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Transcript of Camera Bag - The Revolutionary Photography Business App

  1. 1. Photography is one of the fastest growing markets today. (2-3% increase 2016, $10bn) IBIS World.
  2. 2. Unfortunately More than 92% of photography businesses fail. This is due to high startup costs, lack of knowledge in marketing, or low quality photos.
  3. 3. Thats where Camera Bag comes in.
  4. 4. This app will take every aspect of a photography business, and make it streamline with the lives of these creatives.
  5. 5. Homefeed Curated for clients to see the portfolios of every photographer in a certain distance from them. No more searching through Google.
  6. 6. Calendar Shows a photographers availability. Clients can select the date and time and project details to book the photographer they want.
  7. 7. Camera Bag Curated list for every project of the items a photographer needs on the day of a shoot. Reminders on the day of and prior allow them to plan everything in advance.
  8. 8. Map Search Clients can find the photographer they want in minutes with this feature. No more hiring Uncle Joebob or your 13 year old cousin.
  9. 9. Stats Analytics for a photographer to know every aspect of their business. From projects completed, to exporting 1099 information, this feature does it all.
  10. 10. How are photographers getting by without Camera Bag? Spending thousands on marketing, web development, accounting software, etc.
  11. 11. How much will Camera Bag cost a photographer? Free to get the app. $5 per month - up to 50k MAUs $9.99 per month with promos after that. Subscription based business model.
  12. 12. Dont just take our word for it PhotographyTalk featured Camera Bag and is loved by their founder, Chris Schult.
  13. 13. Steve Jobs Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
  14. 14. Thank you for reading! My name is Jake Hare and Im the founder of Camera Bag.
  15. 15. Contact me for more information, investing proposals, and just to say hello! Jake Hare