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    Spring 2016 Releases

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    25th Anniversary Edition

    Adaptation: Chouette Publishing Illustrations adapted from the animated series: Eric Svigny

    Trade cloth, Picture bookGlittering cover

    9 x 9 240 pagesUS $15.99 / CAN $17.99

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    Caillou Storybook Treasury

    Preschoolers and their parents will love reading these ten bestselling stories together. The 25th anniversary storybook is embellished with foil edges and a glittering cover.

    ISBN 9782897181499



    From birth to age 1

    Baby Caillou Looks Around The Seasons

    Baby Caillou My Farm FriendsA finger fun book

    Little ones can visit the farm with Baby Caillou. Theyll see the animals come to life right before their eyes.

    Baby Caillou Looks Around Animals

    Baby Caillou Nap Time!

    Little bugs like to rest in the afternoon. Baby Caillou is asleep, too. Shhh!

    Baby Caillou All Clean

    Baby Caillou watches closely as the bugs groom themselves.

    Text: Anne ParadisIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudVinyl bath book and cloth book in a duopack 4.5 x 11 12 pagesUS/CAN $12.99

    The perfect baby kit: a cloth book and

    a bath book!

    Ideal to sharpen observational skills and develop vocabulary!

    Bring the illustration to life with your fingers!

    Text: Anne ParadisIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book5.75 x 6.5 10 pagesUS $6.99 / CAN $7.99

    Text: Anne ParadisIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book5.75 x 6.5 14 pagesUS $6.99 / CAN $7.99

    Search and FindMy Very First BooksA Finger Fun Book

    ISBN 9782897180751

    ISBN 9782897181543

    ISBN 9782897181772 ISBN 9782897181505

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    BABY CAILLOUFrom birth to age 1

    Baby Caillou Sleepy Time

    Caillou isnt ready to go to sleep yet. Good thing Daddy is there to read him a story.

    Baby Caillou Good Morning!

    The sun is shining, and all of nature is stirring. Baby Caillous day is off to a good start.

    Cloth Books Bath Books

    Text: Pascale MorinIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudVinyl bath book, non-toxic6 x 6 6 pagesUS/CAN $6.95

    ISBN 9782894508442

    ISBN 9782894508435

    Baby Caillou Bubble Time

    Caillou likes to take a bath with lots of bubbles and of course his bath book.

    ISBN 9782897180980

    Baby Caillou Good Night!

    The moon is out, and all is quiet and peaceful. Baby Caillou is off to dreamland. Good night.

    ISBN 9782897180997

    Text: Chouette PublishingIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudCloth book, with crinkle paper and teething corner6 x 6 10 pages US $9.99 / CAN $10.99

    Crinkle paper pages and a teething corner.

    A fun way for little ones to discover books.

  • Spring 2016

    4 A Canadian Childrens Book Center selection Best Book for Kids and Teens

    PICTURE BOOKSStep by Step Series2 years and up

    Illustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book 6 x 6 24 pages US $5.99 / CAN $6.99

    Caillou At the Doctor

    Caillou is sick. His mommy is taking good care of him, but he needs to see the doctor.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou Takes a Bath

    Caillou has a busy day playing outside and getting dirty. Now its bath time!Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    ISBN 9782897180584 ISBN 9782897181383

    Caillou Its Mine!

    Its sometimes hard to share whats yours. In the end, Caillou and his friend agree to exchange toys.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    ISBN 9782897180591

    Caillou Where is Teddy?

    Oh no, its bedtime, and Teddy is nowhere to be found!Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou At the Farm

    Caillou, Mommy and Daddy spend the day at Uncle Felixs farm.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou Asks Nicely

    Caillou learns that asking politely is usually the best way to achieve a positive result.Text: Danielle Patenaude

    ISBN 9782897181734ISBN 9782897182540 ISBN 9782897181758

    Caillou is growing up, and his world is expanding. Step by step, he gains more independence each day.

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    PICTURE BOOKS2 years and up

    Caillou Takes a Nap

    Caillou has more and more trouble with his drawing project. A nap restores Caillous energy so that he can finish his work.Text: Anne ParadisISBN 9782897181475

    Caillou Be Careful!

    Caillou has to learn to be careful while exploring his surroundings.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou I Can Brush My Teeth

    With patience and practice, Caillou learns to brush his teeths properly.

