Burnt Offerings

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Much of my work focuses on the effect of materials interacting with each other at the elemental or at the molecular level. At the elemental level, the intention is to capture the feel of the effects of time and water –- washed out streambeds, staining from leached materials, weathered and pealing paint, eroded hillsides, desert canyon walls and streambeds -- the Japanese call the aesthetic "Wabi-sabi" – the acceptance of transience. At the molecular level, many of those effects are the result of oxidation – the atmosphere combining with the materials of the earth. While most of those processes occur slowly in the human time frame, the process of burning achieves the result in a rapid way. Burning is a fascinating process in that it produces direct energy, potentially for human use, but also results in the destruction, or partial destruction of the materials. The end result of the oxidized and melted materials can be the beautiful residual of the process.