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As you go about the business of blogging and creating other content, keep these things in mind...

Transcript of Business Storytelling Manifesto

  • Advice for Solo Biz Owners
  • Content marketing is the solution! Youve got to tell more and better stories!
  • Its like eating an artichoke The best ones are an experience With layers and layers that Lead to the Heart.
  • Good Question!
  • Its not just about your position
  • Get it out of your brain and onto paper. Then
  • Dont Wander. Get to the Point.
  • The length of your story should fit the context of where/how youre telling it.
  • Pay attention to your email subscribers, blog readers, vendors and peers -- as well as your customers!
  • Listen deeply
  • To Create Change, Shift the Existing Storyline
  • Dont be a parrot!
  • But dont be afraid to be different!
  • Let the backstory unfold as you go
  • Its okay to reveal your weaknesses
  • When language or length is an issue
  • Storytelling is a learned skill
  • Simplify. Dont try to tell too many stories at once.
  • Emotion = Action
  • Words have REAL power
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