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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833


    Model #s: 110833/110834

    Lit.#: 98-0917/02-07




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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833


    Congratulations on your purchase o the Bushnell 3.2 Megapixel ImageView! YourImageView digital binocular is ideal or all sporting events and nature observation, as it

    combines a high quality 8 power compact binocular with a versatile 3.2 megapixel digitalcamera (with option or 4 MP eective resolution via sotware interpolation) which alsoeatures video capability. Your Imageview has a dual personality, capable o taking highresolution digital still photos as well as shooting video, with maximum recording timelimited only by the capacity o the memory card you use. Te photos and videos are bothautomatically stored in the internal memory, or on an optional SD (Secure Digital) card, and

    can be instantly reviewed on the ip-up LCD, or downloaded to your computer without theneed to install any special sotware (With Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Mac OSX. A driveris provided or Windows 98/98SE).

    Beore using your new ImageView, please read the instructions contained in this manual andtake time to amiliarize yoursel with the cameras operation and many great eatures.


    Note: ImageView models 110833 and 110834 share identical specications,eatures, and operation. Only the body styling and appearance are diferent.Model# 110833 is used or closeup illustration purposes in this manual.

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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833



    1 InstallBatteries &

    (optional)SD Card

    Insert 2 AAA batteries (see Specifcations) into the battery compartment on the bottom o the camera pod(Note polarity indication inside). An SD memory card (optional, use up to a 1 GB card) or increased photostorage capacity may be installed in the card slot, located at the back o the camera pod (Insert card with labelside acing down, pushing lightly until it clicks into place. Push the card lightly in again to remove).

    2 urn On theCamera

    Raise the LCD display, pulling up at the indented areas on each side. Press and hold the POWER buttonuntil the red power LED stays on, then let go. You will see a Clock Set screen when the camera is used orthe frst time-reer to Camera Setup or details on setting the date and time, or press the Menu button withCancel still selected to set this later. Press Display to turn the LCD back on -you will see a live previewo the image rom the camera lens, located between the binocular objective lenses. You can also manuallyturn the display o by pressing the Display button-it does not need to be on to take a photo. Te entirecamera will automatically turn o ater one minute (this can be changed using the Auto O option in theSetup menu) i it has been inactive (no buttons pressed). o turn power o manually, press and release thePOWER button. Te deault camera settings will provide optimum quality under most conditions.

    3 Format theSD Card(optional)

    I you inserted an SD card earlier, ormat it beore beginning to take photos i you are using it in theImageView or the frst time. Press the View button below the LCD display. Press the Menu button in thecenter o the silver keypad. Press the Down arrow key once to select Format. Note the warning that thiswill erase all data on the card-make sure you have downloaded all photos rom a previously used card. Pressthe Right arrow key, to select OK. Press Menu to ormat the card (display shows Formatting). When thedisplay reads No File, press the View button to return to the live preview display mode.

    4 Set theBinocularOptics orYour Eyes

    Roll down the rubber eyecups i you are wearing glasses. Adjust the spacing between the let and rightbinocular tubes while looking through the binocular until the view appears as a single circular image. Ten,fnd a distant object with fne detail, and adjust the center ocus knob until the object appears sharp throughthe let eyepiece . Now look through the right eyepiece only. I the object does not appear equally sharp,rotate the right eyepiece (diopter adjustment) until it is also sharp. Once set, you no longer need to movethis diopter adjustment, and may simply ocus using the center ocus knob.


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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833



    5 ake A Photo

    or Shoot AVideo Clip

    Hold the camera steady with both hands and press the SNAP button to take a still photo. You will hear abeep (this can be turned o), ollowed by a brie pause (SNAP Processing.. displayed) as the camerastores the photo in memory. o shoot a Normal video, press the right arrow key three times until themovie camera icon appears at the top right corner o the display You can then start shooting the videoat any time by pressing SNAP. o stop recording video, press SNAP again.

