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About SunsilkSunsilk is a brand is a well-established and successful brand over decades. It was launched in the UK in 1954, and by 1959 it was available in 18 different countries worldwide.At the time, Sunsilk had an advantage over other shampoos.Sunsilk began its first television advertising in 1955.Sunsilk has appointed their brand ambassadors very effectively.Sunsilk comes throughout over 80 nations around the world throughout the world.It truly is that is generated by the actual Unilever Company.

Industrial Analysis of Sunsilk ShampooInternal analysis

Parent Company - HUL(Unilever)Category - Personal Care Hair CareSector - FMCGUSP - Popular hair care brand having product for all types of hair

SWOT AnalysisStrengths-Launched in 1964, with a presence of over 80 countries -various variants to suite every type of hair -Number 1 in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East -brand ambassadors lead to excellent branding Weaknesses-Competition intense in the hair care segment

Opportunities-Improve their community for Sri Lankan girls -Sunsilk Co-Creations

Threats-Multiple competitors -Not prevalent in the rural markets -Competition from in-house brands like Clear, Clinic Plus

Competitor AnalysisSunsilk is one of the products of Uniliver group and it is a hair care brand that focuses on the women of the society. Direct CompetitorsHead & ShouldersDoveClearPanteneIndirect competitorsIndirect competitors of Sunsilk are soap and traditional hair treatments

SegmentationSegmentation may be carried out on the basis of descriptors such as geographicdivide the markets into different geographical units such as nations, countries, regions and density (urban, suburban, rural) demographicAge and life cycle stageGenderIncome

PsychographicSunsilk with social class as this product will target middle class, upper middle and lower class.

Behavioral. Sunsilk divided the market into five groups based on benefit. - Segment A Who need nourishment for normal hair- Segment B Who need a rich black shine for dull hair- Segment C- Who need extra body and volume for thin and limp hair- Segment D- Who need conditioning, extra shine and style for dry hairSegment E Who need oil free hair for oily air type that looks flat and greasy due to the excess of moisture.

TargetingSunsilk their main target market is females between the 16-40 ages groups.Sunsilk target its market on the basis of consumer buying behavior, income level and purchasing power of people

PositioningBrand positioning refers to target consumers reason to buy in preference to others.sunsilk position as the Hair ExpertPOP- Dream soft and smooth- Stunning black shine- Antidandruff solution- Lusciously think and longHair fall solution POD- Sunsilk is Co-creation formula created by experts. They came with this idea to grab the market and to be superior in the market

Sunsilk Brand storyBrand nameBrand Icon (shape, color, font, slogan, and Tag line)

How they handle brand equity.

ATL CampaignTvRadioNewspapersBTL CampaignSunsilk Hadakari (with hair experts and 350,000.00 target audience.)Sunsilk hair story (with Ramani Fernando)Sunsilk mobile saloonSunsilk General trade activationSunsilk Shopper trade activationSunsilk Consumer promotionDoor to door CampaignSunsilk mobile saloon truckPostersHordings

TTL CampaignFacebook promotion CampaignPop up advertisementsWeb page promotionYouTube advertisements

ActivityAwarenessAssociation LoyaltyPerceived qualityTv ads++Radio ads++Newspaper ads++Sunsilk Hadakari (with hair experts and 350,000.00 target audience.)+++Sunsilk hair story (with Ramani Fernando)+++Sunsilk mobile saloon+++Sunsilk General trade activation++

ActivityAwarenessAssociation LoyaltyPerceived qualitySunsilk Shopper trade activation++Sunsilk Consumer promotion++Door to door Campaign+++Posters++Hordings++Facebook promotion Campaign++Pop up advertisements++Web page promotion++Youtube advertisements++


Reduce expenses on current advertisementsIncrease awareness of repositioning the branding Increase brand loyalty through social responsibility activitiesexample: link brand sunsilk with trial Drive product according to consumer preferences Build relationship with hair dressers

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