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Transcript of By Rishal Contents Couplet Similes metaphor Shape poem hyperbole Riddles Haiku A random poem...

  • By Rishal

  • Contents CoupletSimiles metaphorShape poem hyperboleRiddles HaikuA random poemAlliteration pun

  • Couplet I'm tired of dreaming of dreams that dont come true. I am tired of people who lie especially, the ones who say they dont. I'm sick, and tired that I can't stop these tears that I cry. I wish the pain, and the suffering would go away. Dont they see me, Faking the laugher when I feel some kind of emptiness. They like to play this stupid ugly game When, I feel my life is all a mess. I want to be alone.......... When life..... My life, has so much more then difficultly, when I am this way..... I'm tired of the feeling I cant trust others, and myself cant be trusted as well. I'm really tired....... I tired of not seeing a brand new day! What is a couplet poem: every to lines rhyme example: Im tired and Im sorry.I'm sorry for the pain I caused. I'm sorry for the tears I made you cry. I'm sorry for the lies I told. I'm sorry that I'm not perfect. I'm sorry that I'm not pretty. Im sorry for not being there when I said I would. Im sorry for causing so much trouble. Im sorry for always doing the wrong thing. I'm sorry I'm a failure to you. but I can't help being me.

  • Shape poem anger is anger anger makes you scream anger makes you hate anger takes control anger want let go anger wants you to hurt anger wants you to suffer anger makes you mad anger makes you cry anger turns people against you anger is anger What is a shape poem: shape is a picture and words written in it. Example: anger is anger.

  • PunWhat is a pun: pun is a play on words. Examples a written bellow. The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.A skunk fell in the river and stank to the bottom.How do celebrities stay cool? They have many fans!Why did the turkey cross the road? To prove he wasn't chicken!Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!

  • Riddles What is a Riddles: Riddles is some kind of a brain teaser. Examples are written bellow. How can a man go without sleep for 8 days?He sleeps at night What his a neck but no head?A bottle What belongs to you but others uses it more more than you do ?Your nameWhat is the quickest way to double your money?

    Fold it in half What is a volcano?A mountain with hiccups!What happens when you throw a green stone in the red sea?It gets wet!

  • HaikuWhat is a haiku: haiku is a 757 means 7 sentences rhyme, 5 sentence also and 7 again rhyme. Examples bellow. Crisp morning Walking the dog The sky blushes with russet light.As the waves die down Hungry gulls return to feed Dodging every wave.

  • Random poem What is a random poem: Random is a poem that you can do what ever you want but it as do rhyme. Example bellow. imagine how it would be if I were up there with no air All alone in the night The stars makes it bright And brings back my sight While I'm all alone in the night .

  • Hyperbole What is a hyperbole: deliberate exaggeration used for a effect. Examples bellow.

    I have seen this river so wide it had only one bank.These books in your bag weigh a ton.He's got a truckload of money.I'm really busy, I am doing like ten million things at the same time.I'll go insane if I don't get to the meeting on time.

  • Alliteration What is a alliteration? a alliteration is a tongue twisters. Examples bellow.

    Fierce Fire is Fed by Fuel and Four Feet away fire.

    Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches?

  • SimilesWhat is simile? Similes uses as and like. Examples bellow:

    as bold as bright as a bright as a new clear as crystal.She was clever like a tree.He hidden him self like a spy.

  • Metaphor What is a metaphor? Metaphor not using as or like. Examples bellow.

    Your heart is not literally broken into pieces; you just feel hurt and sad.

    For me, time is money.

    A blanket of snow covered the streets.

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