Building a winning hr team

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This should be the time for HR to take its place in the sun. However, this means the bar is consistantly being raised. This presentation proveds a framework for repositioning the HR function

Transcript of Building a winning hr team

  • 1. Building aWinning HR TeamSummary Presentation: For a fullpresentation to your business or HRExecutive contact:[email protected] All the material in this presentation is copyright of Terry Meyer

2. If leaders are responsible for leading and managingpeople, why do you need HR? 3. The only reason for HR toexist is to provide solutionsto the organisation 4. Building a Great HR Team: FrameworkPeopleLeadershipCulture Business &Human CapitalStrategyPolicies, Pr Structureocesses& RolesTechnology 5. StrategyWhat is the organisations strategy?What is the human capital strategy?What is the strategy of the HR Function?What are the metrics? 6. HR Policies & Processes Support the strategy Clear and user friendly Understood by all players Contribute to organisational competitiveness /strategy Efficient & effective Accessible Ensure compliance 7. Technology User friendly and accessible Comprehensive Provides useful management information Maximises employee self service Facilitates connectivity Provides learning resources 8. Structures & Roles CHRO member of top Executive structure Role of all players, including management andemployees, is clear Clear roles of corporate & divisional HR Provides for centres of excellence Provides for business partnering Transactional HR service centre Career paths clear Facilitates collaboration 9. People Clear competency model applied HR staff are personally effective, provide strongleadership & have high client credibility Appointments based on high level professionalcompetence Staff highly marketable; high external visibility Staff understand the business and their contribution 10. Leadership & Culture High levels of motivation Team work and collaboration valued Strong professional service ethos Clear value proposition Focus on metrics Focus on results Ongoing learning to remain cutting edge 11. HR Competency FrameworkConsultingSkillsPersonalEffectiveness& LeadershipBusiness &Professional Organisation Knowledge &KnowledgeSkills