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Transcript of CADD Enterprise Software License Contract - PDF fileCADD Enterprise Software License Contract ....

  • CADD Enterprise Software License Contract


    Soliciting for bids for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to establish a one-year contract, with 4 one-year renewals not exceeding 60 months in total, for software licenses, professional services and maintenance for products and upgrades that are a critical part of the PennDOT Engineering Infrastructure.

    Requesting bids to be submitted using a Fixed Pricing Program Summary. Annual increases will be negotiated for the entire 5-year contract period. Pricing and annual increases noted for Professional Consulting Services are noted in Section 10 as these are optional services elected by the States discretion.

    Additional Contract items noted in Section 12 will be bid separately.


    For point of reference and background regarding PennDOTs current/existing configuration:

    PennDOT utilizes Bentley Enterprise Solutions for their Engineering Drafting and Design Software

    All products listed below are currently being used within PennDOT and are a part of the Bentley Enterprise Select Licensing Program.

    o Bridge Design and Analysis: Bentley LEAP Bridge Enterprise, Bentley Leap Bridge Steel, Bentley LEAP Conspan, Bentley LEAP RC-Pier

    o Structural Design and Analysis: STAAD, Bentley ProConcrete o Civil Design and Analysis: Bentley Microstation, Bentley Inroads, Bentley Inroads

    Survey, OpenRoads Technology, OpenRoads ConceptStation, OpenRoads Subsurface Utility Engineering

    o Construction: Clash Resolution, Mobile Navigator, Mobile Navigator Publisher o Geospatial: Bentley Map, Map Mobile o Geotechnical: gINT Professional (Plus) o Hydraulics and Hydrology: Bentley CulvertMaster, FlowMaster, PondPack, StormCAD o Modeling and Visualization: OpenBridge Modeler o Project Delivery: i-model Composition Server, ProjectWise Design Int. Server,

    ProjectWise Geospatial Management, ProjectWise Caching Server, ProjectWise Explorer, ProjectWise Explorer Mobile, ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer, ProjectWise InterPlot Server, ProjectWise Web Server, ProjectWise ARC GIS Connector, ProjectWise Dynamic Plot Service, ProjectWise Dynamic Plot Sync

    o Reality Modeling: Bentley Descartes for Microstation, Bentley Pointools, Bentley Pointools View

    PennDOT is seeking the same or equivalent products for bid. PennDOT requires products be interoperable and compatible with each other.

  • Native File formats and Standards (primary file formats are shown): DGN, DTM, XML, TIN, IRD, ALG, TPG, FWD, RAW, CEL, RSC, SET, XSL, TBL, CTB, IPS

    Statement Of Work/General Requirements:

    Vendor shall provide Agency with the contract items listed below on an open-end and continuing basis. Contract Items must meet or exceed the mandatory requirements as shown below:

    1. Shall offer a Project Centric Hybrid environment. Environment will be internally hosted on PennDOTs existing network infrastructure. Configured environment shall be accessible from Commonwealth owned servers and can be accessed across the desktop, cloud, project server and mobile devices. This environment will allow for role based workspaces that provide user access to applications that address project requirements; design standards, guidance and learning tools for their use. Shall have and support backward compatibility for end-user desktop software versions. (Example: V8, V8i, has the ability to work in the newer Connect Edition environment)

    2. Shall offer an Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) which is defined as:

    2.1. Shall include yearly license fees and maintenance for the products provided as ELS license.

    2.2. PennDOT requires the software functionality listed in Sections 03.01 thru 03.09. Vendor shall

    offer all noted software products which have the required software functionality listed in Sections 03.01 thru 03.09 as part of their Enterprise Licensing agreement.

    2.3. Unlimited user licenses for ALL software listed or equal in Sections 03.01 thru 03.09 shall be

    provided. Unlimited will include use at any Commonwealth agency, at any geographic location within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania whose work is supervised or managed by the named Commonwealth Agency. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be given the ability to add partnered agencies such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Current and continued unlimited use within the PennDOT organization by PennDOT employees and any third-party personnel who work at PennDOTs location(s) and whose work is supervised or managed by PennDOT (Table 2- PennDOT Site/Geographical Locations).

