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View an exciting new career opportunity. NYC Billionaire is launching this Fall. A must see now.

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  • 1. Welcome to the Pre-Launch of The Trump Network. TMA note from Donald J. Trump I have been fortunate to amass wealth by working hardand finding the right deals. When I discovered IdealHealth, Inc., I knew immediately that I had found a greatcompany. The Trump Network is a unique marketing opportunity,to help diversify your income and to encourage you to Its time for all of usmake as much money as you desire. to diversify ourassets and take The Trump Network will be a big success story inback the American America, and those who recognize the opportunity earlywill thrive. dream.Donald J. TrumpDonald J. Trump1.

2. The Founders. A Mission to Improve the Health of America. Exclusive rights to customize vitamins for the mass market.Todd StanwoodLou DeCaprioScott StanwoodCEOPresident Executive Vice President This is the opportunityThe Trump Network is developing unique, life changing products.that youve been looking for. We haveAn exclusive business opportunity to diversify your income.the products, the compensation plan, theThe key to creating wealth is timing. leadership, the training, All successful brands progress through four phases of growth:$1 Billionand supporteverything necessary to build a business withlimitless growth andincome potential.Donald J. Trump 2. 3. Cutting-edge health & lifestyle productsin multi-billion dollar markets. Customized VitaminsBased on in-home testingVitamin/nutrition industry $20 billionOur uniqueQuikStik TMcustomized products A new product conceptare poised to ride theMood Infusion Beveragesexplosive health and wellness wave from Energy/coffee industry $44 billion $200 billion to $1 trillion, because of the76 million aging babyboomers.The Silhouette SolutionTMDonald J. TrumpA properly calibrated weight loss solutionWeight loss industry $50 billion3. 4. Change the way people supplement their health. Eliminate the confusion in the vitamin market. Problem:Solution: One size does not fit all A simple in-home test Which vitamins are right for you? Vitamins personalized specifically for you In-home test > Send to lab for analysis > Customized Vitamins50 nutrients calibrated in a whole food base: Antioxidants Chelated minerals PhytonutrientsThe Trump Whole vitamin Network products complexes Digestive enzymesoffer unique Amino acids solutions for each Medical Gradeingredients and every customer.Donald J. Trump The Wall Street Journal Im seeing amazing results with this very special product, better results Mass customization becomes the newthan Ive had with any nutritional product in my 20 years of practice asmarketing mantra even personalized a family doctor. vitamins. Dr. John J. Kelly, M.D.When theres confusion in the marketplace, theres opportunity. Bill Gates, Founder MicrosoftThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 4. 5. QuikStikNatural bionutrients your body TM really needs and tastes great all in a unique delivery system. Energy and coffee drinks: A $44 billion market. Problem:Solution: Unhealthy Quality ingredients promote health High sugar & caffeine content Very convenient, easy to consume The Trump NetworkNew product concept:team develops the Mood Infusion Beverages. finest products to maximize yourHealthy natural and income Simply add to cold or hot water. potential. Also a good source of fiber. Donald J. Trump Helps boost energy by increasing metabolic rate. Better Mood.UnWind is my favorite. Calms me down after a busy day, Better Day. and Im sleeping better than I have in years! Better Way. Kathy Kelley, MAThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 5. 6. The Silhouette SolutionTM The answer to diet programs that dont work. Weight loss is a $50 billion market.Diet problems:Silhouette Solution: Inconvenient, too many carbs Simple, easy, convenient, low carbs Always hungry No hunger, properly calibrated, high protein Difficult to keep the weight off Tastes great, long lasting resultsIts simple, healthy and it works.This is a oncein a life time opportunity to join The Trump Network while still Im so excited! I have lost 10 lbs. and 8 inches in pre-launch. in 18 days! I love how easy & convenient thisprogram is! Thank you! - Omi Kidd, FLDonald J. Trump If its not carefully calibrated, its not your silhouette solution. SM Dr. David Macallan, author and creator of the Silhouette SolutionThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.6. 