Buy 3 bhk flats of cosmos greens at Alwar Bye Pass Road

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Transcript of Buy 3 bhk flats of cosmos greens at Alwar Bye Pass Road

  1. 1. GREENS/cavpomo omce:C 31/32, Second Floov.Opp.PW Pmza,Connaugm Pwace.Dem:110001, Tel :011 23463500 I wwwmsmosunlva com Sile Mice /Show Apartment:3rd m1estone, A|war Bypass Road.Bhlwadl.Rmasthan:4.umuvv M wwwrlvuupvxrn
  2. 2. 9% / zJ7mD. oi dz Mo!yolhvy /0 Maa!aw mmgyyou look AM Amy. mam?mo/ nwm [ao yomtK?
  3. 3. Poised to bung those breathlakmg momems awe,we oev you an abode for your senses and a platter av choices emevgmg vmm astute architectural mgenulty and slerhng crasmanshxp.We gwe you cosmos Gums
  4. 4. ..:_a= :_: ;Concewed as an ermome ov Vuxuvy hvlng.Cosmos Greens brings unequivocal gcba standards lo everyday Me Adorned by anexemplar range ov modern day amenities each home Is astumy designed and urges one to exceed the Irmils ol Indulgence
  5. 5. SPACES T0 SPRAWLOver an expanse of 32 acres,Cosmos Gveens at Bmwadl 15 a wane cl ms Own.Now Cosmos 15 oerlng mvee new dusters ov abundant mug named - Asnoxa,Devdar and save Oak auarlmems Each Iowa!sumrmls at an nnpyesswe 14 Hours,mus precedmg any other housing pvujecl 1n me area
  6. 6. DEST[NATION BHIWADIRenowned var us bolarvvcal nursery and proud to be a pvlgnmage ov Baba Moharv Ram.Bhlwadv emays vne slams at a Regvonal cenvre or Pmmly Town 0! me Navmnav capivav Regvon (Now and nas been able to create a mans or nseu among the vasv gvowvng cmes cl lndva Povsed to be an uma modern Clly,Bhlwadv enjoys many convemences hke JUSQ one mlnule 0" We DEW" Jaipur NH 8- Mann Irvdusvva nun,mdustvves vvz Honda.Saint Gmaavn,Jaquav,Ray Ban,etc. ' Surrounded by Dharuheva,Bawm.Chuwpankv,Manesar 5. Reliance proposed szz~ Poised to be me second vargesc -neusvnav town vn Asva
  7. 7. ONE LOCATION,LIMITLESS LEVERAGEScosmos Gveens ls slvaleglcally Iacaled rvghl on Alwar Bypass Road veevove loll plaza),a mosl luhmsllc and pvonnsmg location ol NCR.And wnen you we In the eplcenlre 04 such a luxury,convvenlence starts llowlng towards you from evely dvrec| vorl.wnn more than 5000 vamllles already eornvorlaaly vesldlng ln lhe area.vv cevlavnly ls a most pmmlslng place to we vn The slravegla Iocallorlav cosmos Greens brings an away ol ccrwervvelvces and advantages such as~ Placed opp a Haldlrams oullel,a SR5 mulllplex and close lo a Mc Donald: - Loealed oppnslte Proposed Melvo slalvon ' 800 Iamvlves already lesldlng wlthlrl the development- Known as one no me most peaeelul soclelles on the Alwar bypass road
  8. 8. LOCATION Hway Hnspilal Mnderll Puhllc Schnol Dhalllhera Dhnwk Rewali-Snnna Road ? > Ravrrakar DilllkIA KnvsnklveraImllllzlllk vs:a G _ .z E HDFC Ilzlvlk Msmk lv ll r -= E Hall limn Haspvml Mall 5 3 la Mcnanams al Aarvgan PIaza Er GeneslsMaII lianar savnnna MlIIs