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In today's over-saturated market, it is impossible to grow into a strong, value-driven organization without having an intimate knowledge of who you are, and who you're not. You must be willing to commit to a highly differentiated position. You simply cannot be everything to everyone. But how do you open your organization up for this kind of introspection, and what exactly do you need to learn about yourself to start evolving your image into what you've always wanted it to be? This talk walks through the steps to define and solidify your brand foundation, followed by an overview of the outlets you can use to uniquely express these qualities in such a way that provides a unique experience for your customers, shows you stand up for what you believe, and allows you to stand out in a sea of competition.

Transcript of Building a Meaningful Brand

  • 1. | #meaningfulbrand BUILDING A MEANINGFUL BRAND Melissa Balkon @melissabalkon Strong Design Studios
  • 2. MELISSA BALKON #meaningfulbrand Founder + Lead Designer at Strong Design Studios
  • 3. #meaningfulbrand A BRAND IS NOT A: Logo Color Mascot Product Name
  • 4. #meaningfulbrand A BRAND IS: Your audiences collective impression of you
  • 5. #meaningfulbrand BRANDING IS: The process of designing the experience associated with your organization.
  • 6. #meaningfulbrand Every Apple experience is simple, sleek and delightful.
  • 7. #meaningfulbrand Every Starbucks experience is warm and friendly.
  • 8. #meaningfulbrand Every Target experience is fun, fresh and well-designed.
  • 9. #meaningfulbrand When your brand is well-dened, it allows you to dierentiate yourself in your market...
  • 10. #meaningfulbrand ...and often charge a premium.
  • 11. BEFORE WE BEGIN: A FEW ITEMS TO CONSIDER... #meaningfulbrand
  • 12. #meaningfulbrand DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE Audience provides important context Audience may change, but your brand remains Be as specic as possibleeveryone is not a demographic
  • 13. #meaningfulbrand AUTHENTICITY IS KEY Your brand attributes must be true Brand attributes can be someone aspirational Strong brands both attract and repel
  • 14. #meaningfulbrand WATCH OUT FOR DEFAULTS Your rst ideas will probably be defaults Would anyone want to be the opposite of this?
  • 15. #meaningfulbrand BRANDING IS A PROCESS Youre building, not creating Brand development is never done Over time your brand will stand for more than your product or service, but what youre about
  • 16. Experience Foundation THE MEANINGFUL BRAND Made up of 2 layers #meaningfulbrand
  • 17. #meaningfulbrand The foundation layer is made up of the core tenets that describe who you are.
  • 18. #meaningfulbrand The experience layer is made up of the ways you execute your foundational brand tenets.
  • 19. Purpose Experience Values Style YOUR BRAND FOUNDATION Includes 3 components #meaningfulbrand
  • 20. PURPOSE The reason your organization exists. #meaningfulbrand
  • 21. #meaningfulbrand WHY DO YOU NEED IT? It is a guiding light for organizational strategy It helps you build your business with intent
  • 22. #meaningfulbrand HOW DO YOU FIND IT? Why did you start the business? What activity do you love most, and why? When would you work for free?
  • 23. #meaningfulbrand Challenge the status quo and delight users.
  • 24. #meaningfulbrand Organize the worlds information.
  • 25. #meaningfulbrand Refresh the world andinspire moments of optimism and happiness.
  • 26. #meaningfulbrand Create a "third place" between work and home.
  • 27. #meaningfulbrand Connect people to whats important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.
  • 28. #meaningfulbrand DEFAULTS TO AVOID: Your purpose should not be monetary Your purpose should not be a description of your product or service
  • 29. #meaningfulbrand VALUES Your deeply-held beliefs.
  • 30. #meaningfulbrand WHY DO YOU NEED THEM? They will help make quicker, better decisions Help you determine client and sta t Customers are drawn to what they believe in
  • 31. #meaningfulbrand HOW DO YOU FIND THEM? What clients/projects do you love, and why? What clients/projects do you hate, and why? Complete the statement We value... or We believe...
  • 32. #meaningfulbrand Deliver WOW through service Embrace and drive change Create fun and weirdness Be adventurous, creative and open-minded Pursue growth and learning Build open, honest relationships with communication Build a positive team, family spirit Do more with less Be passionate and determined Be humble
  • 33. #meaningfulbrand Fight for the humans Solve the bigger problem Say what you see Invest in the future Assume the best Work with what youve got Take the high road Stay exible Be consistently reliable
  • 34. #meaningfulbrand Design is a business asset Design is strategic Boldness trumps blandness Communication is critical The devil is in the details Assume the best Theres purpose in the process Simple is beautiful
  • 35. #meaningfulbrand DEFAULTS TO AVOID: Certain criteria are expected (e.g. integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness, etc.) Would anyone want to be the opposite of this?
  • 36. #meaningfulbrand STYLE Your unique personality or character.
  • 37. #meaningfulbrand WHY DO YOU NEED IT? Unique style will dierentiate your organization Customers are drawn to style they value Style can become iconic to your company