Busuu Presentation at TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014

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busuu is the world’s largest social network for learning languages with over 35,000,000 users from over 200 different countries. Busuu is Gold Sponsor of ‘TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014. Busuu is hiring for following positions; • QA Engineer • Product Manager Revenue • Business Intelligence Analyst • iOS Developer • Javascript Engineer • Android Developer For more information please visit http://www.techstartupjobs.com/

Transcript of Busuu Presentation at TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014

  • 1. London, 20th of February 2014

2. 2busuu @ 3. busuu is the worlds largest social network for language learning 1 Individual learning2Community learningMarcelSusanneteach+ teachteach Anna4busuu @ 4. We offer interactive language courses on the web and mobile phones5busuu @ 5. We have more than 40m users & every day more than 40k new users signofup! [# mio of users] Growth community 45More than 40,000,000 users40 35 30 25Web users20 1510 5Mobile users0 20082009201020112012 6201301/14 busuu @ 6. busuu @ 20137busuu @ 7. Our users are from over 200 countries Venezuela 1% Peru Austria 1% 1%India 1%Kazakhstan Saudi 1% Arabia Other 1% 10%Brazil 11%Argentina 1% Japan 1%Canada 2%Russia 9%Chile 1%USA 9%Ukraine 2%Poland 2% Switzerland 2%China 2%UK 3% Colombia 3% Turkey4% Mexico 4%Germany 8%Italy Spain 6% 5%8France 7%busuu @ 8. We have over 650k FB fans & have received international press coverage650,000 +9busuu @ 9. We are an experienced team and backed by high-profile investors Leadership TeamBernhard Niesner Martin Baker CEO & Co-founder COOCiaran Rooney Oula Akiki CTO Education DirectorJennifer Mullen Head of TalentThomas Greiderer Head of MarketingBoard advisors & investorsAdrian Hilti Co-founderJohann Hansmann Martin Varsavsky Business Angel Business Angel 10Brent Hoberman Serial Entrepreneurbusuu @ 10. 11busuu @ 11. Current open positions Front-end/Back-end engineers Mobile engineers (iOS and Android) QA Engineer Scrum Master Business Intelligence Analyst Product Manager Revenue ??? come & talk to us! 14busuu @ 12. Are you up for the challenge? What we offerWhat we are looking for Global start-up changing peoples lives Attractive benefits (stock option scheme, gym membership, private healthcare, free breakfast etc etc) The opportunity to work with smart people a International, fun, fastpaced, challenging and rewarding environment15People working for the purpose and not the paycheque People that want to take on responsibility and have an impact on a daily basis Highly talented, ambitious and passionate individuals looking for the challenge busuu @ 13. Come and talk to us!16busuu @ 14. Thank you! Contact details: www.busuu.com/jobs Jennifer Mullen, Head of Talent, jennifer@busuu.com