Building Storyworlds - lecture from 9.12.12 class

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THE ART OF IMMERSION ew Media Producing uilding Storyworlds: the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21c lass 1 9.12.12 olumbia University - Fall 2012 aught by Lance Weiler isit eleased under a Non-Commercial ShareAlike Creative Commons License
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THE ARTOF IMMERSIONNew Media Producing Building Storyworlds: the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21cClass 1 9.12.12Columbia University - Fall 2012Taught by Lance Weiler Visit www.buildingstoryworlds.comReleased under a Non-Commercial ShareAlike Creative Commons License

Were in the silent era of immersive storytelling. The grammar for how we tell stories in the 21st Century is just starting to be written. @lanceweiler

The current infrastructure is fragmented. The technology that connects us is based on user needs. But story will drive the next gen of mobile and social applications. @lanceweiler


Immersive storytelling is a shift from unidirectional mass media to omnidirectional engagement. @lanceweiler @lanceweiler

Above diagram Elements of Pandemic 1.0 Sundance 2011 release. Take away: The experience could have worked with half the elements effectively. Designing With simplicity is challenging its easy to design three buttons but much harderTo design one that intuitively comprises three. @lanceweiler

Early transmedia works have been rooted in marketing and promotion. @lanceweiler

Sundance has formed a new lab focused on immersive storytelling called the New Frontier Storytellers Lab. @lanceweiler @lanceweiler @lanceweiler @lanceweiler

the beast

I love bees

perplex city

world without oil

hope is missing Early notable @lanceweiler

Additional project info

COLLAPSUS an energy conspiracyExperience Design: SUBMARINE CHANNEL @lanceweiler

OVER 40 people working

6 Plus Month schedule

Narrative filmmaking


Interactive site

Casual games

Released with VPROEnergy Transition TV docin Netherlands

Nominated for an International @lanceweiler

When working for microsoft R&D I became more interested in interactivity between the player/viewer and the space between the screen instead of on the screen. A simple way to describe it is with traditional literature. I am interested in the relation between text and the person reading, the space in between.


JeJune - in 3 episodesExperience Design by NONCHALANCE SAN @lanceweiler @lanceweiler @lanceweiler


Nonchalant Radio Transcription the battle against JeJune @lanceweiler

Nonchalant Radio Transcription - Fold 1 @lanceweiler

But you can see, with each subsequent episode weve produced, the story has become primary. Just the way that storytelling techniques in film had to evolve, such is it with this emerging medium. And yes, we beta-test each experience extensively with volunteers before we launch it publicly. We learn a lot about the way that people synthesize information through these tests.

JEFF HULL - JeJune EXPERIENCE @lanceweiler

Sleep No More NYC Experience by Punchdrunk LONDON @lanceweiler @lanceweiler

Over 100 rooms 5 stories 6 Months to build + 200 volunteersBoston run had over 30,000 people attend @lanceweiler

Punchdrunks core belief is that the audience is the center of the action. In most theaters, you switch off your body and its just your brain watching. With Punchdrunk we flip this notion. We bring the body back to life. The audience cant be passive. They have to go out there and find the action for themselves.


The Wilderness Downtown @lanceweiler

BEAR @lanceweiler

NFB interactive @lanceweiler

arte @lanceweiler @lanceweiler

STORY R&DResearch & Development Fail fast and learn from it. There is value in treating story like software in the sense you can release versions and have participants test and feedback. Over the course of the semester we will design, build and run a beta test of an immersive storytelling experience.

SUGGESTED READING: Little Bets by Peter SimsThe Art of Immersion by Frank Rose (see next page) @lanceweiler

Make sure to checkout the @frankrose book The Art of Immersion.


Contact: @lanceweiler