Business Analysis - Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management

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Business Analysis - Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management

Transcript of Business Analysis - Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management

  • 1.Business AnalysisScrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project ManagementHicham Zinalabdin ! 1 Feb 5, 2014 !

2. What is Business Analysis? Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.2 3. What is Business Analysis? REQUIREMENTSSOLUTIONCOMMUNICATION3 4. BA vs. Consultant Consultant is a Business Analyst with more domain experience.4 5. What is Project Management? The discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.5 6. Did you know 25%-40% of all spending on projects is wasted is a result of re-work1? 70% - 85% of all project rework costs are due to errors in requirements2? 1 Hass, Kathleen B. "Business Analysis Center of Excellence." Projects@Work. 2 Bartholomew, Doug. "Prescription for Better Projects." AllBusiness.6 7. LeadershipProblemSolvingDecisionMakingCri2calThinkingStrategicPerspec2vesBusiness Analysis Worksconstruc2velywithteam Coachesothers Project Management Mo2va2onofteam Givesdirec2onandisrolemodelleader Takesresponsibility Gathersandpresentsbusinessandprocessop2ons Clearingroadblocks Establishesfacts Confron2ngissues Determinesrootcauses Planseortandfacilitatesproblemsolvingtechniques Analysesimpactofdecisions Managesapproval&signo ResourceManagement Analysestrendsandmakeimprovement recommenda2ons Priori2esandScheduleconicts Convertsdataintoinforma2on SeesstrategyatproductandprocesslevelInuencingDetailedknowledgewithinindustry Managingexpecta2ons BuildsrapportwithteamandcustomersCommunica2on& InterpersonalKeyreportwri2ngskills Rela2ngtoteam&customers TimeManagementWorkpackagepriori2za2on Deliveron2meChangecontrol ScopeManagement SchedulePlanning Seesorganisa2onstrategyandknowsprojectintegra2on issues Wideknowledgeofindustrybutnotdetailed Managingexpecta2ons Variancemanagement Inuencesmajoreventsandadaptsstyletogainbuyin Stakeholdercommunica2on Verbalpresenta2ons Highlevelstatusrepor2ng ScheduleManagement SeSngpriori2esRef.: 8. Business Analysis! Framework Methodologies ITERATIVEWATERFALL8 9. Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile Methodology Product OwnerScrum Planning Daily ScrumBacklogScrum MasterSprint Review Scrum Dev. TeamSprint Retrospective 9 10. Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile Methodology10 11. Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile MethodologyTO LEARN MORE, GO TO: ScrumTrainingSeries.com11 12. @MTM_eTime to DisagreeQUESTIONS AND DEBATESThank You Hicham 12