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PowerPoint Presentation

The Byte-sized Scientist Team Nathalie Breary (Founder & CEO)

Hasani Douglas ( co- founder)

Dr. Jessica Ingrasselino (Education specialist)

Mekonah Myers (App Developer)STEM Track

We have a big problem! T40%38%32%Data shows that only about 30% of our population believe the Environment is in danger. This means that 70% of the population is least likely to partake in a "green "lifestyle, thus adding to these three problems. Air & Water Pollution Natural Resource Depletion Climate Change


Teach them in a way that they want to learn!Byte-Sized Scientist is a mobile gaming app which introduces users (ages 5+) to environmental Issues And concepts

Battle Environmental monsters to find the solution to Climate Change


*Parents who want to Increase their children's knowledge base* Kids and individuals ages 5-12 who satisfy any of these criteria

Mobile Device

Action Games

casual gamer

$3 Billion X 0.01%_________$30 millionThat's 10 million users in 2 years!

Market sizeTarget Audience


Marketing Strategy Social Media

Word of mouth

Kiosks & Display Panels



Making/spending Money Revenue Freemium ($2.99 in-app purchases to unlock premium content3rd party advertisement Donations/Investments ( I.e. GoFundMe/Kick Starter)

Cost ($10,000)Advertisement Game development and maintenance (upgrades/ year)

1. App Development & research2. Beta Testing & refining 3. Launch/ Marketing 4. More Categories 5 Year



Plan 5. Scholarships/ Tutoring

Would you like to help? Please Contact me:(347) 337- [email protected]