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Transcript of Building design, hygiene and quality into new washroom ... · PDF file Our new range of flush...

  • Building design, hygiene and quality into new washroom projects

  • Expertise everywhere

    Geberit’s leadership within sanitary technology and all-round expertise in concealed bathroom design make us the choice for architects, specifying engineers and planners. Our broad product range satisfies the most demanding standards of design, durability and hygiene in public, semi-public and residential installations.

    Private homes

    We offer aesthetically designed,

    reliable and cost-effective flush

    plates – but the beauty of our

    products is far from just skin deep.

    Office blocks

    Fire protection installation systems

    and flexible flush plates designs are

    just two of the options available to

    office blocks.

  • Airports

    One-piece moulded cisterns are

    one of the many robust and

    reliable products available for

    heavily frequented public toilets.


    Hotel rooms must be hygienic, so

    Geberit supplies flushing systems

    that automatically refresh drinking

    water in periods of low usage.

    Retirement homes

    Extra handrail fixtures to aid elderly

    or disabled users are an example of

    how Geberit products can be

    adapted to changing circumstances

    in our customers’ lives.

  • What lies behind the best-designed bathrooms?

    Knowledge, innovation and integration – together these form our guiding

    philosophy: Know-How Installed. We employ all three in the development

    of products that are beautifully designed, efficient, reliable, hygienic and

    user-friendly. And nowhere are these benefits more important than in public

    washrooms. As the most communal rooms in any building, these deserve the

    utmost attention to quality and comfort. All Geberit products are designed for

    swift and easy installation, making them the ideal choice for building projects

    of every scale. Reliability

    Our concealed cisterns are moulded in one robust piece, radically reducing the likeli- hood of leakage.

  • Design

    Our flush plates are now avail- able in stylish new designs with customisation options.


    The concept behind our touch- less taps is as simple as it is advanced: no touching = no germs.

    Water saving

    Geberit touchless, automatic one-litre flush technology greatly reduces water waste.

  • Drawn together in perfect harmony

  • Our new range of flush plates for

    toilets and urinals* are designed to

    complement each other perfectly

    and create one harmonious expres-

    sion throughout the bathroom. Now

    you can enjoy the design freedom

    offered by Sigma flush plates.

    These are available as single and

    dual flush models and in a selection

    of colours and surfaces. Both are

    fully compatible with the UP300 and

    new UP320 concealed cisterns.

    * Urinal plates available from 01.01.09

  • Improving the concept of hands-off hygiene

  • Optimal hygiene is the foundation

    of bathroom design. Thanks to

    improved sensor technology,

    Geberit hygienic touchless urinal

    flush plates and taps now boast

    even greater reliability and


    Sensor-operated taps

    Geberit HyTronic electronic washbasin taps are entirely sensor-operated. Their reliable performance is complemented by their hygienic self-flushing function.

    Urinal flush plates*

    Our touchless flush plates for urinals enable a greater hygiene level in any public bathroom.

    * Urinal plates available from 01.01.09

    Toilet flush plates

    Geberit touchless flushing options feature sensors that react to either a waving hand or the body moving away from the toilet seat.

  • A water-tight investment

  • Look closely at the body of our

    concealed cisterns and you won’t

    find a single joint or seam. This is

    thanks to state-of-the-art one-

    piece plastic mold production,

    which means there is no danger of

    cracks forming anywhere. The new

    UP320 is truly an extremly reliable

    long-term investment. The UP320

    joins a host of Geberit innovations

    designed for long-term cost-effec-

    tiveness. These include dual flush

    and one litre flush options.

    Dual flush

    Save water by selecting the appropriate flushing technology: single flush (six litres) or dual flush (six or three litres).

    One-litre flush for urinals

    Save even more water by letting one litre do the work of more conventional three litre volumes.

  • Room for expression

    By keeping the unsightly out of sight, Geberit concealed elements create a

    calm design, even in the more limited spaces of hotel room bathrooms. And it’s

    never just a question of looks. Behind every Geberit surface is a fascinating

    ensemble of innovations.


    When fixtures aren’t used for some time, the water stagnates. Automatic sanitary flushing from Geberit replaces the potable water in pipes on a regular basis.

  • Design

    Our new toilet and urinal flush plate ranges are perfectly matched in appearance and quality, with the possibility to select the inlay of your choice.

    Safety and comfort

    Geberit also integrates fire protection and noise reduction into its installation systems.

  • Changing the face of creativity

  • Create a unique bathroom expression, individual to the finest detail. Sigma50

    flush plates come in a range of colors—white, black, pergamon and green

    satinised – for a touch of color and flair. There is also a customisable inlay

    option allowing you to match the flush plate to your bathroom’s décor.

    That’s integrated technology at its most flexible and stylish.

  • Built to protect


    Providing increased levels of sound proofing, the Silent-db20 drainage system offers outstanding acoustic insulation by applying mineral reinforced plastic pipes and fittings with a ribbed profile which have enhanced noise reducing properties.

    Fire protection sleeve

    Designed to offer section insulation for Silent-db20, the sleeve has a fire resistance time of 120 minutes. It can be used for both straight ceiling feed-throughs as well as more complex installations.

    Sound protection

    Our dry wall systems are the ideal basis to fulfill fire and noise standards.

    With the bigger picture always in

    mind, Geberit develops installation

    systems for fire and noise protec-

    tion. Everything you need to meet

    fire regulations and reduce irritating

    or harmful noise is right here.

  • Nature is full of fresh ideas

  • Geberit’s hygiene flush system

    overcomes the problem of water

    stagnating in the pipes. This

    compact concealed unit is ideal for

    schools, hotels and hospitals, etc.

    where water facilities may stand

    unused for longer periods of time.

    Automatic sanitary flushing ensures the hygiene standard in potable water systems is maintained by replacing the water in the hot and/or cold water pipes on a regular basis.

  • Home comforts

    There is more to a Geberit bathroom than meets the eye. Look closely and

    you will see the many innovations that contribute to a bathroom experience of

    complete comfort.

  • Personal hygiene

    The Balena shower toilet offers the ultimate sanitary solution in terms of personal hygiene and well-being.

    Noise reduction

    The Silent-db20 drainage pipe system reduces the noise of draining water.

    Aesthetic and practical design

    Our washbasin trap embodies functional conveniences as well as clean, attractive design.

  • Washbasin trap

    Stylish in design with a chrome finish, the washbasin trap features an in-built hydraulic element that directs water in a constant and direct stream towards the waste pipe creating a self cleaning effect.

    Chrome popup and filler bath trap

    Geberit bath trap assemblies have been tried and tested in millions of applications; the water is emptied from the tubs reliably and without the typical gurgling noise. The trap can be opened and closed by turning the overflow rosette without having to immerse hands in water.

    PushControl bath trap

    The push actuator’s flat design allows two people to sit comfortably in the bath. The drain can be fitted into most standard bath tubs. The lower trap enables the inlet height to be lowered.

    Geberit’s range of washbasin traps,

    bath fillers and popups strikes the

    perfect balance between form and

    function, combining outstanding

    performance with striking aesthetic

    qualities that enhance the look of

    any modern bathroom.

  • Where form and function become one

  • The height of individuality

  • Corner frame

    The corner frame makes the traditionally difficult corner situation into a styl