    Current Commonwealth Agency Use, geographical location, estimated number of user:


    Main Site Location Estimated #of

    Remote sites *

    Street Address City

    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

    400 North Street Harrisburg See Table -2

    Pennsylvania State Police 1800 Elmerton Ave Harrisburg 1 Pennsylvania Turnpike 700 S Eisenhower Blvd Middletown 1

    Table 1- Agency Usages/Geographical Locations * Site Locations, # number of users are subject to change.

  • Existing PennDOT geographical location, estimated number of users are as follows:

    District Office

    Main Site Location Estimated # Employees*

    Estimated #of Remote sites * Street Address City

    1-0 255 ELM ST Oil city 70 6 2-0 70 PennDOT Dr Clearfield 65 9 3-0 715 Jordan Ave 715 Jordan

    Ave 90 9

    4-0 55 Keystone Indust. Dunmore 150 6 5-0 1002 Hamilton St. Allentown 40 6 6-0 7000 Geerdes Blvd King of Prussia 60 5 8-0 2140 Herr St Harrisburg 80 8 9-0 1620 N. Juanita St Hollidaysburg 100 6 10-0 Route 286 South Indiana 70 5 11-0 45 Thoms Run Rd Bridgeville 130 2 12-0 825 N. Gallantin Ave Uniontown 60 4 CO 400 North St. 7th Floor Harrisburg 25 0 Photo 1 Lab Lane Harrisburg 20 0

    Table 2- PennDOT Site/Geographical Locations * Site Locations, # number of users are subject to change.

    3. ELS agreement shall provide PennDOT the ability to evaluate any software covered under the ELS agreement for a minimum of 60 days, free of charge. If PennDOT determines software is useful and activates product for production use, said product will be added to ELS product usage list and any product licensing fees will be applied. Product licensing fees, outside of the scope of the ELS agreement, will be clearly defined by the vendor to PennDOT Guidelines of product use and licensing fees within the ELS agreement will be included with this bid. PennDOT will comply with product usage guidelines defined within the ELS agreement, if there are any additional fees they will not be automatically applied without prior approval from the CADD Manager, BIO ITC Division Chief and BIO Director.

    Current software products which have the required software functionality needed by PennDOT are:

    3.1. MULTI-Discipline Bridge Design and Analysis 3.1.1. Concrete and Steel Bridge Design and Analysis Software Shall provide modeling and analysis capabilities for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned. Shall include geometric modeling, substructure, and superstructure analysis and design, and load rating in a single environment. Shall provide intelligent data management, parametric modeling, and automated drawing production as part of the bridge delivery process. Shall analyze and rate traffic loading for both existing and new bridges. Shall leverage international design code specifications and rating methodologies for verification.

  • Shall capture roadway geometry and topography. Shall include the ability to reuse and import roadway data. Compatible with data from GEOPAK, InRoads and ground data from LandXML files. Shall design and analyze superstructure and substructures. Shall use a synthesis of geometric modeling, substructure and superstructure analysis, and design in a single environment to benefit from a comprehensive bridge model. Shall generate bridge project deliverables. This includes the ability to generate detailed reports, create 3D models and 2D drawings for sections, elevations and framing plans. Shall provide the ability to sequence construction and phasing. This includes the investigating the different stages of construction comparing results, detecting the relevant states and producing result envelopes for proof checking. Shall account for creep, shrinkage, and relaxation. Shall provide the ability to visualize bridge designs including 3D visualization of the bridge superstructure and substructure. Ability to visualize designs and verify modeling input as you work shall be provided. This includes view in-profile, elevation, and cross-section views with solid and transparent view options.

    3.1.2. Steel Bridge Design and Analysis Software Shall provide parametric 3D modeling, analysis, design, and rating

    of straight and curved I-girder bridges. Shall include the ability to model, design, analyze and rate steel

    bridges, following international design standards (RM Bridge) and American Association of State Highway Transportation Official (AASHTO) Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) standards specifications.

    3.1.3. Concrete Bridge Design and Analysis Software Shall provide analysis, design and load rating functionality for precast/prestressed bridge beams Shall be an integrated module with Concrete and Steel Bridge Design and Analysis Software. Shall have the ability to design and analyze concrete bridges of all types, including precast, c