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landscapes, climates and national parks
4. Ridge Cap Shingles Hip & Ridge Plus, Hip & Ridge 12 Cap Shingles Ridge cap shingles are required where roof planes meet, they provide additional protection along these high stress areas of the roof, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal by accentuating the roof line.
*Product Availability may vary by region.
Water infiltration is your home’s worst enemy. Shingles provide the first line of defense but what’s above and below is equally important. That’s why IKO developed a superior, multi-layer roofing system. It consists of our proprietary industry-leading products, engineered to protect you and yours for years to come.
IKO’s PRO4 Roofing System is setting the standard in protecting your home.
IKO Cambridge HD Shingles Discerning homeowners demand more from their roof than stunning good looks. And Cambridge HD shingles deliver on quality, durability and value. Created using the industry’s most advanced technology, these shingles offer premium protection with one of the heaviest mats currently available. Your complete PRO4 Roofing System includes these four acces- sory products, designed to enhance the performance, protection and aesthetic appeal of your new Cambridge HD shingles.
1. Eave Protection GoldShield, ArmourGard, or StormShield Ice & Water Protectors IKO’s Ice & Water Protectors provide a second line of defense against water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain and the costly damage it can cause. This product is also strongly recommended for sealing around vents, low pitch areas, ridges, hips, rake edges, chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, and skylights.
2. Underlayment RoofGard-Cool Grey Underlayment Use our innovative RoofGard- Cool Grey synthetic underlayment for total deck protection.
3. Roof Starters Leading Edge Plus Starter Strips Fast, easy and convenient. IKO’s Starter Strips are perforated right down the middle, saving valuable time during the installation of the first course of shingles. Compat- ible with all existing IKO Shingles, Leading Edge Plus includes a sealant strip at the bottom edge allowing for a tight seal.
Come. Explore. Dream. Dare! Let our rugged North American landscapes inspire you to compose a roofscape of enduring beauty.
Choose from five exciting new color combinations in our Nature’s Accents Collection of high-definition
laminated architectural shingles.
Appalachian Page 6 Weathered gray mountains and panoramic views. A symphony of subtle shades.
Biscayne Page 8 Windswept sandy beaches. Sea-washed wood and salty air.
Glacier Page 10 Jagged snow-capped mountains, crystal lakes and azure skies. Crisp and cool. Very sharp.
Sedona Page 12 A study in contrasts with desert extremes of midday heat and cold starry nights.
Pacific Rim Page 14 Exotic and interesting. Dramatic and powerful. Never, ever boring.
Tune into the colors of Nature with IKO’s new Nature’s Accents Collection
• 3
Cambridge HD Limited Lifetime Architectural Shingles
Cambridge is IKO’s most popular shingle among contractors and discerning homeowners.
Building on its strengths, IKO’s Cambridge HD takes high-definition to new heights.
Now these shingles have a shake-like appearance with more contrast than ever before.
Greater nuance. Visually deeper profile.
And they’re available in a stunning color palette to suit any style of home.
IKO’s revolutionary Color Blend Technology has created some of the most aesthetically pleasing blends in the
roofing industry. They’re consistent from batch to batch, product to product and from one manufacturing plant
to another.
Cambridge HD shingles are bigger and heavier than most of our competitors’ products of comparable quality.
That makes them among the heaviest, most durable shingles on the market. Even if you live in a maritime
climate or area of high humidity, you can enjoy having a beautifully colored roof because of their built-in
algae-resistant** granules.
Cambridge HD shingles boast several innovative features that make them easier for your roofing contractor to
install, while ensuring exceptional performance, enhanced wind resistance and weatherability over many, many
years. They include a modified bitumen seal strip, specially formulated for an immediate bond; new headlap
fines for shingles that lie flatter during installation and an enhanced nail line for proper nail placement.
When you choose Cambridge HD, your new roof will keep on looking as great as it performs for years to come.
Product Specifications
13 3/4 in (349 mm)
5 7/8 in (149 mm)
33.3 ft2
(3.1 m2)
ASTM D7158 - Class H CSA A123.5 CSA A123.51 CSA A123.52
Limited Lifetime
15 Years
130 mph (210 kph) 3
Note: All values shown are approximate. †Product is designed and tested to comply with ASTM/CSA Standards at time of manufacture prior to packaging. 1See Limited Warranty for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and application requirements. 2High Wind Application is required. **This article contains a preservative to prevent discoloration by algae.
Algae Resistant
Glacier: Picture jagged, snow-capped mountains, crystalline lakes and azure skies. So crisp and cool. A breath of fresh air. Very sharp.
Sedona: A study in contrasts with desert extremes of midday heat and cold starry nights. Rich, earthy color variations recall the natural striping of ancient rock.
Pacific Rim: Paradise found for those who seek to stand out rather than blend in! An exciting , passionate mix of exotic and interesting. Dramatic and powerful. But never, ever boring.
Biscayne: Think of long walks along stretches of sandy beach, strewn with pebbles scoured smooth by the sea. Driftwood sculptures wash ashore. There’s a salty tang in the air; seabirds squawk and circle overhead.
Appalachian: The timeless weathered appeal of gray mountains and panoramic views that simply take your breath away. A symphony of subtle shades that play up to Mother Nature without overwhelming.
Appalachian: Timeless Weathered Appeal If you want your home to blend in beautifully with its natural surroundings, Appalachian is a perfectly natural choice. It draws on the hues
of rock, sky and water but its muted tones are completely in tune with the time-worn appearance of its namesake’s older mountain range.
