Business Quotes, April 2010

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A slide series with famous and not so well-known business quotes. April 2010. Woody Allen, Kevin Kelly, Groucho Marx, Blaise Pascal, Matt Hunter, John Geleynse, A Chinese Proverb, David Ogilvy, Groucho Marx, Niels Bohr, Henry Ford, Jeffrey Zeldman.

Transcript of Business Quotes, April 2010


Business Quotes 2010.04

Woody Allen

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Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Kevin Kelly

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Complexity that works is built up out of

modules that work perfectly,layered one over the other.

Groucho Marx

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A child of five would understand this.

Send someone to fetch a child of five.

Blaise Pascal

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I apologize for writing you a long letter

but I didnt have time to write you a short one.

Matt Hunter, Product Development, IDEO

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Fail earlyto succeed sooner.

John Geleynse, Software Technology Evangelism, Apple

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Implement solutions,not features.

Chinese Proverb

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Don't open a shopunless

you like to smile.

David Ogilvy

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The best ideascome as jokes.

Make your thinkingas funny as possible.

Groucho Marx

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Before I speak,I have somethingimportant to say.

Niels Bohr

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Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Henry Ford

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If Id asked my customers what they wanted,

theyd have saida faster horse.

Jeffrey Zeldman

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Content precedes design. Design in the absence of

content is not design,its decoration.

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