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@alexputman @muzebranding #BeYou 1TODAYS DISCUSSIONWho are you?What can people find?How are you influencing them?Importance of NetworkingSocial NetworkingTraditional NetworkingCreative Ideas for ResumesStand Out in a good way

RULES OF PERSONAL BRANDINGBe precise with your time and focus on what really mattersLiars suck, dont suckDont steal content; do recreate, rebrand and reimagineDont cheat yourself; network everydayDont be a hater; keep it positiveWake up, kick butt, repeat

WHERE IS YOUR FOOTPRINT?Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)Job BoardsAggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired)Google, Yahoo, BingVideo (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram)Podcast ( (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr)Micro Blogs (IM, Texting)Photos (Instagram, Flickr)Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg)Location Based Social (SWARM, Facebook Checkin)CURRENT BRANDWhat is your story?Google yourselfClean upPhotos/contentProfanityNegativityBackground check (TalentWise)G+Manage digital reputationGoogle alertsSocialMention.comControl your nameWHAT IS YOUR STORY?Make the audience care:Simba lost his dad, Nemo was lost people want to feel a connection with you as a recruiter; thats what makes us a necessity vs. hiding behind your keyboard

Take them with youEvery story has a promise at its heart, a journey or adventure; Frodo sets out on a quest what is your quest? What is your adventure?

Be intentionalAlways an inner motivation driving toward an overarching goal Russell Crowe (Maximus) wanted revenge what is your inner motivation? Always changes (1988 I just wanted A/C type jobnow have a family.I dont want my kids to go to a cube everyday)

Let the audience like youRemember all of Rockys trials? Rudy? Frodo? We like them for what they go through! There will be everyday prepared and lean on something (I have my faith)

Delight the audienceWhen Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star the audience has a purge of emotions (relief, fear, shock) people want to see something interesting or funny, show them a lighter side of real people BE REAL!!

7Short story

Tweet This!@alexputman is discussing #storytelling today #BeYouIMPORTANCE OF NETWORKINGPLACES TO BEVIDEO







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about.meflavors.mebranded.meLINKEDINStoryComplete profileKeyword optimizationActive in groupsShowcase portfolioFollow companiesRecommendationsTWITTERRecruiters LOVE twitter, influence themFollow and interact with influencersTweet and retweet influencers, brands Directories (Twellow)Hashtags: #jobs #Atlanta

FACEBOOKWhat can people see (privacy settings) Interact with people close to youSearch for content (ctrl +F)Follow brands & conversationsSearch company job tabsInteract with companies

TRADITIONAL NETWORKSInternships/CO-OPJob Postings / BoardsMeet-upsVolunteering Community ServicesCareer FairsSTAND OUTWhat does a termite hill and architecture have in common?

The termite mound uses tunnels to cool control temperature at an even 82 degrees.The East Gate Centre saves $4 million annually on air conditioning cost!

Think innovatively and creatively; many things outside your current scope are possible!


24CONNECTHow do you apply for a job?Who is your information going to?Find the decision maker:Google search for the hiring managerLinkedIn search for 2nd and 3rd level connectionsSearch on Social and Branded sites

Tweet This!@alexputman showing great examples of standing out to employers #video #employerbranding #BeYouBE MEMORABLE

BLOGSControl the contentGreat example of your interest and abilitiesSEO: search and be foundGuest blogComment & EngageConnect resume & contentTweet This!@alexputman says build a blog to showcase your expertise, read his at #employerbranding #BeYouTweet:Thanks @alexputman for a great session #sizematters #BeYou