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Written by Sheerag

Transcript of Bunker Hill


    A long time ago there were deadly wars in

    the new colonies. One of the deadliest wars was fought between the Patriots and the Redcoats. The Patriots were the people of the colonies who wanted freedom from the British king. The Redcoats were the British kings soldiers.

  • The Patriots leader was

    George Washington. He was the general of the Patriots.

    General How was the Redcoats general.

  • There were 801 Patriots and there were 2000 Redcoats. The Patriots made a fort overnight secretly. The fort had guns and gunpowder.

  • The next day they had a war. It was called the Bunker Hill war. It was a sunny day. The Patriots lost the war but they showed the Redcoats how to fight because the Patriots were ordinary people. General How had trained his troops, but George Washington had not, and so How and his men won the battle. The most important thing was that the Patriots and Washington showed the Redcoats they could put up a fight, and they eventually won the revolution.

  • By: Sheerag