Busshin April 2018 Web - BCO Buddhist Church of Oakland ... of origami to San Quentin inmates. The...

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Transcript of Busshin April 2018 Web - BCO Buddhist Church of Oakland ... of origami to San Quentin inmates. The...

  • Try Something New! BY REV. HARRY GYOKYO BRIDGE SHAKYAMUNI’S BIRTH SIGNALED something new. New possibilities, new

    potential. The mythical stories say that

    Buddha announced this when he was

    born – taking seven steps and declaring

    “I am the World Honored One.” How-

    ever, he then went on to live a relatively

    normal life – albeit as the son of a king –

    and it wasn’t until he was 29 that he em-

    barked on his spiritual quest, reaching

    awakening at age 35. So although the

    potential was there from the beginning,

    it took time for it to be realized.

    Living beings love routine. Wheth-

    er the cat who demands to be fed at

    regular intervals, the dog that wants to

    be walked at certain times, or we hu-

    man beings who get stressed and up-

    set when something out of the ordinary

    happens. But the teachings of the Bud-

    dha can help us deal with change – in

    fact, change is one of the fundamentals

    of the teachings, though we usually

    know it by the name “impermanence.”

    In fact, sometimes change is good!

    This year we are trying two new


    IN THIS ISSUE Minister’s Message 1 & 4

    Co-Presidents’ Message 1 & 6

    HO-ON Service Teams 2

    OBWA News 2

    Spring Luncheon Save the Date 2

    BCO Board Appreciation 2

    Dharma School News 3

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    VOL 61 NUM 4

    A P

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    2 0


    IN JANUARY, RON NOMURA, Bill Dougherty, and I attended the

    2018 Temple Leadership Seminar at

    the Jodo Shinshu Center. This seminar

    focused on Dharma-centered leader-

    ship, as well as providing a venue to

    share and network with 40 temple and

    sangha leaders in attendance from

    across the US.

    The seminar kicked off on Friday

    evening with various Dharma-related

    talks. Ken Tanimoto, who recently

    completed his two-year term as BCA

    President, gave a wonderful and in-

    spiring talk on diversity and inclusiv-

    ity. One defi nition of diversity is “the

    state of being diff erent,” like a diver-

    sity of opinions (which, by the way, is

    a good thing!). In addition, the defi ni-

    tions of both words center around the

    notion of inclusion or the “act” of not

    excluding individuals on the grounds

    of national origin, color, religion,

    socioeconomic stratum, age, sexual

    orientation, disability, etc. This defi -

    nition tends to be the more “corpo-


    Co-Presidents’ Message BY JON TAKAGAKI & STEVE TERUSAKI

  • APRIL 20182

    HŌ-ON Service Teams THE HO-ON SERVICE TEAMS ARE LISTED BELOW. IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN CONTACTED AND and you would like to help on a team, please call the offi ce (510) 832-5988 or email offi cebco@gmail.com. We wel-

    come all members and friends of the BCO to be part of a Host Group, so feel free to invite your children and extended

    family to help out on the teams. Please note that these service teams do not aff ect our BCO Bazaar & Food Festi-

    val shifts or our Obon Festival shifts. Your help at these two major fundraisers is still vital to the life of our church.

    In Gassho, The BCO Board of Directors

    HO-ON SERVICE TEAM 7: (Responsible for Apr. 2018) Maya Lawrence (Leader) Laura Hiura Eric & Delia Ikeda Judy Kano Henri Kim & Cindy Sakai-Kim May Kleven Roy Kuga & Kathy Rueger Craig Lang & Pam Kato Gary & Maya Lawrence

    Roger & Karla Lee Elaine Miyamori Ben & Sally Morimoto Stephanie Morimoto Doris Okano Susan Okano Raymond Pendro Yukiko Sakakura Dorothy Yanagi

    HO-ON SERVICE TEAM 8: (Responsible for May. 2018) Joyce Yokomizo (Leader) JoAnne Hayashida Richard & Gail Isono Steven & Elizabeth Isono Albert & Miharu Kanzaki Dennis Katayama Robert & Teri Kido Rosalie Kido Jean Kido

    Christeen Oniki Mark & Tomita Shimamoto Craig & Ayano Tanisawa Ted & Susan Tanisawa Denise Yokomizo Joyce Yokomizo Cliff ord & Donna Yokomizo Tom Yokomizo Toshi & Alice Yokomizo


    BCO Board Appreciation

    THIS YEAR AT THE UPCOMING Bazaar, the OBWA booth will only

    feature hand-made craft items.

