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Learn how to build brand equity through an effective PR and marketing communications strategy.

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  • 1. PUBLIC RELATIONS and MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Understanding the Role of PR & MARCOM In Building Brand EquityPresenter:Marlene Hoover Frith, A.P.R.MHF Marketing & PR

2. What is public relations ? What is marketing communications ? Why is an integrated approach to PR & MARCOM important to your business?Seminar Objectives 3. Public Relations is a strategic management function . . .that establishes mutually beneficial relationships . . .between an organization and its publics . . .upon whom its success or failure depends. 4. PR vs. MARCOMPUBLIC RELATIONSMARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Credibility Construction Reputation Management Publicity-Media Coverage Governmental Relations Community Relations Issues Management Trade shows / Exhibits Brochures/Advertising Target/segment buyers Web site Content is King Success stories/videos Social MediaSells companysimageSells companysproducts 5. What could these three people possibly have in common? 6. They are public relations experts.Their impact on our society has been monumental but most of us dont even know it ! 7. Father of PR / Master of spinLobbyist for: American Tobacco Company Mack Trucks1892 - 1995Freuds Nephew 8. It is not only a matter of doing the right thing -- the people must understand that the right thing IS the right thing. Propaganda includes everything that helps the people to realize this. Joseph Goebbles Hitlers Minister of Propaganda 9. Charlotte BeersUndersecretary of Statefor Public Diplomacyand Public AffairsSept. 11 World Trade Center Disaster Oct. 2 Charlotte Beers sworn in Oct. 7 U.S. launches war on TalibanFormer advertising executive with J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather. Recruited by the White House prior to the U.S. declaring war on the Taliban. 10. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacks not on America -- but on the world Our war is not a war against Islam. Americans support the Afghan people All nations must band together to eliminate international terrorism.Its not what we say its what they hear.Charlotte Beers, Testimony before House International Relations Committee October 10, 2001Beers controlled the wars messaging. Examples: 11. Define: VISION / GOAL Set: OBJECTIVES Develop: STRATEGY Integrate: TACTICS / TOOLSWhere do I start in putting PRto work for my company?You need a plan ! 12. Research Plan Implement Evaluate Every successful PR campaign begins with RESEARCH, and ends with EVALUATION.R.P.I.E. Model is recommended by PRSA 13. Begin with the endin mind?But wheres theend?Which way is up?AVOID the Alice in Wonderlandapproach to marketing. 14. 4. Develop / deployTACTICSfor each STRATEGY.3. Identify specificSTRATEGIESnecessary to achieveeach OBJECTIVE.2. Establish the OBJECTIVESnecessary to reachthe GOAL.1. Define the GOAL. 15. EXAMPLE:Multiple Impressionsusing the Rule of 7 in PR/Advertising/Marketing1. Interacts at exhibit booth 2. Gets follow-up email 3. Sees article in trade mag. 4. Explores website content 5. Sees social media comments 6. Gets press release via email 7. Picks up the phone. 16. Everything you do defines your brandBrandNameIdentity/LogoWeb-siteProducts/ ServicesCustomersupportContentPromotionalmaterialCommunicationsAdvertisingPublic relationsPeer contextPeopleR&D 17. Integration TacticsIntegrate PR with SALES ACTIVITIESIssue press releases to announce a major sale, product release, or strategic business alliance - using compelling headlinesDistribute relevant press releases to account managers targeted clientsDevelop success stories as collateral tools for account managers 18. Public Relations - TacticsIntegrate PR with MARCOMTrade show media supportPitch stories to trade pubs to coincide with advertising editorial calendar gridUse article reprints and success stories in targeted campaignsCreate a Success Stories page on your Web site 19. AIR COVERCorporate ImageBrand exposureTrade publicityAdvertising GROUND COVERSpecial eventsTargeted emailLoyalty/RewardsCRMTactics to support Sales Force 20. Summary1. Do your research2. Develop a written plan3. Execute the plan/strategy4. Evaluate the results