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Transcript of Building Digital Exhibits Using Omeka presentation_MWDL.pdf Building Digital Exhibits ! Using Omeka!

  • Building Digital Exhibits � Using Omeka �

    Franky Abbott, DPLA Project Manager

    October 2, 2014

    Mountain West Digital Library Fall Webinar Series

  • Why build digital exhibits?�

    Use valuable digital content to tell important stories

    Exhibits are stories told by marrying writing and items in a narrative structure

    “Hudson Park, Story hour.” Courtesy the New York Public Library.

  • What’s in it for cultural heritage orgs?�

    ² Content in context

    ² New audiences

    ²  Increase visibility

    ² Opportunities for collaboration

  • What’s in it for others?�

    ² Tell stories with primary sources

    ² Build curation skills

    ² Take advantage of the visual emphasis of web publishing

    ² Collaborate!

  • As you plan exhibits, think about: �




    “A construction site,” 1981. Department of Defense. National Archives and Records Administration.

  • Why in Omeka?� Can choose between hosted and self-hosted

    Offers a searchable database integrated with online exhibits; built for web display*

    Easy to use “out of the box”

    Active development and open source community

  • To host or not to host?� – self-hosted (owning) – hosted (renting)

    You can do more with .org but it involves more work


    Courtesy Georgia State University.

  • �

  • Your institution may be able to host…

    or you can buy commercial web hosting and do it yourself. ���



  • Basic Components in Omeka� Item: content “building block”

    Collection: subset of your items

    Exhibit: curated selection of your items

    Website: controlled with themes and plugins

    Courtesy University of Southern California Libraries.

  • Themes – Look and Feel �

  • Plugins - Functionality �

    ●  COins

    ●  CSV Import

    ●  Docs Viewer

    ●  Exhibit Builder

    ●  Google Analytics

    ●  Library of Congress Suggest

    ●  OAI-PMH Harvester

    ●  Shared Shelf Link

    ●  Simple Pages

    ●  Social Bookmarking

  • Users� Can add as many as you want with any Omeka plan/instance.

    Four roles:

    –  Super

    –  Admin

    –  Contributor

    –  Researcher

  • Structure Exhibit


    Page Page






    Writing + Items

  • Pages

  • Supporting Omeka�

  • Open Source " "�

    Means source code is available online (so others can modify and adapt it)

    Benefit: encourages community participation

  • Active development �

    development team at CHNM

    •  write new releases, updates, and fixes

    •  develop new plug-ins

    •  monitor and participate in forums

    •  respond to users’ development requests

  • Omeka documentation� Guides and directions

    Screencast videos

    Different directions for different releases - make sure you’re using the right one!

  • �

    Active community of

    users and developers

    Search for your questions first

    Post your own questions

  • Additional resources� showcase of sample sites showcase of sample sites

    Omeka documentation

    UCLA DH101 tutorial (Anthony Bushong & David Kim)

    The Programming Historian tutorial (Miriam Posner)

    UIUC guide (Harriet Green)

    Introduction to Omeka Lesson Plan (Amanda French)