    Text: Sarah Margaret Johanson

    ISBN 9782897180393ISBN 9782897180324

    Caillou At Grandma And Grandpas

    Caillou spends the day with his grandparents. What fun he has!Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou The Shopping Trip

    Caillou goes to the store with Mommy, but decides to go off and do some shopping on his own.Text: Nicole Nadeau

    Caillou The Broken Castle

    Rosie accidently destroys Caillous castle, and Caillou takes his first steps toward tolerance and compromise.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillous adventures help children gain confidence in who they are and in their abilities to handle lifes challenges. Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud

    Softcover8 x 8 24 pages

    US $3.99 / CAN $4.95

    ISBN 9782894507643 ISBN 9782894507186 ISBN 9782894506561

    Big Dipper

    Step by Step

  • NEW


    Hand in Hand Series PICTURE BOOKS2 years and up

    A Canadian Childrens Book Center selection Best Book for Kids and Teens


    Caillou Potty Time

    Mommy has a surprise for Caillou: a potty for him to use. No more diapers. Caillous a big boy now. After several attempts, a few failures and some close calls, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou No More Diapers

    Caillou no longer wants to wear diapers. Caillou knows now when he has to use the potty. Very soon, he hopes to use the big toilet and no longer wear diapers at night.Text: Christine LHeureux

    Caillou Sometimes Moms Get Angry

    Caillou is upset by a mothers anger toward her disobedient daughter. To help Caillou understand his feelings, Mommy explains that parents sometimes forget how little their children are.Text: Christine LHeureux

    Caillou Meets a Princess

    Caillou meets Isabel, a little girl who is visiting his neighbor for a while. Caillou is enchanted with his new friend. Her laughter, her twirling and most of all her white rabbit!Text: Christine LHeureux

    Caillou and the Big Bully

    Caillou is bullied at day care by a much bigger and stronger boy named Theo. In this story, he learns to stand up for himself and say no to bullying.Text: Christine LHeureux

    ISBN 9782897181147

    ISBN 9782897181994

    ISBN 9782897181161

    Caillou I Love You

    A glance at the loving bond between Caillou and his mommy.Text: Christine LHeureux

    ISBN 9782894508602ISBN 9782894507490 ISBN 9782894508404

    Illustrations: Pierre BrignaudPadded cover, with plasticized pages8 x 6.5 24 pagesUS $5.99 / CAN $7.95

    A series developed in collaboration with child psychologists.

    Caillou Good Night!

    Caillou sleeps through the night with the door closed for the first time.Text: Christine LHeureux and Gisle Lgar

    Caillou Im not Hungry

    Caillou does not like to be interrupted when he is playing. Especially not for meals! Eating can be a shared pleasure when it does not involve a power struggle.Text: Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist

    ISBN 9782894508299 ISBN 9782894505885

  • Spring 2016 Spring 2016 7

    Hand in Hand SeriesPICTURE BOOKS2 years and up

    Potty training

    New sibling

    Bed transition

    Separation anxiety



    Caillou Potty Time

    Caillou learns to use the potty.Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

    Caillou No More Diapers

    Caillou no longer wants to wear diapers even at night!Text: Christine LHeureux

    Caillous Potty Training Series offers two classics in a board book format

    ISBN 9782897182953 ISBN 9782897182960

    Text: Chouette PublishingIllustrations: Pierre Brignaud

    Books: Softcover 5.5 x 7.625 24 pagesCarrying case: 5.9 x 7.8 x 0.86

    US/CAN $12.99

    Caillou Toddler Essentials

    This special anniversary edition includes 5 favorite titles from the Hand in Hand series. Conceived in collaboration with child psychologists, this series helps toddlers through the various stages of their development.

    ISBN 9782897181710

    Illustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book, with padded cover

    6.875 x 7.375 24 pagesUS $7.99 / CAN $8.99

  • NEWSpring 2016 Spring 2016


    FIRST WORDS BOOKS2 years and up

    Illustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book, with padded cover 8.5 x 11 16 pagesUS $12.95 / CAN $14.95

    Text: Chouette PublishingIllustrations: Pierre BrignaudBoard book, with padded cover 7.3 x 9.5 32 pagesUS $9.99 / CAN $11.99

    Caillou Jobs People Do

    In this fully illustrated dictionary for toddlers, Caillou learns about the people who wor