    6 Review andDelete Photos/Videos

    o review or playback a still photo or video, press the View button. You will see the most recent stillphoto or video (frst rame). o review previous photos or videos one at a time, press the Let arrow key.Te icon at the top right corner o the display will show the movie icon i the fle is a video. Te numbersat the top let show the current fle number/total fles (2 o 3, etc). o play back a video, press the SNAPbutton (press again to stop playback). o see thumbnail images o several stored photos/videos at

    once, press the Right arrow key when the last photo youve taken is displayed. Use the Let/Right arrowkeys to select an individual fle, then press Display to see it ull rame. o delete photos/videos, pressMenu. Delete is the frst option in the Review menu. Press Menu again, then select Delete One (onlythe currently displayed photo/video) or Delete All,. Press menu, select (highlight) OK, then pressMenu again to delete the fle.

    7 Connect oA Computer& ranser


    Beore connecting the camera, install the driver rom the CD-ROM i you use Windows 98/98SE, andinstall PhotoSuite i you do not already have photo editing sotware. Connect the supplied USB cablerom the cameras USB socket (on the back o the camera pod) to a USB port on your PC. I you haveWindows XP or Vista, just ollow the onscreen directions/options that automatically appear. I you haveWin 98 or 2000, open My Computer on your PC. Te camera is identifed as a Removable Disk-your photos are in the olders inside, simply drag them or copy/paste into any older on your hard drive.Reer to the ranserring Photos section o this manual.


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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833


    Technical Specications


    Magnication 8x Still Photo File Size (Resolution) 2272x1760(4 MP via sotware interpolation),

    2048x1536 (deault setting), 1280x1024, 640x480

    Objective Diameter 30mm File Compression Ratio(Quality)

    1:50 (Best), 1:85 (Better), 1:95 (Standard)

    Exit Pupil 3.75 Internal Memory 16MB Flash Memory (NAND)

    Field o View 320 t @ 1000 yds Memory Expansion Secure Digital Card , up to 1 GB capacity

    Eye Relie 13mm File Format (Still/Video) JPEG/AVI

    Lens Coating Fully Coated File Management DCF (version 1.0), FA 16 Format

    Prism Type Roo, BK-7 glass LCD 1.5 F

    Focusing Range(binocular)

    14 ~ infnity Video Resolution/Frame Rate 320x240 pixels per rame / 9 ps.

    Weight 14.9 oz / 422 g Color 24-bit color

    Sensor Type CMOS Exposure Value Range +/- 2 EV in 0.5 EV steps

    Efective Pixels 3.2 Megapixels White Balance Options Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, ungsten

    Shutter Electronic, 1/16 to1/1000 seconds Menu Languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese

    Focusing Range(camera)

    Fixed, approx 30 ~infnity

    Auto Power Of (ater inactivity) 1, 2, or 3 minutes or Disabled per Setup menu

    Lens Aperture /5.6 Power Supply 2xAAA Batteries, Alkaline/Lithium/NiMh type

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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833



    View Button

    LCD Display

    5-way Keypad w/Menu/OK Button



    Camera and Binocular Parts Guide USBPort











    Pull Here to

    Raise Display


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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833


    LCD Preview Display Icons

    # Icon

    1 Battery Indicator (low battery shown)

    2 Resolution setting (VeryHigh, High, Medium, Low)

    3 Remaining Memory ( lls in solid as internal or card memory is used)

    4 # o Photos/Videos aken

    5 Quality/File Compression (***Best / **Better / *Standard)

    6 Digital Zoom magnif cation (1.0x~3.0x. range 1.0x=no digital zoom)

    7 Sel imer (10 sec snap delay)

    8 Rapid Sequence (3 shot burst)

    9 Video Mode (records until stopped or out o memory)

    Photo Preview Display





    T e 3 additional eatureicons appear next to thememory icon (press the rightarrow key to cycle thru these,press again ater movie modeto return to normal mode)

    Additional Feature Icons





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  • 8/7/2019 bushnell 110833


    Loading Batteries

    Inserting An SD Card

    urn the ImageView over, and slide open the battery cover as indicated by the arrow,t