Can Your Resume Avoid Black Hole ?

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  1. 1. Rebecca Resume Can Your
  2. 2. Marketing DocumentPromote YOU ! modestys not effective approach Intrigue Capture reader above the fold (top 1/3 of 1st page) Focus Showcase achievements & skills specific to Sell it ! position soughtDont tell it.
  3. 3. Dont Lie !
  4. 4. Hiring Managers Receive 50-500resumes per position Review resume in5-10 seconds
  5. 5. Long Line of ApplicantsCompetitions Fierce Showcase your personal brand,achievements and value Remain compelling, conciseand focused List RESULTS notresponsibilities Use keywords& buzzwords
  6. 6. Start with Blank SlateType Career Achievements CAR Stories Challenge, Action, Result Quantify $, %, # Use in highlights& work experiencesections
  7. 7. Stay on Course Achievements / experience relevant toposition sought Not too little / too much information TARGET your job search Mall Corp. needs a technical writer. Courtneys a software developer. Should she apply?
  8. 8. Tenicia sums upher objectiveand expertise
  9. 9. Title + Profile AchievementsFront and Center
  10. 10. Define Expertise Add skills under profile Specific to position sought Pull from job description
  11. 11. Umars aSenior LendingOfficer
  12. 12. Leadership Achievments Acquisitions : Led team to develop RFP >$100M Enterprise Pre-D Recording Service to National Reconnaissance Office as SETA at SAIC. Contract Management : Slashed budget from $150M to $105M by improving staffing and technology efficiencies for EPRS as Lead SETA for SDDS programs at General Dynamics.
  13. 13. Or CAR StatementChallenge : Resolve operational performancehighcosts and productivity bottlenecks in travel division.Action : Streamlined processes, realigned keypersonnel, and re-engineered banking functions byestablishing relationship with high-tech bank.Result : Improved customer service while slashinginvoicing and collection costsfrom 10% to