Camera Shots and Angles

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Shots and angles definitions and why they are used in films

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Establishing shot; normally the first shot used to show the audience location of where the action is taking place

Extreme long shot; a view from a greater distance, used also for scene setting

Long shot; shot of the full body of the character/s, this put focus on the main character/s while plenty of detail in the background shown

Medium shot; a shot from the waist upwards, halfway between a mid-shot and close-up, used to show some detail of action

Close up; showsvery little background but concentrates on the character/s face, everything else blurs. Shows the expressions of the character/s

Over the shoulder shot; shows the character from behind another characters shoulder, get to see from their perspective

Extreme close-up; extremeversion of a close, usually eyes or mouth no detailed background, used for dramatic effect shot; a shot from the mid-thigh up, used in western films, to capture main character with detailed background shot; camera place to look as if the audience is observing the scene going on, used to for audience to feel involved

Low angle; camera placed low at a vertical axis, used to show the character look strong and powerful. tilt; camera is placed at an angle so vertical lines are at an angle, used to show uneasiness or tension during a scene eye view; a general view of the place from above, makes the character short, used to get an overall establishing shot of the scene angle; where the camera is looking down onto the character, used to make the character look weak and vulnerable