Cancun Mexico Hotels Review #1: Ritz-Carlton Cancun

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Transcript of Cancun Mexico Hotels Review #1: Ritz-Carlton Cancun

1. Cancun Mexico Hotels Reviews Review # 1 Ritz-Carlton Cancun Rating 2. Pros

  • Food (great italian!)
  • Super romantic
  • Beautiful pools
  • Staff takes care of you
  • Honesty (Lost & Found)
  • Spacious rooms with great views
  • Traditional Hotel (not for spring break)
  • Great room service
  • Attention 24/7

Ritz-Carlton Cancun 3. Cons

  • Check in service
  • No lounge on desk
  • Beaches are gone!
  • EXPENSIVE!!! $604/night

Ritz-Carlton Cancun 4. Tips

  • Use American Express (Stay 3 nights, get 1 FREE)
  • Get tours outside the hotel (cheaper and more exciting)
  • Dont be afraid to ask, THEY WILL GIVE IT TO YOU!

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