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Buy Cats Eye Gemstones- Cats Eye Gems is also known as Lahsuniya Stone and Ketu birthstone. Online Gemstones is the best supplier of Cheap discount Cats Eye

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  • 1. Buy Cats EyE GEmstonEsCats eye Gemstone corresponds to Ketu which is traditionally knownas the tail of the dragon. The Ketu is the descending node of themoon. Cats eye is the stone of planet Ketu, specifically Chrysoberylcats eye. The best quality is called milk and honey, as the stone ishoney color, with the eye white, like milk. Cats eye is said to increasethe power of perception and vision. It should give a greater perceptionof action.

2. Cats EyE onlinEGEmstonEsCats Eye- 1.5 Ct of Chrysoberyl Black Cats Eye 3.5Ct From India 3. FaCts oF Cats EyE GEmstonEs Found in India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil,China, Russia, and Burma. Cats Eye transforms negative thoughts intopositive energy. Cats eye is known for protecting the person fromevil effects of Ketu. 4. Cats EyE jEwElryitEms 5. HEalinG propErtiEsCats eye set in a silver ring can be worn for mental health, protection, insight and luck.Cats Eye treats eye disorders and improves night vision.It relieves headaches, facial and sciatic pain.It aids the nervous system and associated pains.Used to heal the kidneys, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes,spleen and issues associated with leukemia.Remedy for digestion troubles, acting as a laxative.It is mood regulator. 6. Gemstones hold the capacity to reduce the evil effects of the planets. Get anexceptional experience of shopping gemstones online at the all inclusiveprices at We have presented a high-class gemscollection online for our high-end users wEar GEms, wEar your luCk 7. plaCE your ordEr today! Visit us at: www.onlinegemstones.comEmail us at: sales@onlinegemstones.comPhone no.: +91 9764300088