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  • FM Bunker Guard


  • Bunker Market Worldwide

    There are now a large number of bunker suppliers, numbering well over600 worldwide.

    The reason for this increase, was the withdrawal from the bunker marketof the major oil companies during the last 35 years, presentingcommercial opportunities for other suppliers.

    This resulting increase in supplier numbers, has produced an extendedworldwide availability of marine fuels for the marine sector.

    The establishment of the bunker spot market, also provides a competitivemarket and has secured a supply base for all bunker buyers.

    These suppliers relate to three (3) main business activities. The Major Oil Companies, of which there are only four (4). The Independent Oil Companies, which are large energy groups. The Trader Companies.

    These companies are regular suppliers in the bunker market.


  • Bunkering

    Bunker suppliers generally allocate the physical bunker delivery (transportation) tovarious individual service suppliers.

    This results in different factors, influencing the quality of the bunkers delivered.Price competition.Physical bunker delivery monopoly in a specific port.Continued reduction of third party barge operators.No legal protection and custom attendance in various countries.

    The mission of Ship-Owners and Mangers is to defend their vessels against thevarious efforts, of individual service suppliers, supplying out of-spec bunkers,containing cat-finds, water, air bubbles, etc.



    To support the mission of Ship-Owners and Managers, our twocompanies cooperated to manufacture a online-real time monitor guard. FRAS: manufacturer of high-end laser instrumentation, for

    monitoring and sampling fluids, with own supportive laboratoryfacilities, involved in the marine, Oil & Gas industry.

    Martechnic: trading of international bunkers for over 20 years,suppliers of quality/and quantity monitoring test kits and advancedmanagement systems, satellite link-up to management companies.

    Both companies, through their experience in the bunker market, havedesigned a specific monitor guard, to successfully alert the vessel, againstirregular Quality and Quantity bunker supplies.

    The product from this co-operation is the..FM BUNKER GUARD


  • Quality & Quantity Bunkers

    The basic mission parameters for protection during the bunker supplies, is security and monitoring, during the complete time of the supply.In-line sampling.Quality monitoring.Quantity monitoring.Reporting.




    The DynaSamp compact fluid sampler



    Draws accurate in-line representative samples Takes samples under pressure, during both

    thedripandentrapmentoperations Operator independent, versatile and easy-to-use Ensures continuous and repeatable samples Secures water and air content monitoring Injector for chemicals, biocides or other fluids Can operate as a manual or automatic

    Monitor, alarming at set contaminationlevels during the bunkering period

    Adaptable for various multiplex sampling Available in aluminum/ steel, with glass bottles,

    containers of 4 liters and up to 10 liters

    3/4 BSP port and up to 6 pipe size Small footprint compared to full scale version Type Approved and certificated by Lloyds Register

    Representative samples The DynaSamp compact fluid sampler is

    designed to draw representative, in-line fluid samples, during the bunkering operations.Quality

    Monitoring supplies, measuring the numbers, sizes of cat-fines and alarms at set levels.

    Pre-warns the vessel, to adjust fuel treatment plants, effectively removing damaging particles.

    Supports Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) through preventative actions, minimizing wear.

    First line of defense, supports surveyors until the retained sample report is received. Quantity

    Calculates the true volume of delivery, less the contaminants, water particles, gas, air bubbles.

    Supports and alerts surveyors measuring the bunkers delivered and in cases of disputes.




    Safe, repeatable, versatile and easy

    The DynaSamp compact fluid sampler has a unique design, wherethe resistance flapper valve creates a turbulence and the uniformmixing of contaminant particles, cat-fines, water, gas, air bubbles.

    A representative cross-section of the fluid flow is directed into thesample bottle. There are no physical restrictions to trap particlesand no big pressure differentials, to break small soft contaminants.

    Surplus bunkers are re-directed back into the flow. Leaving shut- offvalves open during bunkering, a representative sample is assured.

    DynaSamp compact fluid sampler specifications

    The DynaSamp is a two (2) piece design. The connector pipe flangeis mounted in-line and the sampler unit can be moved from samplepoint to sample point. The aluminum bottle model is certified forworking pressure up to 20 bar, steel model to 350 bar.

