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Detailed information on our in-store & event liquor promotions services.

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  • 1.Buzz Promotions is your frst choice for liq i uor representation, promotions and tastings! About Buzz Buzz Promotions IS a professional promotional staffing service with a no-nonsense business ethic no shows are a no go with Buzz! Outsourced by even our competitors on a regular basis, Buzz maintains a high standard of excellence while providing exceptional & seamless customer service to you, our valued client! Buzz Promotions specializes in in-store and event liquor tastings, demonstrations and promotions. We provide hand-picked tasters, Canada-wide, with the skills and experience to sell your product. Wepride ourselves on our innovative training techniques and record breaking sales. Your time is money, and money is well spent on achieving efficient and effective results, we wouldnt have it any other way. Let us analyze and focus on your unique objectives and sales goals, in order to develop staffing solutions that are successful and measurableas

2. Client ListWhat makes us differentAndrew PellerAppellation Wine Marketing As the President of Buzz Promotions I am pleasedAquilini Brands to say that I have personally met each & everyBig Rock BrewingCentral City Brewing member of our team, and hand- picked our girlsCharton Hobbsbased on their talents.Driftwood Brewing Andrea JohnstoneFree House Wine + To fulfil our guarantee to you that we will make your campaign or project a success with winningMark Anthony Brands results we remember that a productive staff isMolson-Coors Canadaa happy staff. Buzz has implemented a systemOkanagan Spring Brewery& practice which assures this! Our aim isnt just to provide staff, its toOyster Bay wines produce results:Saverio Schiralli/Liffordn Buzz Promotions hiring process is in-depth and we never outsource work.Trialto Wine Group n We focus on hiring fresh faces & talents to avoid having the same staffas every other agency.Now that we are working withn We only hire experienced staff who are outgoing, bubbly, reliableBuzz Promotions my tastingandposses a contagious, positive energy.program has become mucheasier. Buzz handles it all andn We have implemented stringent staff policies & practice zerothey do a very professional job oftolerance for no shows & unprofessional behaviour from theit from arranging the payment Buzzteam; so you are assured a no-nonsense experience!for the tasting to ensuring that n Our professionals are hand-picked to fulfil each & every assignment,someone always shows up! I amreally impressed with the sales with courtesy & professionalism and of course always wearing theduring the tastings as well theysignature Buzz smile.seem to sell out all the time!n We stand behind our promise to fill every booking. Buzz Promotions Alejandro Salinas, Marffulprovides suitable back-up staff for each shift to ensure that eachConsultants contract is completed successfully even in the event of an emergency!Buzz Promotions staff are veryn Buzz Promotions holds annual get-togethers to familiarize the staffprofessional and organized.with one another and the products we represent for you!Buzz has always been able toaccommodate my needs withTasting, discussing and sampling products that have been recentlyliquor store tastings, even on short introduced to the company are great ways to increase productnotice. The training sessions thatawareness as well as an added incentive to enjoy and promote theAndrea from Buzz has organized products we are representing for you! All clients are encouraged tohave given me the chance to do attend these events to meet our team and train them on specifichands on training with her staff. products. This hands-on approach ensures that every liquor tastingDuring the training sessions I weattend is a success and keeps our average sales quite high.was able to give more in depthinformation and stories aboutmy wines. Here I saw that theconfident and fun staff Andreahires are excellent at selling! Abigail Pyett, I am so confident in my team of staff that if you arent satisfied withFree House Wine + Spiritsa booking the next ones on me! 3. PricingOur rates are competitive with industry standards and we are happyto negotiate discounts for exclusive and repeat clients. Event reports,training, annual sales contests, Social Media marketing and photos areincluded as a part of our service. Annual and monthly sales records,follow-up calls, cup supply and drop-off and product payment financingavailable upon request.Please contact us for a full price list as rates vary for each client andtheirspecific needs. Our staff are covered under WCB while under contract with BuzzPromotions. Our liquor promoters are licensed to serve in their province. Whether ProServe, Serving it Right or Smart Serve, every tasters is required to have their license on their person while on the premises. We cover just about every area in most provinces across Canada.For clients who choose to book tastings through BuzzPromotionswe will draw up an exclusive or non-exclusive annual agreement. 4. Guidelines: All tasters MUST have a valid liquor Tasters will not exceed the legal limit Buzz Promotions tasters are to deal license (SIR BC, Proserve AB, for a wine tasting: 1 oz in TOTAL and with product payment at the end of a Smartserve ON, or valid Canadianbeer: 1.5 oz in TOTAL. Strict adherence shift unless specified otherwise before- equivalent) as well as a physical copyto the quantities listed above is hand. Receipt for payment will be sent of their certificate on hand during the required. Open liquor may not be left to the client. Payment can either be tasting. They must be able to produce unattended at any time. arranged through us or clients can proof of their SIR if requested. All Upon arrival tasters will introduce choose to pay. In either case, tasters tasters must also ensure that theythemselves to the manager and ask will be notified and are expected to bring tasting notes, tasting report,to be signed in. In order to receive an deal with payment accordingly. guidelines, opener, ice, cups, clothing accurate total number of product units Tasters are knowledgeable, personable and anything else required for asold, tasters will ask the store managerand are required to be proactive and successful tasting. to print an inventory report on the talk up the product. Prior to each tasting the taster will beproducts being tasted at the beginning Tasters must stay for the whole four emailed AND phoned with a reminderand the end of each shift and attachhours, regardless if the store is busy or of the address, hours and any other the printed copy to the report. not. They cannot make the decision info needed for thetasting. Tasters are not permitted to drinkto leave early and if they sell out of Tasters are required to show up onalcohol while they are on shift, notproduct they are to contact Buzz time and be 10 minutes early to set upeven to sample the product prior to orPromotions. if necessary. If a taster does arrive lateat end of shift. At the end of the tasting, tasters are they must stay late and make up the Tasters are not permitted to use cell required to clean up their area, empty difference to complete a 4-hour shift.phones at anytime while on shiftall the open bottles and recycle them. Each taster must be dressed unless its to contact Buzz Promotions Tasting reports are completely filled appropriately in a black dress, skirt orwith a question or concern. out for each shift (1 per day). dress pants and a black or white shirt Smoke breaks, food breaks and ALL receipts for product, bottle returns, or blouse. No short shorts, short skirtschewing gum are not permitted onice and cups will be attached to the or belly tops.shift however tasters are allowed totasting report. Buzz Promotions will Tasters will be provided with approx. have a bottle of water with them as only be reimbursed for items we 100 clear, plastic appropriately sizedlong as its not visible to customers.submit receipts for. cups upon request. Cups are clear Each taster will familiarize themselves plastic 1oz size for wine/spirits and 3 ozwith product locations and pricing size for beer.throughout the store prior to their shift. Tasters will display product near them for easy sales.BuzzPromotions.caToll-free 1-888-804-8164Keep in touch with us on:andrea@buzzpromotions.caBook with Buzz Promotions AND save $20.00 on your first tasting! $20One coupon per company. Not valid with any other promotion or during Holidays.Please quote promo code e-book. Valid for liquor promotions only.