Buy JCB JS140 Tracked Excavator in India by JCB Heavy Machinery

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Transcript of Buy JCB JS140 Tracked Excavator in India by JCB Heavy Machinery

  1. 1. with Boom | ength:4.70m.Dipper length:2.|0mJS I40 TRACKED EXCAVATOR I SPECIFICATIONGROSS ENGINE POWER :I00 hp MAX.OPERATING WEIGHT 2 14,320 kgs STATIC DIMENSIONS mm mm A Track Iengdi on ground 2730 H Tail swing radius 2:50 B Undercarriage overall length 3550 I Vldth of superstructure Z4I0 c Track gauge I990 J Height over cab 2997 D wrarn over tracks (500 mm trackshoes) 2490 K Height over grab mil 2622 E Tmnsport length with Manoboorn 7630 L Ground clearance 460 F Transport height with Monoboom 2997 M Track height sis G Counterweight clearance 9l0 KMachine In transport position All dimensions,weights and timings are variable within | .5% JCB reserves the right to change specications without prior notice. 1.. m.uI-En: .. la. &au
  2. 2. JS I40 TRACKED EXCAVATOR I SPECIFICATIONWORKING RANGE .4>1 I 0 Boom length:4.10m 9 A mm (ftrin) 7970 (262) B rnm (ftrin) 7320 (25-8) 3 c Maximum dr ing depth mm (ft-in) 5 I50 (I6-I l) D Maximum digging height mm (ft-in) 3520 (Z8-I l) 7 E Maximum dumping height mm (ftrin) 6430 (2l I) F Maximum vertical wall cut depth rnm (ft~in) 4590 ( |50) 6 G Maximum swing radius mm (ft-in) 2050 (6.9) Bucket rotation IE2 5 Maximum dipper tear out (ISO 6ol 5) kgf (ibi) 7404 (l6s69) Maximum bucket tear our (ISO 60l5) kg!(ibi) 9705 (20667) 4 3 2 I 0 I0 1 4.- 0) Z P P4 3 2 I 0 Metres* All dimensions.weights and timings are variable within | .5% JCB reserves the right to change specications without prior notice.
  3. 3. ENGINEModel :Cummins QBT 19C. Type :water cooled.4 stroke.4~cy| inder In injection.turbot changed. Gross Power (SAEJ I995) |00hpat2Z00 RPMNet Power (SAEJ I995) 92hp at 1200 RPMPiston :3.9|iues. DisplacementAirmtrauon Dry element with secondary safety elementcooling :water cooler via large capacityradiator with anti block 'wavy' fins. CABPress steel with high strength roiled section rrame.Excellent digging.loading and positioning visibiliry.Panllelognm wiper Fresh air ventilation and operator race Ian.Fully ad)ustaiale deluxe suspension seat with arm rest adhlstment and backrest recline. EXCAVATOR BUCKETAll buckets are JCB type iully welded steel.with sealed.hardened steel pivot pins and replaceable wear parts.Buckecsite capacity Max. widrh toe plate937mmI 07 I mmHYDRAULIC SYSTEMA variable ow system VIILII ow on demand.variable power output and serve operated.multi-function open cenlretontrol. Zwock modes:P:Producllvlty It EiiconomyMainpumps :2 variable displacement axialpiston type.Maximum ilow ;2x l20 Umin.servo pump ;Gear type Maxiniumilow :20 UminControl valveA comibined rout and rive spool control valve with auxiliary service spool as standard.When required twinJS|40 TRACKED EXCAVATOR I SPECIFICATIONSWING SYSTEM swing motor :Axial piston type Swing brake ;Hydraulic braking plus.spring applied disc type parking brake.Final drive :Planetary reduction Swing gear :Large diameter.internally toothed iuily sealed grease bath lubricated swing speed :136 RPM.UNDERCARRIAGEconstruction :rulry welded."x" irame type with central belly guarding and sloping sldernembers with dirt reliei holesundertop rollers. Track shoe s00rnm (Standard)Uppersltlowerrollers . Heat treated.sealed and lubricated. Trackadiustment Greasecylindertype. Tratkidler :sealed and lubricated.with spring enhanced recoil. Nci. ofuackguides I per sideNo.01 lower rollers 7 per sideNo. ofupper rollers I per sideNooitrackshoes 4-ipersideTRACK DRIVESTANDARD EQUIPMENTEngine Fan Guard Turbine type air we cleanerAuxiliary Pipe work mouneng bvadtets Work lighu-boom and main Irame mounted cab & counterweight mounted work lights underosrnage belly guardingUpper Structure under coversTool KitHandrail and nonslip walk wayswindscreen wiperRadiator nyrneshOPTIONAL EQUIPMENTLive LinkFully ducted air-conditioned abFM Radio with speakerscab Guard:Front at TopMirror on handrail RHpump now is combined to boom.dipper and bucket ; 'I F"'' "7"': _"l > NI med my duel P"P coN1'RoLs serviceslorgreaterspeed andemciency.u': :m": ::: r'ame """ "' " 3 W '" Rock breaker Exavatcir :All servo lever operated to lso """"3 Final Drive Planetary reduction. boIton sptackets "H"1'. rIlrl&lti: . rla. vi. a.
  4. 4. JCB INDIA LIMITED 23/7 Mathura Road.Ballabgarh - I2| 004 Haryana.India.Fax:9| I29 2309050 For more information SMS "JCB" to 56767 or call our toll free no.I800-Z000-S22 E-mail: de| hi. marketing@jcb. com Website:www. jcbindia. l:omThe accessories shown may not be part oi the standard equipmenLJCB lndla reserves the right to change specihcations without notice.