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Cake decorating . By: Sydney Perry . Outline. Research Paper History of Cake Decorating Fondant Tools and Techniques Progression of cake decorating Product Mentor Successes and Challenges I’ve faced What I’ve learned . Research paper. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OUTLINE Research PaperHistory of Cake Decorating Fondant Tools and Techniques Progression of cake decoratingProductMentorSuccesses and Challenges I’ve faced What I’ve learned

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RESEARCH PAPERThesis: The art of cake decorating is well known all over the world. Although many people partake in the creation of cakes, not many know the history of where original cake decorating began. The style and tools of cake decorating have dramatically changed throughout the years, as well as the decoration techniques used. Main Topics:History of Cake Decorating Tools and TechniquesProgression of Cake Decorating throughout the years

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HISTORY OF CAKE DECORATING Around 300 B.C the pastry chef became a job for the Romans, it was known as pastillarium. During this time cakes were large disks of fruit, seeds and honey and eating them was considered a rare treat because only the rich could afford to make them.Cake decorating continued to progress over the years and finally in the 19th century cake decorating truly evolved into what it is today. The French started to eat the decorated cakes that were created instead of using them as display pieces, as they did back in the early ages of cake decorating.Now cakes are used for any event.

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HISTORY OF FONDANTWhat is fondant The word fondant comes from the French word "fondre" which means to melt. Fondants were first popular as candy, but later where applied to cakes.Early fondant was made from rosewater, sugar, eggs, lemon juice, and gum paste. Cakes were dipped in warm fondant and set until they dried. Flavors that were often added to make the taste more appealing. Modern fondant

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TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Tools:Fondant smootherMolds and stencilsSerrated knifePiping bagsPastry brushesTurntable

Techniques:Feathering Piping techniquesBasket weave LaceReverse shell

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Cake decorating used to be very simple, the only thing that mattered was the taste of the cake, not the appearance on the outside. The only flavors that were used were chocolate, French Vanilla, and strawberry, in a simple butter cream cake. Now there is an assortment of flavors to chose from. Any shape or design can be created as well.Elaborately decorated cakes are common, not just for a wedding, but for birthdays, graduations, baby showers and even seasonal holidays.

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For my product I created a 3 tier cake. Each tier is covered in pink fondant and then designs made out of white fondant have been placed on the cake.

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MENTOR My Mentor is Diane McClean. She has been creating cakes for over 5 years. She also owns her own business with her sister called Two Sisters. She has taught me how to correctly cover cakes with fondant, pipe icing onto cakes, as well as all the different techniques that cake decorating has. Also she helped me work on my final product by helping me apply the fondant to the cake and letting me use some of her tools to make my final design.

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Learned how to cover cakes with fondant and how to work with fondant.

Completed the hours with my mentor.

Gathered all my materials to create my product.

Finished both of my products.


Finding time to meet with my mentor.

Learning all of the different techniques used in cake decorating.

Picking the designs of my products.

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How difficult it is to decorate cakes

Challenges of working with fondant

Correctly pipe icing onto cakes

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