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Bunker Blending Blending bunker fuel at the lowest cost to meet a customer’s specification is the goal of any bunker supplier. Rising costs and fluctuations in feedstock quality make this more difficult and the increasing number of disputes put any supplier without a record of quality and quantity at risk.As a result, many suppliers produce higher specification products than needed. A two-year test of 380Cst fuel showed that suppliers were, on average, supplying 280Cst and therefore using much more distillate than necessary to manufacture the fuel supplied. A Jiskoot in-line blender could significantly reduce this production cost by minimising the distillate ‘give away’.
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Transcript of Bunker Blending R3 - WEGMAN - Jiskoot Bunker-Blending systemen.… · Bunker Blending Blending...

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    Blending bunker fuel at thelowest cost to meet acustomers specification isthe goal of any bunkersupplier. Rising costs andfluctuations in feedstockquality make this moredifficult and the increasingnumber of disputes put anysupplier without a recordof quality and quantity atrisk.As a result, manysuppliers produce higherspecification products thanneeded.

    A two-year test of 380Cstfuel showed that supplierswere, on average, supplying280Cst and therefore usingmuch more distillate thannecessary to manufacturethe fuel supplied.

    A Jiskoot in-line blendercould significantly reducethis production cost byminimising the distillategive away.

  • In the competitive and volatilebunker market, a Jiskoot in-lineblender can pay for itself in lessthan 6 months.At the push of abutton it produces a range offuel oils that meet specificationat the lowest possible cost withall the required documentation.

    Jiskoot in-line blenders aredesigned specifically for eachapplication and use a real-timeclosed loop control system.Thisgives much higher accuracy thanmechanical or batch blenders.

    Jiskoot blenders use a controllerwith unique control algorithmsthat respond instantly tochanges in process conditions orfeedstock quality.The heavy fueloil and cutter stock arecontinuously measured andadjusted during the batch toensure optimum quality andminimum give-away. Jiskootsystems are designed to ensureconsistent quality throughoutthe batch even during tankchanges, feedstock starvation,loss of power or the unlikelyfailure of a system component.

    The final product is mixed in theblender header to ensureconsistency and the accuracy ofany viscosity measurementfitted.This also provides an ideal location for an automaticsampler.

    Jiskoot blenders are simple touse.The desired recipe andvolume or mass is selected fromthe controller and the blendstarted. Once initiated; theblending process is automaticand produces the final productwith no intervention, onlyinforming an operator if analarm condition occurs.

    The control system produces allbilling, loading and transactiondocuments including trendreports for major parameters(such as viscosity) in case ofdispute.

    Blenders can be skid mounted(for installation on a barge, jettyor shore), mounted in acontainer offering a portable,safe working environment orself-contained on a trailerallowing one blender to be usedat multiple locations.

    Jiskoot offers a range of servicesto suit your budget, from reviewof existing equipment andsystem design through to thesupply of an upgrade control orcomplete blending systems.Wehave strategic alliances withmajor manufacturers worldwidegiving you a guarantee of firstclass customer support.

    Viscosity trim in-line blender

    Blender for barge installation

  • With over 40 years experienceof the design and supply of fueloil blending solutions, weunderstand what is important toyour business.

    Reduce production costsJiskoot blenders use a closedloop controller to measure andcontrol each stream beingblended.This guarantees thelowest cost production across awide operating range reducingyour distillate give-away.

    Automatic quality controlThe controller continuallymonitors the blending process inreal time and responds instantlyto changes in quality or quantity.When viscosity trim is installed,the blended fuel oil is producedto a target viscosity at standardconditions with fulldocumentation.

    Product always on specificationThe CutBack feature of aJiskoot blender keeps theblended product on specificationthroughout the blend even inthe event of product starvation,large feed rate changes orpower failure.

    Volume and viscosity correctionto standard conditionsThe blender performs volumeand viscosity correction to API,IP and ASTM.This data can bedisplayed or used in reports,including bills of lading.Thecontroller uses flow-weightedaverages to eliminate the errorsassociated with time-basedsystems.

    Quality and quantitydocumentationThe controller produces a range

    of documentation for theblended batch including a bill oflading. Controller displays anddocumentation can be in either volume or mass units(bbls/m3 or tonnes).

    Multiple recipe management The controller can store up to200 pre-configured recipes andinstant recipes can be enteredat the start of any new blend.

    Single product loadingOne or both streams of theblender can be used for bulkloading a single product withmeasurement anddocumentation.

    Simple user interface withsecurityThe operator interface is easy touse and features multi-levelsecurity to lock keyconfiguration and recipefunctions.

    Large throughput and turn-ddownJiskoot in-line blenders have ahigh turndown.This allows youto use the blender for a widerange of parcel sizes andcustomers, maximising theflexibility of your operation.

    Blend Header



    JetMixingsystem for

    blend header

    Flowmeasurementand control

    Fuel oil bunker blender

  • Blender options

    Ratio control blender (high accuracy ratio control)

    Viscosity control blender (high accuracy with viscosity measurementand automatic adjustment of ratio to target viscosity)

    Hazardous area controller

    Safe area controller

    Intrinsically safe control panel(at point of loading)

    PC based SCADA system(System Control And Data Acquisition)

    Flow proportional sampler

    Drip sampler

    Implementation options

    Manufacture a new blender using your existing metering and control equipment.

    Retrofit viscosity measurement and control system to your existing blender

    Design and manufacture a new blender specifically for your application

    Installation options

    Barge mounted


    Trailer mounted

    Fixed installation

    Jiskoot offers a complete range of servicesfor fuel oil blending and sampling. Pleasecontact us, or our local representative todiscuss your needs.










    Stream 2



    Stream 1



    PDMeter MOV




    Jiskoot blendcontroller



    Typical JetMix fuel oil system

    JetMix sampling andviscosity measurement


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