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List of the various camera angles and shot types.

Transcript of Camera shots & angles

  • 1. Camera Shots and AnglesExtreme wide shot (EWS) Shows thesubjects surroundings. Most often used asan establishing shot.Wide shot (WS) A little closer than anEWS, but still shows a lot of the subjectssurroundings.Mid shot (MS) Closer still, shows subjectin more detail. Bottom half of subject is cutoff.Medium close up (MCU) Between MSand CU distance-wise, shows more detailin the subjects face.

2. Close up (CU) Whole frame is taken upby a certain feature or part of the subject.Extreme close up (ECU) The shot is veryclose, showing extreme detail. They areusually of the subjects face, and showsmore reactions and general emotion. Avariation of the ECU is a choker shot, whichtypically shows the subject from just abovethe eyebrows to just below the mouth.Cut-In Shows another part of the subject(i.e. not the face) in detail.Over-the-shoulder Looks from behind aperson at the subject. These are usuallyused in scenes of conversation. 3. Point of view (POV) Shows a view fromthe subjects perspective, or point of view.Low angle Opposite of a high angle shot,shows the subject from a low angle,looking up. Usually makes the subject looksuperior and dominating.High angle Looking down on the subject,they are shown from a higher angle.Usually makes the subject look inferior anddominated.Canted/Dutch tilt Angle is deliberatelyslanted to one side. This can used todramatically portray unease,disorientation, frantic or desperate action,intoxication, madness, etc. 4. Weather shot The subject is theweather - most commonly it is the sky, butcan also be anything to show rainfall/flowor the blowing of wind etc.Pan Camera moves from one side to theother, usually following a subject. Can alsobe used to establish a scene.Medium two shot A mid shot of twopeople. Sometimes used to show afriendship/companionship or perhaps justa group of people.