Understated shades blend harmoniously to impart a casual, weathered appearance that’s right at home in any climate.
Personality Profile: Natural, rustic, comfy, casual, informal, laid-back.
Perfect Pairings: Stone, wood, brick (especially white, light to dark gray or medium to dark blue).
Biscayne: For Your Comfy Castle Inspired by the windswept, weathered colors of the beach, Biscayne shingles are striking enough for the most elegant home yet subtle enough
for more casual surroundings, too. The color blend is reminiscent of sea coasts, but of a more muted nature. There’s no counterpoint of
tropical splash here; Biscayne will complement maritime homes from Key West to Carmel, the Outer Banks to Nantucket. If your style is easy,
breezy and comfy, you’ll love the low-key, understated simplicity and beauty of Biscayne.
Personality Profile: Carefree, casual, relaxed, informal, welcoming, laid-back.
Perfect Pairings: Stone, wood, brick, siding (especially white or various pastels).
Glacier: Rocky Mountain Majesty Like the soaring Rockies that inspired the Glacier color blend, gray towers above all. Deep lakes mirror cloudless skies.
Their cool, crisp hues move the gray from bland to grand with pleasant overtones.
A beautiful medley of northern reflections, Glacier will work in any climate but is especially well-suited to northern areas where natural
sunlight is bluer than in the South. It’s equally at home in coastal areas or inland lakes.
Personality Profile: Stately, elegant, steadfast, cool, formal, traditional
Perfect Pairings: Stone, brick, masonry, siding (especially white, dove gray or midnight blue).
Sedona: Magical Mystery Medley The very name conjures images of striking sandstone formations, eerie hoodoos and rocky pinnacles. Sedona. Where golden Western sunlight
streams down through desert dust, casting long shadows that add drama and depth to warm, earthy tones. You don’t have to live in the
Southwest to appreciate the magic of Sedona, although the color blend is a perfect complement to the character of natural sunlight there.
These shingles would work just as well on a rustic log cabin or an elegant New England colonial brick home.
Personality Profile: Warm, comfy, inviting, casual, expansive, dramatic.
Perfect Pairings: Logs, wood siding, brick (especially red).
Pacific Rim: Paradise Found. Bring it on Home! Pacific Rim is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re the type who loves surprises and dares to be different, this all-natural color combo was
made with you in mind. With the drama of hot orange lava streaming down black, volcanic hillsides, an unexpected burst of burnt sienna
contrasts against a background of grays and blacks in varying shades. Not only does the color excite the senses and add a touch of tropical
warmth, it accentuates the deep dimensional thickness and shake-like profile of these truly stunning high-definition shingles.
Personality Profile: Adventurous, bold, dynamic, daring, powerful, dramatic.
Perfect Pairings: Stone, wood, brick (especially red or gray).
IKO’s Accessory Products Failure To Use An Integrated Roofing System Can Be A Major Source Of Roof Leaks
Shingles alone are sometimes not enough to protect your home. So IKO developed a multi-layered roofing
system to better protect your home. Industry-leading eave protectors, synthetic underlayments, roof starters,
and ridge cap shingles make your roof last longer, so you and your valuables feel safer inside.
Just like IKO Shingles, IKO’s vertical integration offers a higher level of quality assurance by controlling the
creation of nearly all roof accessories.
Eave Protection
IKO GoldShield, ArmourGard, and StormShield Ice & Water Protectors IKO’s Ice & Water Protectors provide a second line of defense under your shingled roof, against water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain, and the costly damage it can cause. This product is strongly recommended for sealing, as an underlayment around vents, low pitch areas, ridges, hips, rake edges, chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, and skylights.
IKO RoofGard-Cool Grey Underlayment Use our innovative RoofGard-Cool Grey synthetic underlayment for total deck protection. Synthetic non-breathable material provides a superior slip-resistant surface that wont crack, peel or delaminate. Easy to install around vents, dormers and other roof structures.
Roof Starters
IKO Leading Edge Plus Our Starter Strips are fast, easy and very convenient to apply. They are compatible with all existing IKO Shingles. Leading Edge Plus starter strip “shingle” is perforated right down the middle so that you can get two starter strips out of each shingle. A sealant strip along their bottom edge creates a tight seal to protect shingle ends against wind damage and reduce shingle blow-offs.
Ridge Cap Shingles
IKO Hip & Ridge 12 or Hip & Ridge Plus Cap Shingles Ridge cap shingles are required where roof planes meet. They provide additional protection along these high stress areas of the roof, and enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal by accentuating the roof line. Hip & Ridge 12 and Hip & Ridge Plus are perforated into three equal pieces and pre-tapered for a quick, easy, no mess installation with great results.
*Product Availability may vary by region.
Find out more about our products now by talking to an IKO Sales Representative, your professional roofing contractor or contact us directly at:
United States 1-888-IKO-ROOF (1-888-456-7663), Canada 1-855-IKO-ROOF (1-855-456-7663) or visit our web site at:
Shingle Swatches shown are as accurate as modern printing processes allow. Shingle chips shown do not fully represent the entire color blend range of the shingles. To ensure complete satisfaction
please make your final color selection from several full size shingles and view a sample of the product installed on a home. The information in this literature is subject to change without notice.
We assume no responsibility for errors that may appear in this literature.
*Product Availability may vary by region.
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