Business Communications (Internal and External Communications)

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Transcript of Business Communications (Internal and External Communications)

  • 1. A Presentation on Business Communication & Proposals (Handling Internal and External Emails) by Kaushik Pal
  • 2. "Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood." Freeman Teague Jr.
  • 3. Ineffective communication is a major obstacle Bleakest of situations can be turned around Successful communication is no one-way process Communication is conducted verbally or through the medium of written words. Communication is as much a matter of human relationships as it as about transmitting facts. Importance of Business Communication
  • 4. Effective Communication Begins with Attention Winning the attention of the person Apprehension Converting fear to understanding Assimilation Acceptance of what has been conveyed Action propels abstract into the world of reality
  • 5. 7 Essentials of Business Communication Structure Clarity Consistency Medium Relevancy Primacy / Recency Psychological Rule of 7+/-2
  • 6. Email Netiquettes Emails are your representation. Relates to your calibre of other work you do. Must avoid punctuation, grammatical errors in any case. Give people a chance to read and respond to your mail. Sending attachments should be done with care. Dont say anything that you wouldnt want everyone to know. more
  • 7. Email Netiquettes Make sure the subject is clear and stick to one topic. Many people find fancy emails annoying. Plain text, common fonts as Arial or Times New Roman and simple signature lines should be the standard. Email is as much a part of your professional image as the clothes you wear, the postal letter you write, the greetings on your voice mail and the handshake your offer. Make sure the impression you present is positive and professional.
  • 8. The Checklist Take Another Look Before you Send Change a Threads subject when the Topic changes Writing in all CAPS is like shouting Ideally Talk About one Subject only per email message Be careful when you cleanup mails before forwarding Know what to quote in Email Replies Ask before you send huge attachments
  • 9. The Checklist Need to quote original messages properly in replies Keep your email signature to maximum of 5 lines What can be misunderstood will be misunderstood Be careful about the language being used Use Characters Absolutely Safe to Use in Plain Text Email Use Updated Antivirus Software on your email Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • 10. Components of Sales Proposal Budget Objectives Strategy and Tactics Schedule Results Closing
  • 11. Document Design Checklists Use no more than 5 fonts Use no more than 5 colors Use glossy paper Use white space Use templates Use parallelism Avoid double emphasis
  • 12. The PAIBOC Formula Purpose Audiences Information Benefits Objections Context
  • 13.
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Time and Place
    • Whether each item is presented for information, for discussion, or for a decision
    • Minutes of the Meeting
    • Decisions Reached
    • Action Items
    • Open Issues
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