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1. BUILDING INNOVATIVE BUSINESS STRATEGY Technopreneurship Camp Balai Inkubator Teknologi - BPPT 4 June 2015 Sindhu Prabowo Dilaksono @jusjeruk 2. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN 3. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN 4. IDEAS ARE CHEAP 5. EXECUTION IS EVERYTHING 6. DO YOUR CUSTOMER VALIDATION FIRST! 7. PAIN KILLER VS VITAMIN 8. PRODUCT VALIDATION 9. BeeBeeLand TOYS STORE - ART CORNER - PLAYGROUND 10. CREATE PRODUCT/ MARKET FIT NOT MARKET/ PRODUCT FIT 11. BUSINESS VALIDATION 12. ITS ABOUT SCALING 13. 10B 100B FROM TO HERE 14. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET 15. CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL 16. EXAMPLE: 17. TOOLS TO SUCCESS 18. VALIDATION BOARD Customer Validation LEAN CANVAS Product Validation BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS Business Validation 19. SUMMARY 20. 3 STAGES OF SUCCESS 21. STARTUP STAY UP SCALE UP Customer Validation Product Validation Business Validation 22. Build MVP, Launch & Learn, Rene, Repeat. THANK YOU! Remember if your dreams dont scare you, theyre not big enough Follow me on Twitter @jusjeruk