund

B’nai Zion | Promotional Posters

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Banner to greet deployed 4-17 HHC soldiers (the buffaloes) from Fort Bliss, TX.

Layout & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

I have been working with the Krysti Bingham Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis since 2009, a foundation to promote independent living for those battling with the disease. One of their fundraising programs is Walk Dogs on Wheels, which allows patients to experience real-life jobs walking dogs. When they asked me to help by creating their identity materials I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Layout & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

Marymount University holds an annual Special Olympics Basketball Game to benefit the Special Olympics, Northern Virginia Chapter. In 2009 I was honored to design their posters and t-shirts for the event.

Layout & illustration (Adobe InDesign & lllustrator)

Families of the Wounded FundSpecial Olympics | Event Collateral

Walk Dogs on Wheels | Identity

4-17 HHC | Banner

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Sun City Stangs El Paso, TX

Logo and business Card

Layout, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator & Photoshop)

One of the few female owned and modified vehicles in the club, Ruby Valverde wanted her poster to be colorful like her personality and highlight her new paint job

Layout , photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator & Photoshop)

After receiving a custom cobra paint job, owner Henry Craig was ready to show off his car and all the hard work he’s put into it to make it one of the most recognized cars in the region.

Layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

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Sun City Stangs | Promotional Posters

There aren’t many relationships stronger than a man (or woman) and their car. For the members of Sun City Stangs of El Paso, TX, their cars are like an extension of themselves. Being married

to one of the fanatics it wasn’t too long after purchasing his car before he was asking me to create a poster for use at car shows to display the modifications he has made. Ever since,

multiple members have approached me to create their custom show boards along with marketing collateral for the club.

Owner Alan Goldie is accused of spending more time with the car than his wife, which is why it has been coined as “The Mistress.” It was important to highlight the curves of the car and set off the all black color scheme.

Layout, photography, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator & Photoshop)

Not to be out done by the other members, I get orders daily for additional posters, each customized to the owners personality as well as the features they admire most in their cars.

Layout, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, lllustrator & Photoshop)

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When he ran for Virginia Senate in 2010, Bryce Reeves wanted to make sure he had an inviting online presence he could easily update for his supporters.

Layout, photo editing & preliminary HTML (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Dreamweaver)

Logo Design and promotional HTML emails for tenants.

Layout, copy writing, photo editing & HTML (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Dreamweaver)

Westwood Office Park | Email

Bryce Reeves | Web & Logo

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Energy & Environment, Inc. needed a new, user friendly website to teach their customers about using solar energy and the innovations they are utilizing.

Layout, photo editing & preliminary HTML (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Dreamweaver)

When Bruce Wentworth, Architect, wanted to start a blog on architectural styles and renovation inspiration he asked me to help him with publishing, copy writing, editing submitted content, and creating a design and identity for “Ask the Architect.”

Logo design, layout, HTML, copy writing, photography & photo editing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver & Microsoft Word)

Energy &Environmental, Inc | Website

Ask the Architect | Blog & Identity

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Logos, Trademarks & Corporate Identities

Versatile Mechanics Co. is an international large equipment mechanic.

Logo Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Rowdy Wives of Fort Bliss is an organization that promotes military wives getting together for a “girls night out.”

Logo Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Whoz Your Caddy is an emerging clothing company based in central Virginia–they needed a trendy logo for their apparel.

Logo Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Logo design and direct mail piece

Layout, photo editing & illustration (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator

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Fujiya House wanted to update their image from a casual dining spot to attract more nightlife.

Direct mail layout, photo editing & logo design (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

Just before deploying, Charlie Company based out of Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, wanted a logo to use on T-shirts and collateral to promote working as a team.

Logo design (Adobe Illustrator)

Logo Design (Adobe Illustrator)

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Brochures & Collateral

Joe Pine Builders, Spotsylvania, VA | 2011-12 Collateral

Joe Pine Builders Inc. is a custom home builder with over 30 years of experience, serving the Lake Anna , Fredericksburg , Spotsylvania, Louisa and Caroline counties of Virginia. Their specialty is building custom designed log homes with attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship.. They needed marketing materials and collateral that reflected the quality and value they put into creating dream homes. From the copy and images they provided, I created 2 trifolds and a 32 page sales booklet the sales team could use with their prospective clients.

Art direction, layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

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Loudin Building Systems, Louisa, VA | 2010-11 Collateral & Ads

A company that provides services that include design development, site planning, budgeting and final pricing–Loudin Building Systems, Inc. has a notable reputation for commitment to customer satisfaction and buildings of the highest quality. It was important to the client that their

reposition speak for the company. By using lots of colorful images on a black and white base this is achieved along with emphasizing the testimonials from their clients.

Art direction, layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

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Brochures & Collateral

Fitness Magazine | 2010 Magalog

Fitness magazine wanted to put together a magalog as a direct mail piece in order to get new subscribers. Filled with heathy eating tips, at-home workouts and answers to many women’s issues and health questions, this marketing piece hinted at all the information

readers received from the magazine. Along with an art director and marketing rep from the magazine, we created a 68 page magalog utilizing content and images from previous issues of the magazine, along with some new material and stock images.

Layout, photo research, illustration & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

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Courtyard Marriott | 2010 Sales Sheet

After opening a new hotel in downtown Fredericksburg, Courtyard Marriott needed an updated sales sheet for the location.

Layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

University of Mary Washington , Fredericksburg, VA | 2010 Direct Mail

The University of Mary Washington, is a public arts and sciences institution in Fredericksburg, Va., that attracts intellectually curious undergraduate and graduate students in search of rigorous academics. The university provides a rich array of academic, research, internship, leadership, and recreational opportunities

that not only train students for the real world but allow them to interact closely with faculty members. During their summer term, when staff is cut to a minimum, I was given the opportunity to work with their marketing department to create a pair of direct mail pieces to attract high school students to

participate in summer learning courses, and campus visits.

Layout, illustration & photo editing (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator)

Learning Enhancement | Postcard

The Learning Enhancement Center in Fredericksburg, VA needed a multi-use direct mail postcard in order to attract ne customers.

Layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

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Rapidan PlumbingRapidan Plumbing needed a variety of print advertisements for periodicals, newspapers, and phone books. I created 1 and 2 page ads, 1/4 page, and banner size.

Layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

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Spotsylvania Regional Medical CenterWhen HCA Virginia Health System opened it’s new hospital and emergency room they wanted dynamic one page ads addressing what most patients complain about–wait time and nurse/doctor response.

Layout & photo editing (Adobe InDesign & Photoshop)

Variety of ad sizes for print publication

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EP Shalom Management, LLC El Paso, TX 5/2011-Present444 Executive Center Blvd., Suite 120, El l Paso, TX Supervisor: Elliot Berg, PresidentExecutive Assistant/Office Manager

Assistant to the President, completing various clerical tasks, scheduling, and maintaining marketing/sales materials. EP Shalom Management, LLC is the largest “class A” office owner/developer in the greater El Paso Southwest area, managing over 500,000 SF of usable office space in 25 buildings, over 40,000 SF of medical offices, 100,000 SF of commercial retail shopping centers, and extensive industrial and warehouse facilities. Duties Included:• Maintain physical and digital files for tenants,

vendors and business; adding and creating new tenants in Yardi, digital files, and physical files

• Answer phones and log messages including receive and relay maintenance/janitorial calls

• Create agendas, take and distribute meeting notes• In Outlook, create reminders, schedule tasks, maintain

and update contacts, vendor information, tenants, and prospective tenants

• Maintain collections, receivables and charges (in Yardi and bank software)

• Upkeep of insurance certificates• Creating and distributing correspondence by hand

delivery, mail, email and phone• Design and create monthly newsletter and content• Design, create, & update Sales Sheets for all properties• Update and maintain website• Contact and file police reports on property

disturbances• Collect and deposit rent payments (handling over

500 thousand dollars each month)• Contact vendors - ensure estimates are accurate

and vendors are paid in a timely manner• Open office daily, ensuring all schedules are in order

and follow-up on after hour maintenance calls• Close office daily, ensuring office is secured and all

monies are accounted for

Germanna Community College 7/2010-2/201110304 Spotsylvania Avenue Suite 100, Fredericksburg, VA Adjunct Instructor

Instructed a 2 day .5 credit advanced education course, Cost Effective Marketing Using Social Media. An introduction to small business marketing with an emphasis on social media.

Willow Marketing Agency 10/2009-2/20119019 Old Battlefield Boulevard, Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553 Graphic Designer

Designed and implemented marketing collateral including print, web and flash design. Also graphic and content management for Virginia Neighbors magazine (under Willow Publishing), duties include: design and layout, ad layout, photo research, illustration, copy writing, direct editorial photo shoots and photo editing. • Reduced magazine production time and budget by 50%

allowing Willow Publishing to expand distribution to 6 additional counties–increasing readership two-fold.

• Networked with and recruited new writers and photographers for Virginia Neighbors while contributing two articles per issue on average myself.

• Recognized as a leader in the company, decreasing marketing material production time/cost.

• Promoted from part-time designer to full-time within 3 months; obtaining an intern and/or assistant with the first 9 months of employment.

The Creative Group 2/2009 - 10/20091201 F Street, N.W., Suite 900, Washington D.C., DC Temp to hire Graphic Designer

Contracted to: Environmental Research Group to design publications for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various environmental groups including 508 compliant documents; American Society of Association Executives–member publications layout and design; compile and create documents from Paltech/National Child Welfare Evaluation Summit for members and presenters.

Wentworth, Inc. 1/2008 - 2/20098555 Connecticut Avenue #200, Chevy Chase, MD Head of Marketing and Graphic Development/Interior Designer Designed and implemented marketing plan and

campaigns, direct mail, press releases, advertisements, editorial submissions, social marketing training...etc. Tracked marketing initiatives and client leads presenting data monthly to supervisor and staff. Assisted with and directed editorial photo shoots and editing for marketing materials and editorial submissions. Web maintenance (including SEO, blog development and online advertising). Managed editorial and advertising contracts. Interior Design and Architect assistant including design and drafting.• Began as interior design intern and promoted to Head

of Marketing and Graphic Development after 3 months.• Developed marketing budget and decreased cost

by 22% while increasing client leads.• Managed print collateral production bids

decreasing production costs by 45%.• Researched and produced at least 3 blog posts

per week, which were published regionally by Washington Home & Garden magazine.

• Formed contacts with various publications, negotiating and organizing coverage. Wentworth appeared in at least one publication per month during my term.


Walk Dogs On Wheels, 10/2010 – Logo & Corporate Image design

Krysti Bingham Foundation, 11/2008-5/2009–Product packaging & logo

Families of The Wounded Fund, 11/2008–2/2011–Logo & Collateral design, 5/2008-2/2009–Marketing, identity, press releases, advertisements, blog design/content, & editorial writing

Special Olympics Basketball Tournament by Marymount University, 4/2008 – Collateral design

Marymount Academic Research Initiative, Fall 2006–Print collateral

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