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  • 1. ESTABLISHING SHOTA long, wide angle taken from an over head shot

2. MASTER SHOT A wide enough shot to include all the characters. 3. LONG SHOT A camera view of an object or characters from a considerable distance so it appears a bit small. 4. WIDE SHOT A shot taken from a lens that is able to take in a wider scene . 5. POINT OF VIEW SHOT (POV) Shows a view from a subjects perspective. This shot is usually edited so that the viewer is aware whos point of view it is 6. OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT Looking from behind a characters shoulder, at a subject. The character facing the subject usually occupies 1/3 of the frame but it depends on what meaning the director buisness. 7. TWO SHOT A shot of two characters, possible engaging in a conversation. Usually to signify/establish some sort of relationship 8. MID SHOT The framing of a subject from waist up. 9. CLOSE UP A head and shoulder shot, often used to show expressions/em otions of a character. Also can be shot of an object, filmed from close of an object or zoomed in so that it reveals detail. 10. HIGH ANGLE A camera angle that looks down on the subject or object. Often used to make the subject or object look smaller 11. LOW ANGLEA camera angle that looks up at an object or subject. Often used to make subject/object appear powerful/domi nant 12. CANTED ANGLE (OR OBLIQUE) Camera angle that makes what is shot appear skewed or tilted