    The glass bottle, or a plastic container, is protected by anintermediate safety compartment, to prevent spills andenvironment concerns.

    DynaSamp compact sampler applications

    Typical applications include bunkers, lubrication systems, lowpressure circuits, fuel treatment systems. The compact design canbe beneficial for all kinds of low pressure small footprintinstallations.




    22nd September 2011, 15:26 GMT

    A cruise ship operator was fined EUR 30,000 (US$40,000) for contravening

    the European Union (EU) rules based on the sulphur content of marine fuels.

    The 88,000 gross tonne (GT) Disney Magic was inspected, while at berth inthe Italian port of Naples.

    According to the Italian report, officials from the Port Captain's office, foundthe ship was using a bunker fuel with a sulphur content, in excess of thatallowed under EU regulations.

    The report also stated, that the ship owned by the USA cruise operatorDisney Cruise Line, was immediately ordered to stop burning that fuel.


  • Shipping Inspectorate - Rotterdam 2010 - 135 samples.

    - Until July 2010 (1,5% S); 7% not in compliance.

    - After July 2010 (1,0% S); 46% not in compliance.

    - After July 2010 in 10 cases, action taken by Port State Control (PSC); 16% not in compliance.

    2011 - 51 samples.- Until July 2011 (various supplies); not in compliance.

    - After July 2011 (1,0% S); 45% not in compliance.

    2010 - 93 Letters of protests.- Six (6) were above reproducibility, that involved three (3) companies. In all instances, the retained samples were taken incorrectly, invalidating evidence for criminal investigations.

    2011 - 113 Letters of protests (until Sept.)- Twenty (20) were above reproducibility, that involved eight (8) companies. In a few casessamples were taken correctly, with one (1) company under investigation for six (6) cases.


  • Cappuccino Bunkers

    In the last 6 months, we have had at least 15 bunker incidents, directly related to short lifting due to cappuccino bunkers.

    , 11


    Causes: Blowing air, as suppliers strip their tanks for unusually long periods

    Vigilance:What can vessels do to identify this practice?

    Procedures:Visually - assess if air bubbles adhere to the measuring tapes and the thermometer lines

    Take - pictures of bunkers in the tanks and prior to sailing, again measure short lifting's

    Calculate - short liftings by ullage and dip method, estimating the cappuccino effect

    Issue - a Letter of Protest to the bunker supplier reporting bubbles and short lifting

    Contract - a Remaining Onboard Bunker (ROB) and Quantity survey at next port of call.




    Cappuccino Effect Cappuccino Effect





    We have produced and tested an instrument, which introduces a revolution monitoring control of bunkers supplied to vessels.The parameters monitored are:Quality.(a) Cat-fines (Silicon, Aluminum).Quantity.(b) Water Particles (and free water). (c) Gas and Air Bubbles (Cappuccino Bunkers).(d) Insolubles (soot, debris, contaminants , fibers) (e) Insolubles (transparent).(f) Viscosity and Temperature.(g) Density (research being undertaken).

    With this in-line, real time monitoring control, the ship manager can establish a safe-guard systemduring the bunker delivery.The FM BUNKER GUARD monitors the Quality properties of the bunkers, alerting the vessel of theCat-fines, the cause of significant damage to ship engines.The FM BUNKER GUARD monitors the Quantity, by calculating the actual volume of the short liftforewarning the vessel and their managers.Data transmitted by wireless to the vessels control room and via G3 or Satellite communication .



  • DynaView


    DynaView bunker monitoring control


    Real time, online bunker analysis tool Identifies insoluble contaminants, such

    as cat-fines and transparent particles

    Alarms at set levels, advising actions Accurate and reliable data information Provides continuous readings, trends

    and graphs for actionable information

    Eliminates contact during sampling Reduces manning and attendance Protects CBM and reduces machinery

    wear, by identifying cat-fine levels

    Increases personal safety by design Adaptable to DynaSamp applications Monitors various operation parameters