    Are you a “crafty”-talented or DIY-

    talented (Do It Yourself) person?

    We ask all church members (male,

    female, adults, teenagers and

    children) to please consider donating

    their specialty hand-made items to

    the booth for the Bazaar fund raiser. 

    Please mark your calendars for

    the annual OBWA Spring Luncheon

    that will be on Sunday April 22, 2018.

    Last year’s event was wonderful

    and this year’s event will be just as

    enjoyable if not more enjoyable!

    Details to follow shortly. 

    OBWA would like to give a

    big shout-out (thank you) to the

    following people for their generous

    onations. Steven and Kathleen

    Terusaki (in memory of Steve’s

    mother Lily T. Terusaki). Rever-

    end Michael Endo (in memory of

    his mother Chieko Endo), Gloria

    Fujimoto, Joanne Hayashida, Ruby

    Kuritsubo, Judy Kano, Alice Shibata,

    and Linda Nakamura (in memory of

    her great-grandmother-in-law Juki

    Kitagaki) for their donations for the

    Lady Kujo and OBWA Member’s



    Spring Luncheon SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018


    Hosted by the Oakland Buddhist Women’s Association (OBWA)

  • APRIL 20183

    AT THE END OF JANUARY, the Dharma School and the Youth

    Club members who attended the

    Youth Club Dharma Family Service

    visited the Asian Cultural Center.

    Jun Hamamoto, our 3rd, 4th, 5th

    grade teacher, also teaches the art

    of origami to San Quentin inmates.

    The Asian Cultural Center held an

    exhibit of their work, and opened

    up the Center on a Sunday just so

    we could visit. After seeing the re-

    markable work the men had done,

    Jun showed us how to make origami

    dogs and origami butterfl ies. Thank

    you, Jun!

    We also want to thank everyone

    who has brought in non-perishable

    food for the Alameda County Food

    Bank! Thank you!

    Happy Birthday We wish a Happy Birthday to

    our students born in March: Madison

    Ikeda, Garrett Kamita, Bryant Lee and

    David Medina. We wish you all the


    Dharma School News BY MAYA LAWRENCE

    BCO Board Cabinet 2018

    Pictured left to right: (back row) Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge, Norman Yoshida,

    Asst. Treasurer, Gary Lawrence, Treasurer, Jeff rey Hisaoka, Financial Asst., (front

    row)Mark Shimamoto, Vice President Business, Mary Hiromoto, Financial Asst.,

    Jon Takagaki, Co-President, Linda Minamoto, Corres. Secretary, George Kamita,

    Rec. Secretary. Not pictured: Steve Terusaki, Co-President, and Robert Noguchi,

    Vice President Religious,

    200+ Club Tickets Now Available CONGRATULATIONS TO AWARDEES Awardees of the fi nal draw-

    ing for 2017/2018: Mrs. Kayoko

    Fujimoto, Gloria Fujimoto and Tracy


    Help replace Heating/AC. Mem-

    berships for 2018/2019 now on sale.

    Ask any Board member or con-

    tact the offi ce to purchase. There

    are three monthly awardees for

    10 months: $300, $200, and $100.

    Monthly awardees are eligible for all

    10 months, plus the Grand awardees

    in the 11th month. Grand Awardee:

    $3,000, 2nd Awardee $2,000, 3rd

    Awardee $1,000. Thank you for your

    generous support!

  • APRIL 20184

    Momiji Kai News BY NANCY YAMAMOTO ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, WE held our annual New Year’s luncheon,

    which turned out to be quite enjoy-

    able. It was a Dim Sum luncheon with

    Fuzy Yoshida and Renie in charge of

    the food. Thank you gals for your ef-

    forts.  To top it off Renie Grohl had

    baked four wonderful,  large pump-

    kin and apple pies complete with

    whipped cream.  Yum. yum!!!  Thanks

    also to those who brought and made

    the salads and other goodies.

    The entertainment portion was

    taken over by our wonderful Yoga

    leader, Patty Hirota and her son

    Takeo. Several months ago, they had

    taken a sightseeing trip to Japan to

    visit the many scenic areas there and

    they narrated their photos as they

    travelled through the countryside.

    Thank you Patty and Takeo for an en-

    joyable trip.

    We thank several members for

    their  thoughtfu