7. The Silhouette SolutionTM Look at the results in just 90 days. Lost 37 lbs.Lost 30 lbs. In 3 months In 3 months I still cant believe I had to make sure 75% of Americansthe change in mythe program wouldneed to lose body. And the bestwork. The key is part is that it was soproper calibration of weight. The easy and I wasproteins, fats, and Silhouette Solution never hungry. sugars in your food. just makes sense. Caroline Rawlinson, Dr. David Macallan, New Hampshire New Hampshire Donald J. Trump My husband Lou has lost 27 lbs and I amdown 17 lbs in just 40 days. We havetransformed our lives dramatically. Tina Casciaro, NY 7. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 8. The Timing Could Not Be Better. People need more money. Our economy is in a recession. Wall street crisis Falling home values Government bailouts Businesses downsizing No retirement in sight Would you like to create an income stream with a recession-proof business? You have to be Eliminate stress smart and plan for Secure retirement your future. You More vacationscant expect your New homejob or the College educationgovernment to create your wealth.Simply share the news about The Trump Network Donald J. Trumppre-launch with everyone you know before someone else does. 8. 9. Work Smarter, Not Harder. Earn Money Through a Network Distribution System. Something For Everyone. Part-Time Income Identify a few key peopleReplacement Income Ability to grow an extensive network of Marketers and CustomersLong Term Wealth Residual income because of consumable productsWithout having to invest hundreds ofSupport & Training thousands of dollars, Call center, online orderingyou can earn a part- No product inventory time or full-time No nutritional knowledge requiredincome, even an Exclusive marketing & advertising programs availableincome comparableto that of a CEO.Great Benefits Flexible work scheduleDonald J. Trump Excellent tax advantages No employees, no boss No paperwork In this illustration, each Marketer has $300 of monthly businessvolume which is created by personal usage and/or customers; Example is for illustration purposes only, individual income which can become residual income on a monthly basis. results will vary depending upon Marketer and Customer activity.9. 10. Create a recession proof income. Get StartedBecome a MarketerMembership $30Business Starter Kit $297.95 Training material Products for your personal use(purchase from your sponsor)PrivaTest & Analysis $139.95Custom Essentials $55.95(Retail price $69.95) Secure a premier spot in The Trump Network. Position yourself early and grow We haveyour business rapidly. Why lose your best prospects? the products, compensation plan,leadership, training and support everything you needto build a business with unlimited income potential. Donald J. TrumpTMOrder your Silhouette Solution, a complete Enjoy the benefits of healthy energy drinks.two month program with snack and mealreplacements. *TheonlyrequirementtobecomeaMemberisthe$30AnnualMembershipfee.Everythingelseisoptional. 10. 11. FastStart Your Business. Earn FastStart Bonuses:The needs of the team are best met when we meet the needs of each individual.Donald J. Trump Start the FastStart Way. Then earn your FastStart Bonuses that are mailed to you weekly.Success doesnt just happen, it starts for those who take action. Example is for illustration purposes only, individual income Donald J. Trump results will vary depending upon Marketer and Customer activity. 11. 12. Welcome To The Trump Network Pre-Launch. Get positioned for financial freedom now. Global recognition, immediate credibility, rapid growth and huge income.Custom Essentials QuikStikTM Silhouette SolutionTM $20 Billion$44 Billion$50 Billion Vitamin Industry Energy/coffee industry Weight loss industry If youre going to be thinking anyway, you might as well Just a fraction, even 1% of these markets think big.and The Trump Network is a billion dollar company! Donald J. Trump This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join The Trump Networkwhile still in pre-launch. Donald J. Trump 12. 13. Discover The Difference Between Opportunity And Success. Join me. Take the leap of faith thats necessary in any worthwhileendeavor, and together well turn this opportunity into success. Donald J. Trump 13. 14. 2009 TTN, LLC. All Rights Reserved. THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest are trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump