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Transcript of Bushnell Neo Owner Manual

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual


    Owners ManualModel #

    368050/368050C Lit # 98-1353/03-09

    Manuel de lutilisateur

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual


  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Section 1: Introduction.................................................................................... 4

    Section 2: Bushnell Neo...................................................................................11

    Section 3: Bushnell Neo Sync......................................................................21

    Section 4: Appendices....................................................................................27


    Main MenuPlay GolfMap CourseDelete CourseSatellitesBattery LevelSettingsAbout Bushnell


    IntroductionInstallationDownload CoursesSend CoursesSave CoursesSettings



    WelcomeImportant Information

    www.bushnellgolf.com/gps.htmlPackage ContentsAdditional RequirementsBushnell Neo FeaturesBattery InformationKeypad FunctionStart Up

    Table of ContentsUser Manual


  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual


    Dear Valued Consumer:We sincerely ope you will nd your Busnell product bot enjoyable and easyto use. Knowing the exact distance for each shot will assist you in lowering yourscore and enance your overall golng experience.

    This User Manual was created for you to get the most out of your new device. It

    only takes a few minutes to read, after which you can immediately begin usingte Busnell Neo and enjoying its many features.

    Also, please visit http://www.bushnellgolf.com/gps.html to set up your iGolfmembership (click Log-In). As a member, you have access to all the featuresand benets iGolf as to offer, including access to an extensive database of GPSenabled golf course les for use on your Busnell Neo.

    Thank you for choosing Bushnell.


    User ManualIntroduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual


    Legal DisclaimerBy using this product, you agree that Bushnell Outdoor Products will not be heldlegally responsible for any injury or damage to you or any person or propertycaused by te users improper operation and/or poor judgment wile using tisproduct.

    Note: See Limited Warranty for other limitations on our liability.

    Additional InformationThe Global Positioning System (GPS), a network of 32 satellites orbiting Earth,is operated and maintained by the U.S. government. This GPS device requiresat least 3 satellites to be acquired to accurately determine your position. Anychange made to the system by the government could affect the accuracy and

    performance of this product.

    Important Information

    User Manual Introduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual


    Bushnell Golf GPS Website

    http://www.bushnellgolf.com/gps.html is an online resource for all ourGolf GPS product owners, and it alsoserves as a portal to access iGolfGPS course les to use wit teseBushnell products. Setting up your

    iGolf membership allows you accessto GPS course les, te ability todownload GPS les and many oterbenets.


    Download Course Files1)Go to http://www.bushnellgolf.com/gps.html, and click the Log-In link. If notalready an iGolf member, ll in te boxes and click Join Now.2)Search for desired course using simple terms to broaden results(i.e. Augusta National Golf Club:search forAugusta).3)Select course name from searchresults and download GPS le.4)Wen prompted, SAVE te le.

    5)Use Bushnell Neo Sync totransfer golf course le to device.

    User ManualIntroduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Package Contents*1 - Bushnell Neo1 - Belt Clip1 - USB Cable1 - AC/DC 5V Adapter1 - Software CD1 - Quick Start Guide

    *Please contact your dealer if your package is incomplete.

    Additional Requirements*PC with Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000or Mac with OS X, version 10.4.x or later **

    PC or Mac with CD-ROM drive and USB port

    *Required to transfer les from computer

    **Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the UnitedStates and other countries. Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc.,registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Package Contents Additional Requirements

    User Manual Introduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Bushnell Neo Features

    USB Connection >

    Distance to the Center

    Distance to

    the Front

    Distance to

    the Back

    Belt Clip

    SCREEN Button

    Up / Down Buttons

    ESC / MENU Button

    OK / SHOT Button

    Power Button / Backlight

    Hole #

    User ManualIntroduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Battery InformationThis product contains an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Undernormal operating conditions, a new battery will last 14-16 hours on a fullcharge. However, battery life is diminished due to a variety of factors includingtemperature and backlight usage. All rechargeable batteries lose their effectivecharge length over time.

    The internal battery can be charged by connecting the included USB cable to thedevice and a computer. Alternatively, the battery can be charged by connectingthe USB cable to the device and using the included adapter to plug the chargerinto a standard 110V wall outlet.

    Battery Information

    User Manual Introduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Power Button ESC / MENU Button

    OK / SHOT ButtonSCREEN Button

    Up / Down Buttons

    Keypad Function

    Power Button Turns te device on & off Turns te backligt on & off

    SCREEN Button Switces between screens

    within Play Golf modeUp Button

    Scrolls up Canges ole number (+)

    Down Button Scrolls down Canges ole number (-)

    OK/SHOT Button Selects igligted option

    Activates Sot DistanceESC/MENU Button Cancels current operation Returns to previous step or screen

    Start-UpPower On

    Press and old power button until te welcome screen appears (about 2 seconds).Power Off Press and old power button until te screen goes blank.

    Backlight On/Off From any screen, press power button to turn backligt on. Press power button again to turn backligt off.

    Keypad Function Start-up

    Introduction User Manual

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Main MenuThe Main Menu displays all the features available tothe user, which are explained in detail in subsequentsections of this User Manual. To begin using the device,

    scroll to highlight any feature and press OK.

    Main Menu

    Feature DescriptionsPlay Golf Select to play golf using GPS dataMap Course Select to create and customize golf course lesDelete Course Select to delete les from te deviceSatellites Select to view satellite position and signal strength

    Battery Level Select to verify remaining battery powerSettings Select to customize additional featuresAbout Bushnell Select to display version and company information

    User Manual Introduction

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Play Golf

    Play GolfThis feature is the main interface to display distanceinformation. Course information must be rstdownloaded from Bushnellgolf.com or manuallyentered using the Map Course feature. If GPS datais available, distances to the front, center and back

    of the green and up to four custom points per holewill be displayed upon satellite acquisition. HighlightPlay Golf on the Main Menu and press OK. Scroll tohighlight the desired golf course and press OK.

    Bushnell Neo User Manual

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Play Golf

    Screen OperationUp/Down buttons Move between holesSCREEN button Move between screensOK/SHOT button Activate Shot DistanceESC/MENU button Go to Play Menu

    Shot Distance Operation

    From any Play Golf screen, press SHOT to activatethe Shot Distance feature. Press SHOT again toestablish starting point. Distance will automaticallyupdate as the user moves. Once the user reachesthe end position, press SHOT to freeze the shot

    distance measurement. Press SHOT again toreactivate the Shot Distance feature and establish anew start position.

    User Manual Bushnell Neo

  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Play Golf

    Play MenuFrom any Play Golf screen, press MENU to accessthe Play Menu. This menu allows the user to easilyview status or modify settings being used for thecurrent course.

    1. Map Golf HoleAllows the user to map the current hole being played without having to exitthe game.

    2. SatellitesDisplays various bar lengths to show signal strength for all satellites beingtracked.

    3. Battery LevelDisplays a horizontal bar representing the power remaining in the battery.

    4. Return to GameResumes play from previous hole.

    5. ExitReturns to Main Menu.

    Bushnell Neo User Manual


  • 7/24/2019 Bushnell Neo Owner Manual



    Map Course

    Map CourseThis feature is used to manually input course nameand map GPS data points. Existing course les maybe customized or new les created using te device.Highlight Map Course on the Main Menu and pressOK.

    1. Select CourseScroll to highlight the desired new or existing golf course and press OK.

    2. Function: Course NameTo revise name highlight Course Name and press OK. Names are limitedto fourteen (14) characters and should be distinguis