Building Great Presentations

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A class I gave at General Assembly on October 9, 2012.

Transcript of Building Great Presentations

  • Building GreatPresentations
  • What Im going to cover The State of Presentations Crafting the Story How Do You Make It Look Good? The Art of the Delivery
  • ONT L FRMattan Griffel A E TH BSFounder & CEO, The Front LabsPartner, Grow/HackI run the worlds first growth hacking agency basedout of New York City and have helped launchdozens of different products. Ive also spoken atvarious industry events including at Bloomberg,Internet Week,and Social Media Week and havebeen featured in BusinessWeek,Mashable and TheNext Web.
  • This material is adapted from Garr Reynolds,Chip & Dan Heath, Kevin Allison, and others, as well as from my own experience
  • Have you ever sat through areally shitty presentation?
  • Have you ever sat through areally shitty presentation? (its a rhetorical question)
  • Who the hell likes to digest content this way? Theres way too much text. Its pretty easy to lose track of where you are. Are you still even listening to the speaker? The audience has to do too much work. What is the point of this slide? What am I supposed to take away from it? The font, colors and images are crazy ugly. Seriously, if youre trying to visually represent something, at least put some thought into how its going to look. This could be the most interesting content in the world, and it would still be boring. A bad presentation can kill any topic.
  • Countless innovations fail because their champions use PowerPoint the way Microsoft wants them to, instead of the right way. Seth Godin
  • Seths 4 rules for slides:1) Make slides that reinforce your words, not repeat them2) Dont use cheesy images3) No dissolves, spins or other transitions4) Create a written document to leave behind
  • Sample Slidesfrom Seth Godin
  • I like Seths approach
  • I like Seths approach but I dont think its practical
  • Teach Yourself to Code. How to Growth Hacking LEAN MARKETING FOR STARTUPS When they sold to Microsoft 1.5 years after launch, Hotmail had 12 million users Put PS: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail at the bottom of each e-mail. A lot of you just have an idea Web applications are applications July September November January March May July September November accessed over the internet Viral growth This is your rails command center Do you pivot? Do you keep releasing new features? Landing page optimization Product management What do you do? SEO Analytics Part 3: Onboarding How I Taught Myself Terminal TextMateDo you experiment with other Email marketing UX to Code in One Monthmarketing channels? Do you try to target a different PR Behavioral economics demographic? Google Chrome
  • My presentations have been shared over 150,000 times
  • How do I do it?
  • Start at the end
  • The first step is to figure out your take-away
  • Whats the point?.
  • Sure, you can want people to just know more
  • Sure, you can want people to just know more and thats okay
  • Sure, you can want people to just know more and thats okay (but its also shallow and boring)
  • You want people to act act!
  • OH!
  • ASK YOURSELF:Who is your audience?
  • ASK YOURSELF:Why are they there?
  • ASK YOURSELF:What do they care about?
  • ASK YOURSELF:How can I speak to them?
  • What makesmessages stick?
  • Simplicity
  • Unexpectedness
  • Concreteness
  • Credibility
  • Emotion
  • Story
  • First slide ??? ??? Last slide
  • Stories have 5 Beats
  • Stories have 5 Beats 1) Set-upEstablishesthe Who & What
  • Stories have 5 Beats 1) 2) Set-up Inciting IncidentEstablishes A journeythe Who & begins What
  • Stories have 5 Beats 1) 2) 3) Set-up Inciting Rising Incident ActionEstablishes A journey Stakesthe Who & begins continue to What increase
  • Stories have 5 Beats 1) 2) 3) 4) Set-up Inciting