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This is a presentation that I gave at a Digital Marketing conference in Nov 2010 while a consultant for Doremus (part of Omnicom Group). It has been almost two years and a lot of points are still applicable, and the industry still has a long way to go...

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  • 1. Building Digital Influence1

2. The Internet is the most transformational technologysince THE TABLE 3. Lots of:TablesConversationsNoiseWhat are people listening to? 4. Consumers trust Word-Of-Mouth more than BRANDS and ADVERTISING a MediSocial edia g ital mOld diSource: Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009, CHINA (excluding HK) 5. Growth of WOM leading marketers to rethink MEDIA Digital Digital Advertising Influence BuyEarn $ Spent on Media$ Spent on Content & AssetsCampaigns Steady EngagementExposureEndorsement Brand AwarenessBrand Equity5 6. 3 Rings of Influence Building2. Identify andengageinfluencers1. Improve BrandExperience3. Activateinfluencers toreach a larger audience6 7. 1 Want better marketing?Keep Improving your product Let customers know you care7 8. Use digital media to improve your brand 1. Listen & monitor 2. Ask for feedback. Reward & recognize. 3. Action & PR8 9. 9 10. Ideasimplemented Influencersidentified!10 11. 11 12. FAQ What if people say something bad? People will discuss your products whether you are there or not. Its better to be there with a strategy to deal with negative feedback effectively and constructively. When should I start? Dont jump in until you have enough resources to have a two-way conversation with your customers. Additional social resources will cost money but it pays off in reputation, innovation and customer satisfaction.12 13. 2 Identify your influencers Find the 20% who contribute to 80% of your business,and make them your brand advocates13 14. Who are influencers?Malcolm GladwellThe Tipping Point ( ) Connectors Mavens Salesmen14 15. Connectors network Socialable Large number of loose ties Ability to span different worlds Key online characteristic: Large number of friends and followers Variety of interests15 16. Mavens knowledge and sharing Researcher / information gatherer Ask questions Trend-setter / early adopter Like to share Key online characteristic: Share often and early Ask for and share interesting and useful info16 17. Salesmen persuasive Credible & Charismatic People agree with them Motivate people to action Key online characteristic: Receive more Likes and positive ratings Content Re-Shared (Re-tweet)17 18. Where you find these 3 types of influencers Customer database Employees Industry, Partner and Affiliate SitesOnline communities18 19. 3Activate your influencers19 20. ToolsCatalystsSticky messageSocial sharing Exclusive offer or content Referral marketing system Recognition Conversion platform Financial incentives20 21. / Facebook Basic Example21 22. Social sharing tools Groupon.cnExampleExclusive offer to members Referral marketingsystem+ Financial incentive Conversion platform22 23. FAQ What kind of results can I expect from influenceractivation? Studies have shown that influencer referrals have much higher (4-6 times) click-through rates and conversion rates. This is normal as people pay more attention to what their friends recommend than average. Do I need to offer money to activate influencers? Status & recognition take time to build but they are often more powerful motivators than small sums of money. However, financial incentives have shown to deliver more immediate short-term results.23 24. Summary of Influence Building Improve theExperience Target the Few Ask for Referraland Reward24 25. Finally, remember you are at a tableListen & engageBe genuineBe positiveAdd value to theconversation25 26. Andy Chang 9283 922226