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Costruzione della città digitale (Marc Canter)

Transcript of Building Digital Cities

  • 1. Constructing the Digital City Costruzione della Citt Digitale di Marc Canter CEO di Digital City Mechanics
  • 2. Jobs arent what they used to be Jobs non sono pi quelli di essere ... Cant create enough NEW Jobs fast enough Old model = 40 hours, go to office New model = freelance, work at home, virtual Computers are new hammer or screwdriver How many freelancers?
  • 3. Hi-tech industry doesnt care Hi-tech non si interessa Digital Divide is not just solved by: Free laptops, Net access and MS Office classes Digital Divide is really about: Fear of computers, Fear of change Solution: Get people to feel COMFORTABLE using computers as their tools to make a living Jobs for NORMAL people! NOW!
  • 4. A System to create Jobs un sistema per creare lavoro Hybrid of Technology and Sociology: Community engagement Sponsored projects Open Software Platform Dont just offer the tools, make sure they USE the tools! Normal people get value from on-line tech Reoccurring, sustainable model
  • 5. Simultaneous execution Realizzazione simultanea Meta A worldwide system, mothership has the I.P. Entrepreneurial A local subsidiary in a city or region Community Projects Specific projects that pay for the Jobs Individual How it effects each person
  • 6. Disseminating Educational Methodology Diffondere metodologia educativa
  • 7. New kind of workforce training Nuovo tipo di formazione della forza lavoro Provide Intermediate and Advanced courses Pick up where beginning classes leave off Create local cyber-savvy workforce ONLY work with the best and brightest!
  • 8. 3 kinds of workers on one Project 3 tipi di lavoratori su un progetto Professionals Lead project, mentor those below College educated, under-employed Get a chance to put their skills to work Un-employed, Students, Interns A chance at a good job which theyll enjoy
  • 9. 3 sources of funding 3 fonti di finanziamento Government, Foundations Altruistic workforce training Make government money more efficient Sponsored Projects By socially conscious enterprises Platform revenues Investment into the Platform and company
  • 10. Lots of Revenue opportunities Un sacco di opportunit di guadagno Viral marketing campaigns for hire Premium subscriptions Marketplace % Additional Video Help time Personal Cloud services Data Mining Upsell media and webmercial services SWAG, Event tickets
  • 11. Bridge Disconnect between Government and its Citizens Ponte di scollamento tra governo e dei suoi Cittadini New PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) model Involve Citizens in many ways Provide REAL value and benefits Create JOBS for NORMAL people!
  • 12. An integrated system New methodology uses on-line tools and points Video Nuova metodologia - utilizza strumenti Help Desk on-line e punti Workshops Education Internships PointsFocus su competenzeimmateriali necessarie On-line skillsper i liberi lavoratori Focus on intangible skills needed for freelance workers
  • 13. An integrated systemAll projects sponsored Interns placed into Learn by doingby local brands on-going projects Imparare facendo Biz Videos Directory Projects Education Games Sites Visualizations Train Trainers to Train Insegnare agli insegnanti di insegnare
  • 14. An integrated system Costruire la Build trust in the fiducia nei neighborhoods quartieriCitizens clusteraround Projectsand Events Marketplace Tech Support Community Projects Education Engagement Live events - Content - Citizens support - Provide free tech support channels flow new ways of learning to community orgs - Trickle down effect - Support individual freelancers
  • 15. An integrated system Channels Aggregate:All activity - Content Social Medialeverages freeopen on-line - People Help deskplatform - Services Marketplace Biz Directory Tutte le attivit sfrutta la piattaforma gratuita aperta online Community Projects Education Engagement Platform
  • 16. An integrated system Un sistema integrato Entrepreneurial - Jobs CommunityProjects Education Engagement Platform
  • 17. Open Software Infrastructure platform Software Infrastruttura Built-in training curriculum Real-time Video Help Community Activity streams Online marketplace, Job board Community Timeline Community Media Channels
  • 18. Balance between Altruistic & For-profit Equilibrio di altruismo e di for-profit Free Community Engagement programs Workforce training and Paid Internships Live events and Senior Citizen interviews Multimedia newsletters Entrepreneurial activities Free On-line services: 24/7 Video Help On-line Marketplace and Business Directory Community Tech Support
  • 19. Lots of Multimedia projects Molte di progetti multimediali Apps, Games, Promotions Simulations, Visualizations Business Directory Webmercials Interactive Encyclopedias
  • 20. ROI model: Digital City market Pick up where HW Infrastructure leaves off Market currently $14B a year Broadband Infrastructure Smartgrid Security cameras N.O.C.s Market estimated to grow to $50B+ by 2016 We show what to do WITH the bandwidth
  • 21. The Business of Digital Economy Ecosystems Entrepreneurial culture Online job market Not just for companies, but individuals Support Independent workers, freelancers Collaboration, Communication, Commerce
  • 22. Digitale Citta projecto in Trieste Utilizzato a banda larga di Telecom Italia Ha lavorato con il Sindaco Illy Integrated, rich media UI design